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  1. lol, thanks Sayo.

    I just got Plant Tycoon for the palm, and Im semi-obsessed. Does anyone know somewhere to get hints/tips for the game? Its actually pretty fun.


    I would like to see a game like "Chem Tycoon", where you start off in a small lab, with not so much money, and a few chemicals. after messing with different combinations of chemicals, you would make some special cures, and get money, and getting to use a better lab, or maybe winning a few awards.

  2. I would hope that Guiliani (I think he's a great guy...but I wouldn't want him as president) will defeat Hillary in (I think) governor of NY. That would seriously damage her chances at presidency in '08. I truly feel that there is too much going against Hillary to run. As in the last election, many people would vote against her, rather than for another person...which I would like to avoid.

    I honestly there will be a president who is neither radical nor reactionist. I want a president who will not allow a furthering of the partisan wars. b/c believe me, I dont like how passionate some people are so deliberate in their actions to do harm to the opposite side of the political spectrum.

    As I've said before, I dont consider myself liberal or conservative, because I agree and disagree with different aspect of both. (I just cant wait to run for class president for the next 3 years- Im going to have some very partisan competition) :)

  3. Whats up with the rap hate? lol. Im not the biggest fan, but some rap is great :) (then again, in debate, you should be able to understand and write down everything in a rap...ya get used to it :))

    Im a fan of Twista, DMX (never seen a more angry person), Luda'!!!, and sometimes a little Rebel XD (just because he's absolutely insane)

    Edit*- Lil Jon is also out of his flippin mind :cool:

  4. I happen to be a fan of the Tycoon games (Rollercoaster, Lemonade, Plant...ect). It might just be the same mentality of the SIMs, being able to play god. Anyway, what sort of Tycoons do you like? What kind of tycoon game would you like to see? ( ______Tycoon).

  5. I know it's a little early for this type of thing, but Im just wondering about your thoughts on the (US) Election in a few years.

    Who do you think the front runners will be? What sort of issues do you think will be deciding? This will be the first election in which I'm allowed to vote, so you can imagine my interest. :)

  6. Can anyone help me to straight my thought, and help me how to think logically when I try to prove a figure?

    Take debate :)

    believe me, if there's one thing that they want you to get from geometry, if nothing else, it is logical progression (step by step). And if there is one thing that debate can teach you (sometimes rather harshly) it is logical progression.

  7. Might you be able to fix some ballistics equiptment? Maybe some barrels? You could be sort of a business partner of mine in the story (whether it be for the assasins or for the good folks), it wouldnt take much fitting in. :) What'dya think Cap'n?

  8. I have also heard that there was once a SFN Shop online. When I posted the 100,000th post, blike said that I could get a mousepad, but I had him send it to an old teacher of mine (I dont know if she ever got it). But in any case, it would be pretty sweet to have like an SFN T-Shirt or something to wear around school.

  9. lol, we watched West Side Story in some class in 7th grade. I thought it was actually pretty good, or at least well done. I would love to hear some of the 'remixed' versions of the classics :)

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