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    Near Rimnicu Vilcea in the Transylvania Alps, Romania
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    Writing,Reading,Growing exotic plants→[orchids,carnivorous plants etc.←],fishing,hunting,shooting,surfing,skiing,martial arts→[tai chi Chuan], pyrotechnics, and many more.
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    N.Y.U. → M.D. Psychiatry
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    pyrotechnic chemistry
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    I am Ushie,of Roma [ Gipsy] heritage;descended from Holocaust survivors.Hitler saw the Gipsy as an Anathema, condemned to die. I have duel citizenship-American and Romanian. I am Learn-ed in many manners,not all in accord but some with alterity.
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    Hedge Fund Manager>Part-time Writer and Fashion Model

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  1. This is Ushie. My account has been hacked. I am NOT First Cause. Yes that's my picture but not the one I Had. ?? What's going on?
  2. NO, not correct..But I am Queen of Wands..Not First Cause.. What's gonig on?
  3. I am fully cognizant this is out of context; so make another red hit upon me. Never in my life have I just backed down and took the easy way out. Perhaps by reading my lettre "Freedom" you would better learn of the real me. I am adamently serious, ..>>.. if you haven't read it, I so wish you would, and make message to me regarding any feelings/thoughts you may have after reading it. After all, you were my inspiration. To your great surprise, upon reading "Freedom", you will discover I am a sweet lady, or so I am very often told. A lady very abject to your conception of me. As to my taking credit for for my sent article,you as well as any of the others fully know I made no effort to show credit for the research in that article; it was blatantly in no such accord as to my style of writing. My poem of which you again gave me a red mark, was not a declarative stating any facts. It was a poem I had published based upon facts as viewed through my eyes. A poem that was widely praised by many. Re-read it dismissing any politial bias and read it for its poetic tonality Re-read my former topics- introduced/posts. Compare them with other lettres { I should use the "proper" term and call them threads} Take notice that most of them are of highly introspective/abstract thoughts composed well, and display a widely dispersed mix of words demonstrating mastery of a high powered vernacular that are at least as deserving of a green mark as one writing, in an awarkward fashion, "the evolution of gay anal sex." You could have been polite and complimented me upon what I and many professional writers view as a very vivid arrangement of words, Instead, no such message was issued rather than I can rhyme words,and then marked me red. I so hate to be cornered to resort to bragging to defend what I know as being true. With receiving 12 red marks within a period of 4 days, I must hold a record upon this forum. Can't I be given some degree of credit that my posts are margianally thought inspiring, and insightful? Fine, they may be anti-establishment. But can't you see that that is what makes for a good forum? And, can't I be given some positive assement regardng I am so doing such in a language that isn't really my own? Instead I seem to be a pariah. Is it my appearance? Granted, I hardly think I am among the most beautiful of women; conversely, I hardy think I am among the least appealing of women either. Do you want a forum in which all merrily talk about how they all agree about everything. I don't even think that so is a forum at all. Rather than have ire of me, allow me to be a fire upon this forum. Allow me to break up the doldrums I DO see within this forum. What about the notion of falseification? You know as I there can actually be a theory without it. Uncage me. Don't stunt my credibility with ceritudes that because my ideas are discordant they are unacceptable. I welcome stirring other's minds. Declare me unorthodax, call me a rebal. Declaring me such signature exactly what I am. What I was raised to be. What I refuse not to be. I admit it! I AM a rebal { but with cause } Actually, what I achieved doing today I truly believe even you would have been proud of me. I won't elaborate, I don't want to go bragging again. Oh, this is important. The e-mail I had registared with to this forum has been compromised. I hardly see how that was possible but it so happened. My computer system is as a fortress. I have more programs to hide,alter,systematically change my IPS and URL than you could imagine. The files stored involve literally millions of dollars. { not all belonging to the company I am of, but none the least so much important} True these programs slow down my internet; they are the cause I often make duplicate replies/posts, but are vital. I noticed as not long from now, the other "me" upon this forum. Oddly, it so seems, the other me has the screen name I had used { First Cause} and also has my photo on it. I fully am aware this is a cardinal sin upon this forum and you may expiediently have me "expelled" ; dis-believing I didn't use some insidious and malicious tact to arange this so happening. That does create an unpleasant mind-set to me. But, one I was surprised has not already occurred..Me being the anathema to "science" I am perceived to be. Really, I am not "gleeflul" of my eminent expulsion {I believe it is referred to as "banishment" upon this forum.} But not to appear I view this forum with slight, I am infinitely more concerned as to whom or what firm/corporation had the capability to have comromised my email {oh. not my business account, thank God..or perhaps I should message, " just be thankful." In conclusion: No, I had not disarranged what I think a "Captain ?-Fresh-?" rectified. ie a second account. Yes,I can't {possibely} discount there are 2 of me{Ushie Mayna/s} upon this site. Oh?..You may very well question which of us is the "real" Ushie Mayna. And, I couldn't make it your faulty blame as choosing the real one. You choose as you best see fit. {wishfully know that it is I} After all, you are the computer policeman. {just please though, police with velvet cuffs} Sincerely, Ushie
  4. ↓{<ô¿ô>}↓ No, I can't seem able to send out any peronal messages so I may as well tell the "answer" to anyone and all. Answer→ The correct answer is that this question HAS no answer. It was so written to be so. The question has NO validity or sense; it just appears to make sense. It is just as nonsensical as asking ,"why is the sea boiling hot?" of why do pigs have wings?" The fallacy of my question is the $2 the bell-boy pocketed is the difference between what the men ought to have paid{$25} and what they actually paid{$27}. Adding the $2 to the $27 is a nonsensical operation written to confuse the reader. Solving the question requires for you to explain exactly what is wrong with the question. When I further wrote as if the bell-boy kept the $5 making, it appear as if $10+$10+$10,+ the $5 the bell-boy now had makes $35 dollars. Lol..money from "thin air." I would ♥♥♥ THAT! But, that shows just how fallacious the question really was! A question of such just goes to prove that no matter how intelligent a person is..rhetoric is often believed! Doubt that? If so, just look who is president of the U.S.A....! You were upon the right track Thanks for the try Ushie Mayna ♥ ps, if my writing is kind of off, please excuse cuz english is not my native language ♀
  5. I will once again post my method of making pyro-grade aluminum powder. In a food blender put in cut up pieces of aluminum foil and blend until the blender gets hot. [ be careful to not over-heat your blender and ruin it] Next put the aluminum from the blender into a ball mill. Run the ball mill with the aluminum in it for at least 2 days. [ aluminum dust can ignite when it comes into contact with fresh air so periodically open the ball mill ]..> After 2 days in the ball mill the aluminum should be fine enough to suit your needs. *Remember!→ Take caution upon opening up the ball mill with the now aluminum dust. [the dust could possibly spontaneously combust] ** also wear a good respirator since the final product will be about 2 microns and is easily dispersed into the surrounding air. Aluminium dust is harmful to your lungs. I just made a batch and used it today to make some strobing stars→ worked perfectly. This grade powdered aluminium is the stuff flash powder in made with. *take Note that flash powder is illegal in specific quantities. ♀ Ushie
  6. <•>In the line of thought that God made limitations regarding the intellegence of humans; it isn't fair God set no limits upon their doltishness<•>

  7. Nope again! I checked your link..and it does not suffice. To make this question even MORE enigmatic→ what if the bell-boy KEPT all the 5$ single bills he was supposed to have refunded the men. Remember each of the 3 men kicked in 10$ each. 10$+$10+$10= $30 but now the bellboy kept the $5 he was supposed to have refunded to the men for their over-charging→ so 10+10=10=5= $35..Where did the extra $5 come from..?? My bad? Ushie.☼
  8. Nope, no magic trick. Keep trying. If you just wish for me to supply the answer→ let me know.
  9. 3 men enter a hotel while the hotel manager is away. They read that a room costs $30, so they leave $30 upon the desk,get the key and enter their room for a good night's sleep. Meanwhile the hotel manager comes back, sees the 30 dollars upon the desk, and tells the bell-boy that the room is no longer $30 dollars but now only $25. He then gives the bell-boy 5 single $1 dollar bills and instructs the bell-boy to refund the $5 to the men. Upon going to the men's room the bell-boy thinks; hmm?, "No way can 3 men evenly divide 5 $1 bills." So, he decides to "help" and pockets $2 for himself. He then knocks upon the men's door and gives them each $1. Now here is the question. The men who each paid $10 for the room they thought was $30 but was only $25; each are refunded $1 by the bell-boy and 10$-1$=9$..and .. 3x9=27. So, there is now 27$ accounted for + the 2$ the bell-boy pocketed. But, $27$+2$ only = 29$.. What happened to the 1$..to account for the original $30....?
  10. The method I gave you [see above] is MUCH better. It gives you a rather large quanity of high quality very finely powder aluminum!
  11. Ammonia silver nitrate is also called "ammoniacal silver nitrate." For uses in pyrotechnics, it is a way to obtain silver fulminate..{ silver nitride actually }. [ it's not the best way to fulminate silver ]..> I will not give the formula due to the fact that unless one is highly experienced and has the proper setting, silver ntride is such a sensitive explosive. It is so sensitive it can detonate by pressure of its own weight. Also, it is a very fierce explosion! It is the explosion that is used to make "throw-em bang snaps" [ the amount in each bag snap is extremely tiny] Basically the reagent contains silver nitrate, sodium hydroxide, and ammonium hydroxide..>[ a severe eye irritant] The solution is then allowed to be left alone for a time to form the explosive. It is my guess that the house was evacuated because there was a large quantity of the reagent was left past its time of stability. [it is stable for only a few hours.] If there was a significant quantity of the reagent made and past the time of stability, I could only imagine the extent of the explosion!
  12. "Stupidity is a luxury that those who are overwhelmingly on the left are those who can afford to be." [sic]

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    2. First↔Cause ♀

      First↔Cause ♀

      Hmm, well,please, you tell, just how one should interpret these "tellings" from the "progressive leaders" of America→↓→and these are just the few I can think of now.↓→Let me preclude these with a saying: "People living in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."


      The U.S. president during a Memorial Day speech→"We are gathered here today to pay tribute to those who have died in the name of freedom; I see many of them ...

    3. First↔Cause ♀

      First↔Cause ♀

      Hmm, well,please, you tell, just how one should interpret these "tellings" from the "progressive leaders" of America→↓→and these are just the few I can think of now.↓→Let me preclude these with a saying: "People living in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."


      The U.S. president during a Memorial Day speech→"We are gathered here today to pay tribute to those who have died in the name of freedom; I see many of them ...

    4. Moontanman


      Do you even listen to the idiocy that come from the right or do you simply suck it up and believe? nether side has a hammer lock on lies and misrepresentations, in fact while they generally lie about different things both side should always be researched when they make more than the most simple claims, I suggest you go to the TYT channel on you tube and get some schooling. The Bachman woman has gained quite a reputation for simply being stupid.

  13. in the vastness..>

    of deep space <Ö>

    ___the void called

    the sky<¤>

    lie the questions

    we all must answer.

    they dwell there

    <•> among the stars

    ()waiting to be answered


    with the patience of eons

    forever waiting•-•

    © LLL. 2010

  14. "Liberals and white supremacists appear to be the only people left in America who are neurotically obsessed with race." [sic]

  15. Oh wow! Seems timeoftimezero is not very polite!He wants you to check your elementary skills. You should tell him to check his elementary spelling skills. "Fagot"?→ pronounced "faygot"→Lol, what is a "fagot?"

    I do believe he meant "faggot."

    Such language!


    Ushie Mayna

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