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  1. What keeps you from taking extra classes? It's the equivalent of going to a school that goes twice as fast isn't it?
  2. You'd fall and there'd be less and less acceleration because the gravity would decrease, I think you might end up yo yoing till you reach equilibrium at the center of the earth.
  3. Supposedly the Sats words all come from the New York Times newpaper. So just read that a whole lot and you'll be good.
  4. rbp6

    MBA vs PhD

    Well I'm thinking about it, and I'm a pretty young guy, so if I stay and get my PhD directly, maybe I could go to a company and do research for like 3-4 years and than get my MBA after that point.
  5. rbp6

    MBA vs PhD

    Thanks for the help guys, I've decided to just stay and and get my doctorate.
  6. "Also, I'm interested in the pure theory behind the mechanics - thats why I want to read." Thats completely fine, but at school you're going to do so much of pure theory anyway you're going to be saturated by it. If you listen to me, when you get there, you can have some perspective because you actually went through all the steps before. About some ideas, I mean there's so much you could do that could be beneficial its hard to pick something. One thing you MIGHT be able to pull off is build your own heater+humidifier. It'll help you when you get into your thermo and heat transfer class
  7. If you're really interested in Mech engineering I'll help you out for something thats a lot more fun than reading books and will be a lot more useful to you Pick an interest you have, I dont know what you're into but you know, cars, bikes, carpentry, whatever is fun. Now think about some sort of device or machine that can help you in that hobby. Draw up a plan on how to make it, get some ideas with research, get creative on how to build it, and go make it. For example, I wanted a hammock in my backyard, so I drew up plans on what I wanted, read about them on the net, went to home depot
  8. Walden, dude, your last 3 weeks before engineering school should all be all fun man. Smoke pot, get drunk, get laid brother. Seriously once you get into school fun time is freaking over for like the next 4 years, especially if you take summer courses. Who cares about getting a bit ahead in 3 weeks I had a 4.0 in engineering school and I didn't do crap during the summer but the above. IF you're thinking about studying during your free time in engineering school, your best bet is just to take more classes instead till you dont have free time to spend on other stuff. Bro before you think
  9. I don't understand how that would be deevolution though. We're gaining the ability to cure diseases, thus, they're not really defects anymore, so it doesn't affect the survivability of the species to have them. I.E if you can cure a swollen appendix easily, why doesn't it matter that people are born with them any more? If anything its sort of an evolution because it increases the survival rate of our species.
  10. As former boxer/submission wrestler I can tell you that being short can be advantageous in a fight if you understand how to use it. I'm 5'2 and have easily defeated guys taller than 6'2, sometimes with pure boxing skill. Inside boxing combined with dirty boxing can easily make short work of most the trash a trained fighter has to deal with on the streets. And since a lot of fights end up with grappling, a lower center of gravity helps a lot in wrestling. So yes, if you understand even the most basics of fighting, you'd know that because someone is shorter than you doesn't mean it is going to b
  11. Hey guys, I'm trying to decide between getting my PhD or my MS/MBA cause I really don't wanna try to get both (or I guess this is always an option). I'm going to tell you everything about me and what are my life goals. I have a 3.9 (I had straight A's but then get one D, do you think they'll forgive the D?) GPA in mechanical engineering with a minor in applied math and I'm graduating in 3 years with this being my last year. My plan was either to get my PhD (through a BS-PhD program) straight from here at my school NJIT, or get my masters and MBA. Preferably an MBA at a very good school, su
  12. Sorry it took me so long, the servers were down for awhile, I found a great website and am going to buy a really nice kit.
  13. Hey guys, I just decided that I want to try to homebrew my own beer. I'm going to buy a kit with instructions and a premade recipe for Indian Pale Ale. Anyone have any experience or suggestions they'd like to share. Any advice would be well appreciated.
  14. I'd think some way to make it easier to shake would be your easiest bet. Cause the more you shake it the more volts you get right? Why don't you try like a shaker mill set up with a handle. It might actually work out kinda nicely for you. Though Calli probably has the best suggestion.
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