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  1. What do you think of the lack of young participants voting in America elections for senators, presidents, and other people of position? I'm talking about age 18-23 Do you think there are good reasons as to why they don't vote? What do you think is the most common reason for why they don't vote? Do you think there is some type of social conflict within that prevents them from voting or makes them choose not to? Have you read any interesting books on teenager voting? Any interesting articles?
  2. I like the voting idea. It's something I can work off. I've decided I wanted to narrow it down since the paper has to be at least 6 pages. So I decided to do 18-23 year olds and voting. Or perhaps younger, I dunno. I figure that if bush wasn't in office and kerry was, people would have moved real quick to get stuff done if they wanted to be re-elected for a second term. Hmm.. So i'm going to shoot for the idea that I can use sociological theories in this. I want to use at least three. Conflict theory, functionalist, and interactionist. Conflict would probably be... By people being told not to vote, they are being oppressed by "mystery person" and that may help the person vote. By not teaching kids more about politics and voting in school, the chances for certain people to be voted into office could be more possible because of the lack of knowledge of politics and government within the voters. So they are being oppressed by the people who fund education and teaching in governement. Since this is happening, the mystery person has a better chance to get voted in. How's that sound to you? Interactionist... uhhh... hmm.. don't know.. i'll work on it.. any ideas thrown out by y'all would be appreciated. Functionalist... By not voting for a specific person you aren't given a tax cut. "i think that's part of taxes..." By not voting, you allow the person who may get into power to obtain more money.. which somehow relates to social-conflict theory.. arg... maybe someone can help me on that... well i think that's an interesting topic that I will choose. thanks j_p
  3. It has to do with quantitive data. I'm suppose to build up a paper with data and numbers and then propose a way to research it more. Like for instance I would make a report on income of single mothers and give details and ideas to why researches think they are broke. I also throw in some sociological theories and attach those to numbers such as 5% people in america control "this much wealth", this effects them by _____. Then write a proposal on how I could go further to analyze it or even create a new research proposal as to how I could collect numbers on it. Something like that. I somewhat don't understand it myself. I'm grabbing a tutor tomorrow.
  4. Psion

    Stimulants for ADD

    Lance, I'm sure you can do addition. Since the medical had a psychological reaction on me, I couldn't sum up the want to fight back. Thus they took advantage of my state. There are side effects to medicine. Most of them bad. However, the attention needed to do assignments came from the zombie-like state. Zombie like as in, I need to do a task. I am going to do that task until it is done. Not very much is going inside of my head until the task is done. Perhaps tunnelvision would have been a better term. Change doctors you say? Doesn't work that way too often. Insurance companies don't want to change doctors for me. I don't really have that option. Right now I'm struggling to still get medicine. My parents were stupid about medicine which was why I was switched around so often. Now that I'm older I'm in charge. I choose to be on welbutron. My parents were the type of idiots that thought sugar made children hyper and was bad for kids with add, and all that other nonsense Who said beating was the direct answer? Aggressive children may need a beating or just an antipsychotic if calm parenting doesn't sooth their rage. However psychological problems such as disorderly conduct are based on a nature-nuture perspective which is way too long of a thing to get into. Video game player's don't need a beating if they are just sidetracked. I thought your view on this was people putting kids on drugs for disorder conduct and attention disorder. If it wasn't an aggressive view then I take it back. I just remember that many people thought add medicine could solve such problems back then.
  5. Psion

    Stimulants for ADD

    heh. very funny. el oh el. Anyways, as a person who has been on medicine since he was about five-years-old I have many views on prescribed medicine. One of my many views is that while growing up, I feel as though I was a guinea pig for the insurance companies. Also, to tell you the truth, I hate all these others bi**hes who are writing books saying they were on medicine, ooh look at me, buy my book, yada yada. In my view of the world. I was a guinea pig for the medical industry. Sure, I may have a type of AD/HD or ADD i don't remember. However, I did take Ritalin, prozac, most mainstream stuff except paxil.. i think i took aderall once, the past thing i did was straterra which made me sleepy. I stick to welbutron but I up'd my own dosage to 600 mg for a day. It's the welbutron xl which ... has time release I think. My view of all view of all of this is that it's a big scam. What people once labeled hyper was just a behavior disorder where kids weren't disciplined enough and their parents didn't whip their ass. I've met kids who had more problems than me at a young age who were hyper, angry, and many other things. These idiots weren't on medicine. So those kids who are very raughty either need discipline or are hyper. But the thing about hyperness is that you can't pay attention. You may not be angry, you would probably be too distracted by the laws of physics behind those balls that hit each other and swing for weeks on end with enough force. tick tick click clack tick tick click clack *oooh pwetty balls on string* i wonder where I can get one of those. I wonder how those do that anyways. What makes those things do that? *keeps pondering* notice how i went off track a bit there. That's where ritalin comes in. It makes you an efficient zombie. That's why i upped my dosage. I wanted to be a damn zombie. The side effects of being a learning zombie is perhaps low selfesteem and confidence where you want to speak up. Perhaps some type of altistic attribute where things come in but they don't come out. I remember my classmates taking advantage of my state by beating me up most of the time. I hate my past and wish I could kill everyone. That's a different story. On the other side though. I believe it was my doctor who wanted me to try something different. It's because doctors are controlled and funded by insurance companies as some of us know. This is where ethics become torn and piss me off. In my opinion ritalin did me good at the time. I haven't been on it since. I've thought about going back on it because I've never experienced such a zombie state unless i take more than 600 of welbutron. Back to the ethics though.. i didn't take my meds today... doctors will keep prescribing drugs to test out how the patient will be. It's a type of guniea pig system which I find very evil. If what has already been working, already works, let it be. However, doctors don't do that because they are corrupt and want to keep in good terms with the insurance company by using people like guinea pigs and having them come back reporting results. I wanted welbutron when my doctor told me to do straterra. I don't know wtf made her think I wanted that. Stupid *****. So in my view. Perhaps some kids are add. However the ones with behavior problems are most likely kids who are assholes. I had a bad childhood. I didn't act with behavior problems. I only let my rage grow until I was intelligent enough to kill people and be labeled a "kewl". So if at anything. I think most of these kids need to be given a low dosage of antipsychotics if they are jerks. If the kids can't concentrate because of the lack of will for homework it's due to a few things. For instance, i want to do my work right now, which i should be doing, but i'm not doing it. I'm typing away right here. I didn't take my medicine. I blew off most of the day imagining stuff and past events and other random events that could happen in my dillusion state without meds. That's where medicine becomes a necessity. When a kid just plays video games without care for homework without distraction of things, that's a discipline problem. Sadly, most teachers somehow have a bachelor's degree from a college and are idiots because they don't know a thing about medicine. I don't think stupid people should be teaching people of less intelligence. It's just a sad sight. I can look back into my past and notice all of this. I think society is screwed up in whole. Not everyone needs medicine. They just need guidance and discipline. If they have discipline and don't understand, they need guidance. If you don't have discipline, but plenty of guidance with the want to do what is needed but get sidetracked, you need meds.] i could probably rant on and give more info, but eh.
  6. when there's a thing you don't know search goooogle when there's a thing that you want to reeeseeearrrch you must use your brain, as much as thinking hurts use gooooogle when you can't trah ust goo oo gal when there is a ah prah ah bah lem.. you can always go oh to wikipedia wii ki pii deia dun dun i need to make a soundwav for this... the lyrics don't do it honor
  7. a duh... cuirrent iq -2... so liek what is teh answER?
  8. Got any pictures of this recently discovered T-Rex? Also, I think that perhaps we could bring back mammoths, which would be totally awesome. Then we could have them fight against huge elephants and rhinos and start the bets.
  9. I haven't taken biology in a long time and am trying to remember chemistry and stuff.. Is this right? plant 1 radioactive gas plant 2 radioactive sugar
  10. If life and college goes my way, I plan on becoming a neurosurgeon or something close to that, because it's a growing field and we need them in Illinois. However, I would like to say that only a fool would not recognize the necessity for learning chemistry and its application to the human body. Previously states it is needed for the comprehension of the drugs your are going to prescribe to your patients or else drugs you may take into consideration. However, a doctor does have many other uses besides the current field of study they are going in. Understanding how compounds can effect the human body is why chemistry becomes one of the most important things. You don't want to be a doctor and give someone pure calcium like a fool. That would only blow up their body. It's calcium carbonate.. not Calcium..... There is another importance. In case you get rejected as a doctor or somehow screw up somewhere and lose your license, you could always become a biochemist.
  11. Embryonic as in the idea that we are naked as an embryonic chimp is? Which seems like an interesting transitional effect if we in are earlier stages are compiled with a thin layer of hair. It's as if we are opposite with vocal cords, a more advanced cerebro, and... very little hair. However on the down side, we don't have the strength as Grape Ape. grape ape grape ape
  12. Well in my view. We either came from hairy apes, or we weren't hairy. But since of things like armpit hair, i consider the idea of once being hairy. If back in the day we were seriously hairy, and e/devolved into less hairy beings through natural selection and some understanding of physical attributes in our environment, then people would do their best to mate with others with very little hair. In that sense, eventually those with less hair could sense things around them and perhaps someone blocking air path so they were aware of enemies around them. Also, about the armpit thing. Perhaps we haven't completely rid ourselves of all hair and that is why we still have hair in some places.
  13. God made us that way. However, the natural selection theory while sexual attraction could have influenced next generation humans into which they had less and less hair. Which is a possibility. What you have to question though is if humans originally had a lot of hair. Maybe we didn't. There are some animals without a lot of hair. Naked mole rat. You could look at the wolf boys which in my idea somewhat shows a very primitive and ancestral trait which many scientists may disagree with me about.
  14. Sell it to me!!! @_< radioactive boyscout mmeee gottsa be. >_< doity bomb expwosive
  15. Lol. that's funny. You're funny. I'm looking for a more elaborate and serious response though. I'll take yours into consideration, but it's biased....kinda... envinger... i can't remember his name... i read that artcile about him using the analogy of society roles relating to drama.
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