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  1. <•> Cartoons don't offend me, silly. You missed the point of my reply. ↓________↓__________↓ 1) All sciences are important. 2) Placing sciences upon a continuum in a left to right order parallels the number-line {-} ←——————→{+} 3) Negative is designated as being lower than positive. You wouldn't have a wish to have -$100-True? 4) Some may conclude {for seemingly obvious reasons} that the sciences were placed upon the continuum with a purpose. 5) Those that have concluded that the sciences were so as placed in that manner had an implication. 6) Now,considering that negative is designated as being lower than positive those individuals may perceive the cartoon as implying that sociology and math are polarized. Sociology having the most negative value upon the continuum and Mathematics having the most positive value upon the number line. 7) Negative, as I surely know from this site is regarded as {unfavourable} and positive is regarded as {favourable}. 8) So, I made written a humourous reply to make clear that all sciences are important, for the good of all... See- {ô¿ô} *Exact--Sciences* Does one exist? If so please do tell. I have taken your advice and been trying to reach the √2. I stopped. I took out an old Math book and it read→√2 is imaginary. Imaginary? Now imagine that? Then I remembered having taken a course in college titled "Imaginary Numbers." It was a tough course; only 7 or 8 students finished the course. I took it as an elective thinking since I was good in Math this course would be easy and avoiding me write another labourous term paper. Well, I was among the few that stuck out the course. We all got A's. But...? I can't think of a single thing that is exact while having imaginary components. Can you? Ushie ♥
  2. While not a climatologist I do have a graduate degree in biology. And, there is no way around the fact that biology and climate are related. I also keep to date in readings. My nature of work involves a lot of traveling so I get to learn the views of many people. Now,the very groups of people that promote human caused climate change are among those who have indicated that such events as sun spot activity have earthly effects, that there has been a shifting of the poles,that geothermal activities cause dust particles to rise into the earth's atmosphere limiting solar radition..et al. Paleontologists have come to conclusions that Antarctica at one time was tropical due to fossil findings. Geologists claim the earth is around 4.5 billion years old. {give or take a few billion} Now, I have read that in the 1970's climatologists were predicting another ice-age due to all the particles of remnants of burning fossil fuels. Now, especially after that amazing film by Mr. Gore, that humans are making the climate become warmer. Seriously? Perhaps humans may be viewed as the apex of evolution. {assumedly} But, to go as far as claiming that humans [even should they wish to] have that ability is far beyond their limits! Can't these global warming groupies see that their just may..perhaps..be some political elements to this? Can't they at least wait a few millenium before they make such claims? Can't they see economical reasons playing a part in it? Yes, humans have caused for dirty air,dirty water,deforestation,animal extinction, etc. But to claim humans have altered the earth's climate!?! To state that is not even "scientific." Climate is not as the weather; it takes a long..long time to determine a "climate." Just how can the science that is viewed as being excellent if it is 70% correct in weather predictions state claim that the earth is going to significantly rise in temperature to such drastic degree that polar caps will melt,cities underwater,violent storms violating humankind..and so on? Also,the notion of global warming is not even agreed upon among climatologists themselves; there is about a 50/50 split. The only "proof" that the earth may be warming is best depicted in this photo. amazing!
  3. I am merely trying to placate and bring it into a perspective that ..some..people are unable to grasp. Understand? ☼
  4. Fine, next time I have a headache I will just sit, take a pencil and paper, and figure out the √2. Those useless •Sociologists• that learned from cultural studies that groups of peoples as Jews,Wicca,Buddhists et al used the leaves and bark from the willow tree upon special days. Darn useless •Biologists• who figured out that the willow leaves and bark contained salicin,a substance that is like aspirin, and when metabolised it turns into salicylic acid in the human body. Darn them for learning it relieves pain and now have learned it has many other meditative uses as in heart attack prevention. Darn useless •Chemists• who figured it out just how to make salicylic acid into an easy to take form. Bless † the •Math People• for making sure buyers get the right number of aspirin pills in the bottle.
  5. ←∞→•{Infinity}-Is a Circle-No Beginning↔No Ending•←∞→

    1. rktpro


      Circle? You will definitely end up then.

  6. ←∞→•{Infinity}-Is a Circle-No Beginning↔No Ending•←∞→

  7. Read my signature as it applies very much. I happen to not be a "theist," if anything,I would best be called a deist.
  8. I changed my screen name to Divagating the Future from Queen of Wands. The math was not mine..lol.."Eraserhead"→ I couldn't eat chicken for a year after seeing that movie! The correct answer is, there isn't any answer. Read it again and you will see. 3 men enter a hotel while the hotel manager is away. They read that a room costs $30, so they leave $30 upon the desk,get the key and enter their room for a good night's sleep. Meanwhile the hotel manager comes back, sees the 30 dollars upon the desk, and tells the bell-boy that the room is no longer $30 dollars but now only $25. He then gives the bell-boy 5 single $1 dollar bills and instructs the bell-boy to refund the $5 to the men. Upon going to the men's room the bell-boy thinks; hmm?, "No way can 3 men evenly divide 5 $1 bills." So, he decides to "help" and pockets $2 for himself. He then knocks upon the men's door and gives them each $1. Now here is the question. The men who each paid $10 for the room they thought was $30 but was only $25; each are refunded $1 by the bell-boy and 10$-1$=9$..and .. 3x9=27. So, there is now 27$ accounted for + the 2$ the bell-boy pocketed. But, $27$+2$ only = 29$.. What happened to the 1$..to account for the original $30....? Now,the 3 men gave $30. The room was only $25. The manager gave the bell-hop $5 to refund the 3 men. The bell-hop only gave them back $3 stealing $2. So the 3 men got cheated and actually paid $27 instead of the correct $25. See <ô¿ô> I phrased the question to make it rhetorical. the 3x9=27 was a nonsensensicl operation to throw the reader off. Oh!..I gave you the +1 because with the question about Joe,Rose,Harry,John, I asked for the 4 positions of each. I never told there was a dancer. I have ADD and I sometimes forget my ritalin dose. Likely this was such a time Ushie
  9. Opps CORRECT. I owe each a positive. And shall. No, I did not berate anyone; I just told them their answer was incorrect. Yes, the one you mentioned did have the correct answer. But he wrote as Joe being "ots' {i think he wrote that} not dancer. I was about to award him credit when I viewed his attachment. It was a clever method he used. If any are to be berated here, it is I for neglecting to supply the 4 positions. I believe I made mention; I may have not made mention to you that I do have ADD and it hampers me sometimes with such incidentals.
  10. Perhaps I may help. Take what you feel worthy from this. I shall present to you some possible avenues for you to pursue. Your choice of topic for your thesis is one of much debate and I would so love to learn of it upon completion. Regarding consciousness it is easy to make the presumption that only humans are conscious. It may be viewed that all other organisms, even the higher animals as essentially automatons,reacting mechanically to stimuli in such terms of innate or learned patterns. In principle so then,one could design a computer program to so simulate the behaviour of any organism! Humans alone are as said to be held conscious in the sense of being aware{consciousness}of themselves in addition to being aware a stimuli that as such impinge on them. One consequence of such as so then justifies the exploitation of other life forms in such they cannot suffer because they lack consciousness. Humans assume being the most intelligent organisms upon earth. But, may it not be so that all life forms have consciousness, albeit to varying degrees from human consciousness? If you take the perspective that consciousness can be in a variate of life forms, then consciousness is worth studying as a general principle. Whereas if you assume it is unique to but humans then it becomes exclusive to them and a special problem and possibly not as important as a more general understanding of the world. But presume that it is such; humans alone have consciousness. May it be attributed to the unique manner produced by the activity of the human brain? That through evolution the human cerebrum had to evolve to meet the challenges of survival? That would imply that consciousness is identical with the activity of the human brain. This is termed psychoneural identity thesis. Since reality is actually physical in nature,consciousness itself must be a product of that physical activity. All the intricacies and subtleties of consciousness as then represent intricate patterns of neural firing within the brain and to some extent within the nervous system generally. Also,it could be that the brain and the nervous system act as an instrument of consciousness, a factor every bit as real in its own right as physical things. This has import for if that is such then consciousness may then exist independently of the brain. There is actually excellent scientific evidence of this hypothesis,inferentially through the phenomena of extrasensory perception, and directly in out-of-body experiences. Much literature, well founded and documented exists. I hope I gave to you some thoughts to ponder. Good luck ♣ Ushie ♀
  11. My point exactly and hence my screen-name "Divagating the Future." Contrary to what some think the word means→ divagation is a noun it means a digression away from, a wandering from, to a putting aside. And, as I see it America is compromising itself. It is in the process of eliminating the middle class. Throughout all history what stood between freedom and despotism was a middle class. A middle class acts as a buffer against tyranny. Written in the American constitution {a prototype of more world government than anything else } are the amendments. The writers saw that freedom of expression was of #1 importance; it was paramount. They then wrote they second amendment. Why? To assure that not even the government shall negate amendment # 1. Fallacious lies have been made into corrupt facts. That being, guns kill people and increase crime. So wrong is that. If you have the ambition, look into the true facts! An unarmed public is negatively correlated to reduction of violent crime. Cars kill far more people than guns. Should cars be banned? The media is so eager to report any gun related crime yet ever report just how many innocent lives are saved buy firearms. I can attest to that, myself being such a case. Ushie
  12. The word forum is of Latin origin when one looks into Websters dictionary. While in high school I was taught about the Roman forum but it wasn't until I worked substituting school as one means of earning college tuition I really paid heed to its significance. In ancient Rome it was a public place; a place where causes were judicially tried and most importantly {to me} a place where orations were delivered. It was a place where there were discussions of public matters and interest. While preparing my lessons for next days lessons I could almost hear the loudness that must have existed. There must have been those who laid there claim to what they so claimed being true because it was established as being true. There were those shouting in opposition that the established truths were wrong; they claimed they had "proof" that their views were true. Then, there where those who disclaimed that either were definitely the truth; they proclaimed that the "truth" is that there just may be something else being actually the truth. Those brave individuals, I have the confidence, caused for there to be a loud outcry of opposition. Such were likely labeled soothsayers,heretics of truth,ignomouses and likely things inappropriate for this public article to make note upon. Throughout the history of human curiosity, in search of what is true, it were THOSE individuals who made some of the greatest discoveries. Examples of such brave outspoken individuals include names and discoveries, now common knowings,litter history. Those as Copernicus and Galio with their contributions to astronomy,William Harvey and the idea of blood circulating, and Krebs with his ideas of the citric acid cycle were scorned,ridiculed and even ostracized among the established scientific elite. If not for R. Goddard the moon may still likely be nothing but made of cheese. [sic] To Goddard was written→" This is so an example of the ridiculous lengths to which vicious specialisation will take those of science." [sic] Bickerton a physicist. Humans would still be dealing with having to scrub out their cast iron frying pans if not for applications of the Nobel Prize winning Shechtman,whose discovery completely altered the basic understanding of the nature of matter. For those of ambition, I am sure they could extend this list to multitudes. A forum should be one of converse not complicity. Not something in which each pats the back of those who agree with them. Yes, I have now the rather significant number of "unfavourables" attached to my profile. Some of which are due to computer malfunctions { double entries.} but mostly due to posts that are discordant to established contemporary views. Those I view with an honour. I want others to think,to contemplate. Yes, I am aware neuropsychology is a new field and its findings are not "yet" accepted by the great majority of scientists today,even though there is as now considerably greater acceptance than there was when I first studied such. To put it bluntly, this is not a matter of rational rejection of poor experimentalization and insufficient data on part of the educated scientific community, but as so a prejudice. Almost all "real" scientists are simply not erudite as to what the principles of neuropsychology { call it parapsychology if you so wish}are,and prejudiced against looking at it. This violates the true importance of what a forum is. As now I am not one whose livelihood is pendant upon conducting scientific research. I work now as a hedge fund manager for a global investment/trading firm. However,yes, my areas of formal study- { Biology + Psychology },credentials-{ past experience acting as a psychiatrist for 2+ years},personal experiences,and teachings from my family, do lend me to have a special interest in this area as well as perhaps esoteric knowings. I'm not sure where this old quote-saying has origin of, but its relevance still is pertinent..→"Today's fiction can well be tomorrow's fact. [sic] Ushie ♀
  13. Humans,unlike machines, have a will of their own↨<>

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