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  1. Yes, to certain extents (moderation is good for most things...most)

    If I could save my children from disease that would ruin their lives, or even affect it negatively, absolutely, I would take that opportunity. They're going to be the future, so why not prevent the future from terrible things that could have been prevented (I have terrible grammar tonight, its late...humor me).

    HOWEVER, as for aspects of the child's characteristsics, SUCK IT UP PARENTS! There should be no debate over a girl or a boy, blonde or brunete, brown, blue, green, or purple eyes; these are all accessories that would not benifit them at all. The only reason to carry such an act out is as an extension of yourself, and that's not what children are (as we all know, some of us being unstable teenagers <:P) they are individuals.

  2. to be completely honest, I feel that teachers would do much better (especially in terms of their relationships with their students) if they were to teach less geared towards tests. For example, my World Cultures teacher last semester taught us nothing of importance (or made us believe that it was of no importance, by means of teaching nothing more than what was requires). She bored the class to death with trivia of history and geared every moment of the course towards the tests.

    This semester, I have possibly the greatest teacher in the universe, mainly because he is the most learned in the entire history dept (or at least, that I can come across). He gears our class towards the informing and the gathering of knowledge to the students, mainly so we do not repeat history (wars, genocide...ect). He will answer any question (especially "Why?") with a big smile and teach us things that the book, or lesson plan, or dept head would feel are accessory or unneeded, but to be honest, he has made the subject better than anyone would have ever thought possible. *Cheers to you Sherman* :)

  3. Don't look to a website for an accurate measure...which is almost not worth saying, because, as it is said in dozens of other threads, IQ doesnt mean a whole load. Psychologists are the best source for an accurate result; 189

  4. I certainly hope that it is never revealed to the public, so long as matters of advanced technology is being held there. Listen, I know that it sucks to be in the dark on something as "juicy" as Area 51, but think of what sort of *&%@...erm, crap could happen if such technology were to be disclosed! Like it or not, there are folk who would just as soon bomb as they would take a look at the US. I dont mean to sound harsh, and certainly not illogical, but it only makes sense that even the president not know what is going on there, other than what we do or dont have. I can say whole-heartedly that the US military power is something that we take very seriously, and I would be damned to see such info given to everyone...including enemies.

  5. Because...it would put oil companies out of buissness, and Dick Cheney wouldn't be filthy rich. Lord knows we can't create new methods of sustainable energy, it's not in the best interests of America's Gasoline cartel.

    if I may interject...whats preventing the rest of the world from, i dunno, making alternative energy sources? There is a rest of the world u know. We really dont control all of it, so please, a message to the rest of the world "SAVE AMERICA'S ASS!" :-D

  6. I suppose I ought to start with my own interpretation. :)

    Personally, its hard for me to make a decision on such a topic. Although I understand that lack of resource, and opportunity that many minorities have been faced with, I still can't help but feel that it is unfair for the race that is then overlooked, just for the color of their skin.

    I dont EVER want to hear about the Karma arguement, in which you make the ever-deadly "You did it to them! Why shouldn't they do it to you?" presentation. Dont me immature. We learn from the past, we dont take vengence from it. I never oppressed anyone, so why in the hell should I be overlooked in terms of opportunities.

    I've also heard the arguement that since "whites" have had such opportunities in the past, it is time for us to step aside and allow minorities. While this is a valid arguement, I work hard as hell for everything I do, and I am not allowing anyone to take my position because of the color of their skin as compared to mine! Truely, it's hard to make it fair for anyone, but if anyone has a good suggestion to a solution, feel free to present it.

    Im running low on time, so I suppose I'll talk more later.


  7. I know that this may very well be seen as in the wrong place, so make whatever change you feel needed.

    I have to do an I-Search paper (for any of those who are familiar with them, you know my pain) on Affirmative Action. I know that there are very harsh views on either side of the spectrum, and I'd like to see both before making my personal decision (which has been forming from what I've heard from my parents and the news)

    In any case, does anyone have any good arguements in terms of supporting or opposing an Affirmative Action topic. Keep in mind that Affirmative Action is not exclusive for African Americans.

    In any case, thanks for everything, keep an open mind and present your thoughts.

  8. What if Tiny woke up one morning and suddenly acted nice to Cadmus,and stopped disrupting other threads just because he was in a mood.Oh my god,could you imagine that?

    What if someone were to stop being sarcastic, and just defend Cadmus (?!?) with dignity?! :P


    I've only read a few posts (short on time), anyway, would you mind sharing some of your secret theories on chimeras? Not to bring anyone down here, but I dont see any purpose other than experimental to make a chimera... Plants on the other hand, I see practicality! Bioremediation could be a large factor in the hybridization across the range of plants.

  9. Cool, thanks! Anyone have anything on Herman Meinke? He seems to be a driving force behind this kinda thing... From what I've heard, he's grown corn 22 Ft tall? So he's doing something right, whether he knows it or not...

  10. I've just been looking into some metaphysics stuff online (gotta be careful about that kind of stuff), so I come here to attempt to explain what can only be classified as abnormal science.

    Anyway, I found something in the lines of Orgone Devices, with James DeMeo and whatnot. Can someone please explain to me what exactly drives his "cloudbuster"?? Or any of his other inventions for that matter? Im not the kind to believe in the "Energy of Life", but the ideas have me curious.

    I've also heard of Herman Meinke as an "eccentric genius" who's got plenty of ideas on the orgone devices. Does anyone have any thoughts on any of these guys or their "ideas"?

    Honestly, I was thinking this was sort of another Alex Chiu thing, but I wonder if anyone can move my thoughts away from this.

  11. Yes, the Digital Entertainment and Game Design degree would be most likely to land you a good position at a gaming co. Computer science, from what I take it, is more ranged, basically for tech advisors at companies, but if its gaming you want, go with Digital Entertainment and Game Design. :)

  12. Actually, Im incredibly interested in what coquina suggested, bioremediation. I think that there's a big promise for it in the future, and as for now, its readily used. So, thanks everyone for all your suggestions, but I think that bioremediation is a great idea. :)

    Does anyone have any resources on it? Or even a cool idea for a project for an aspiring scientist?

    Thanks everyone

  13. He didnt say it had to have anything to do with microbiology.

    but I did say it had to be a bit above the highschool level :P

    well you want to do something advance within a certain area (microbiology' date=' or genetics) so i'll ask you what advance stuff do you know in that area already?


    i mean, for me, physics and quantum physics, some kinda quantum phonemena


    for you, biology, microbiology/genetics, some kinda ___________


    you fill it in!


    by the way, im in GT for several subjects, but it doesnt involve anything extra, in fact it seems kinda pointless even though its good coz i got to drop resistant materials (wood/plastic stuff) and take up electronics GCSE, and in english there was once a school outing for G+T, other than that its never affected me.[/quote']

    I was thinking something along the lines of bacterial something...but Im thats kinda what Im asking :D

  14. Perhaps some of you hagve heard of a program called G(ifted)T(alented), which is taken as an elective in highschool, for kids who excel in a certain subject. It involves a project that you and a mentor do over the coarse of a semester, or a full year. I want to do something in the sciences, particularly, something in microbiology, or genetics. Does anyone have any ideas for a project that would meet the following criteria-

    -Must have something to display at the end of the project

    -Must go above and beyond the current science coarse (next year, for me it will be H Chem 10)

    -Must be finished by the end of the school year (about 180+ days...keep in mind also that much of this will happen after school, so I dont want to take 8 hours after school to do this for 180 days :) )


    The deadline for the essay/project application is Feb 28, 2005, so any and all suggestions are appeaciated!

  15. I happen to suffer from motivation problems much like Tetraspace, but thats only due to my severe laziness :P . In any case, when I have something to do, but when I seem to be neglecting it, I literally begin to hate time itself. I actually wish that time would stop, just for me to get to rest, relax, and then begin and finish working. I suppose the real problem is time management, but since this is a discussion of the perception of time itself, what would happen if there were to be more "hours in the day"?

  16. lol, I like Lemonade Tycoon, its fun for a small business operator :)

    I really like the idea of the Lab Tycoon, and I think we might make a project out of it (later). But does anyone else have an idea for a type of tycoon? Also does anyone else have Plant Tycoon? It's so hard! Need some help :D

  17. Both are scientists, and both own at least one medical practice. Mom is a nutritionist, developing a diet plan for diabetics. Dad is was a microbiologist, and a optical physicist, and a medical thermologist. Both are wealthy, and I have been a blessed kid because of that :)

    My mom is very much involved in my two little sisters, and that keeps her from focussing on her company too much (something which she wants to change), and my dad is totally focussed on science. I dont know what he would do without working towards it :D

    I've got two genuis parent, and well, I got very VERY lucky with them. Ive never had a fight with either of them, I keep my head very level for a teenager if i do say so myself. Gotta love 'em!


    Sry this was short and poorly written, but I dont have time

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