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  1. Pykrete has proven successful in my three low velocity attempts, however the question remains to be answered as to it's effectiveness at higher velocities. Any volunteers to test this? I will be unable to do so until I go to my dacha this weekend.
  2. 1. Pictures of a hole in a block aren't all that exciting. 2. To save bandwidth(mine)
  3. It's a mixture of paraffin and petroleum jelly.
  4. Once again, YT has proven himself to truly be "The resourceful one." BTW, was this attempted on the Myth Busters? PICTURES HAVE BEEN REMOVED FR-8 .308 Winchester Entry Penetration
  5. I shall test this, hopefully I will have pictures within the next two hours. Please bear in mind I will not be using full loads, only primers. If this is successful, I'll up the ante a bit. One more edit: I'm even whipping up a block of half hearted ballistic gelatin, hopefully we're not all disappointed.
  6. Any weight reduction without the tendency of aluminum to warp would be welcomed.
  7. I would be a bit more concerned over the cesium-137 used to treat tumors than a few spent penetrators in Iraq. And let us not forget the americium in smoke detectors..... someone best get on the ball, lest they should fall into terrorist hands!!!! One that I know of, my daughter
  8. I've seen the light! Where do I go to rescind my citizenship? FYI, these semi demonic government officials who appear to be Hell beant on destroying the enviornment have instituted a so called, "Green Ammo" program. Small arms program. There have also been talks of replacing DU penetrators with less effective tungsten.
  9. You would still run the risk of leaving evidence, as the jacketing material would more than likely be left somewhat intact.
  10. It's not a polycarbonate bullet, but a sabot for a standard 55 grain jacketed soft point. The use of a discarding sabot would put a completely unmarred projectile downrange. No striations from the rifleing= no way to prove the projectile was fired from a specific weapon.
  11. Quite an effective load as well, I dropped a rather nice white tail doe with an '06 two years ago.
  12. Unfortunately, our .50 cal and .308 ap still use a tungsten core. And the m855 ball round has a steel core.
  13. Most modern sabots, for sporting gun use, are injection molded from heat resistant polycarbonate plastic or nylon. These plastic compounds will resist temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and are formed in one piece, with a recess for the base of the bullet and four to six fluted fingers at the front. Since Remington no longer produces factory ammo, here is a link for reloading supplies.
  14. While they are certainly comparable, on the off chance that a sizeable piece of the jacket is located there would be no ballistic evidence whatsoever.
  15. It's a 55 grain .22 cal bullet loaded into a .30 cal cartridge, usually .308 or .30-06. Factory specs show a muzzle velocity of 4,080 fps.
  16. Why go to the trouble when you could just use a Remington Accelerator? Chances are the sabot would never be found
  17. jgerlica

    Tesla Coil

    Lance, contrary to popular belief I haven't forgotten my promise. I'll get those caps, and maybe even my 7.5 kv NST to you. I grow tired of them
  18. Skipping the whole political quagmire, I'd like to throw out one tested idea... Slap a propane carb on say a chevy 350 and the heads off a 305 to raise compression. Then amazingly, the flash point of ethanol is only 180 degrees f, so it is quite simple to mate the fuel to the existing technology. BTW, my old scottsdale gets similar milage to a Honda Civic. Of course I'm still using evil Max-life motor oil....so I suppose I haven't totally defeated OPEC. I suppose I could stop being cheap and use synthetic though.
  19. Why would you want something like that? The Atari portfolio was certainly the pinnacle of handheld computing:P
  20. Check out http://www.benheck.com, it may be a bit enlightening. BTW the portable PS2 has already been done.
  21. If you're still looking for a design:cannon (I really should come here more often.)
  22. jgerlica


    Well, you could probably pick up a former soviet LOWBLOW or other such unit. Hard times breed bargain basement prices.
  23. jgerlica


    How much can you spend? You could probably get a marine unit to work.
  24. I believe you may get a bit of acroleine
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