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  1. I think so, but perhaps we do not have enough gravity to form a highly ordered universe.
  2. Perhaps I am engaging in semantics, I understand your argument, but unless a problem can be calculated to infinitum what real purpose does is have?
  3. You didn't have a choice asking if I thought Arms dealers, Al quaeda, Saudia Arabia and our highest office are all the same people!
  4. I think string theory is just a theory and will not make it past the litmus test.
  5. I believe if there are middles of galaxies then the same should hold true for the universe given equilibrium of sorts.
  6. True. I believe then infinity sign = unknown.
  7. Yes. I will have this deleted immediatlely. I apologize. Hmmm. Too much screwin' around with the old wacky tobacco. Maybe I should ask a question. If light doesn't have mass then how can it exist?
  8. You are correct. Forever means a beginning. I think I had it backwards. Good call. I do not belive in infinite numbers because I feel they have no useful quanitities. Since they have no quantity at all. Postulating the size of the universe is one since a person cannot truely know the it's size or even the theories behind it's conception.
  9. I know that does not make any sense. Sorry for posting gibberish. I will make sense from now on . I hope. Stoned posting format disembarked for now. Sorry for the ravings. I will erase most of them.
  10. ...properly. A light quanta a is the sum of it's energy and the sum of it's wavelength also. They cannot be medianed nor can they be averaged. I am going to use made up word since I feel no of the words in calculus suffice. What I am saying is. In a quantuum effect field given a diastatic-overturing faction given it's manner and poloar weight given a time index given a saturation given a force given a hex diagonal loop quantity given a weight of time against a given of nomenclature not known at this time to you because the nomenclature is my own concoction given it's purpose to explain quantuum theory and given it's ability to demaster the calculus false postives. a=a(b*b)*(b+2)*(b+1)*a^11 given a transferrance that has been annihilated by a given particle a=a(b*2(b*3)(b*5)(b*6)(b*7)(b*8)(b*9)(b*10)(b*11)(b*12) given a annihilated particle stream on a quantrained not deficient not assembled not given to the future participle either. This is a nomenclature I would like to upload to the forum. I will write it out then scan my theories into the pages of the forum for your examination so I can be peer reviewed. Please to baste me and waste me if you would like. I know all scientists use calculus but not all are satisfied with it's nomenclature.
  11. Iron cores in a sun is not possible but only after a supernova. Too stable to burn and would disaffect other molecules to compose in stable molecules.
  12. I disagree. You use calculus which completely wrong because it's nomenclature cannot quantify quantuum theory correctly given it's latent and unherent somages.
  13. No es Vato pero un sauve Pachuco. Pachuco de los criminales del feugos de corazones. Yes there exact middle is the exact middle is the exact middle is the exact not middle is not the exact not middle exactly.
  14. That made perfect sense to me. I speak English fluently and no Portugeuse is my first language not counting the superunknown dissected bimodel interference love bomb. Yes I speak in riddles.
  15. The loophole you are referring to in the uncertainty principle is on that exceeds our understanding since the uncertainty principle is not a certain thing in itself. In other words. a(a)[b+1]=a(b)[c+2]
  16. I believe the name of source is Akeesha. IN a given situation being a massive balckhole in the exact middle of the universe he would, in my opinion, not think too much about quantuum gravity since the the effect of mana cannot be interpolated by gravity and it's effect on a gravimetric colude. The colude has an effect but only if the colude id hyper static for breif periods of time given the energy state of mana which is a^22 or there abouts. The mana effect on quantuum reality is subtle and cannot be manipulated by normal but super interference given a spike in the onclusion of it sub dynamic processes.
  17. Euclidean quantuum gravity effect given it's sub coherance in space time flux and manners given the up cycle of two difacted and abraviated sub love bends.
  18. IN theory dark matter does not exist but is the function of two atomic processes that annihilate each other. Those being delanutrionic sub divergent processes.
  19. There is no such thing as infinity just forever. So there is no infinite numbers because infinite numbers are not real numbers nor are negative real numbers. You cannot mathamatisize any known value against infinity. Forever means to go on without end. Infinite means an unknown quantity given it's length. All quantites are knowable but not postustable. Given an unknown quantity are question mark would be prefered by myself and some others.
  20. Given the variable of time and it's constancy to the speed of light we can determine the values of a quantuum for in as much the quantuum is a recollect value given the super unknown values of the periatal vanquish. The periatal vanquish squishes on a super bend in a given sub conjugated relapse motion. This relapse is a product of maximized love and defrunciated and pandered love bomb in the idion of superstring theory. Sonarrance is a given value and high placate given the love connection and it's sub mastered states.
  21. They do not move in single bans but move in a sub page of diaslectic immune responders.
  22. If a would chuck could chuck would would a wood would could would chuck a wood chuck would?
  23. Yes there is a way to tell by using the gluco protein response and surmising it level of deterrence.
  24. The is no second round low yield in GST proteins. You are incorrect on all mispages.
  25. Not a good drug period, no uses in the biology strata of blood or the macro estemic polor functions. Part of a poison derevitive not designed to do anything but relieve the immunological response through the nervous system. Basically mask pain.
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