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  1. thats nice - whadayamean by cosmos. like space and all that like stars and suns and black holes. i wonder what happens when you go inside a black hoe-just a bit you'll get pulled right? and then u com out. will u get taller?
  2. newer smileys would be nice im this :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: oh yes maybe some more of those moving smileys, there coool
  3. how would 2+2=5. i learnt those facts in kindergarten (before primary) (elementary for the states) how is it true? i honestly dont get it [edit] I am sick of merging your multiple consecutive posts. Either think before you hit the submit button, or learn how to edit. Sayo.
  4. why does bush want a missle thingy anyway. we're not at war, are we? and is it really to block some random middle eastern country from firing missiles into europe. its not his busniess anyway. he is the president of america not europe i think putins over-reacting a bit-just a tiny wennie bit cough*alot*
  5. i was sifting threough my letterbox today and i found a greenpeace (human rights/animal rights group) ad and magazine about (u mightve seen this on the news) the Japanese so-called "scientific reasearch on whales" and in fact most of the "scientific reasearch on whales" end up on peoples dinner plates. this practice is illegal but the jabs still do it. I personally think as a SPCA (society for the prevention of creulty to animals) volunteer that what the jabs are doing is extremeely wrong and disgusting.
  6. cant animals feel pain? i mean when you step on a paw of a dog, he yelps and pulls away. (or tear you to bits) im just saying pretend ur an animal. they wont feel exactly like a human but they will most likely not enjoy pain-being stabbed by needles all day long i mean i have nothing to say if someone was trying to come up with a cure for.... say bird flu and he (scientist) would have to test an animal. that isnt entirely wrong. but there are some people out there who do tests on stupid things like if rat poison really kills the rat.
  7. what do you mean by the animal is a scientist. what i mean is pretend you're an animal and then i come along and start making you eat weird and creepy things. how would you like it. i mean its wrong to treat animals in a way like that. just because they were born that way they shouldnt be treated that way.
  8. disgusting. how would you like it if i tested you. if you were a animal being tested how would you like it. put yourself in an animals's shoes.
  9. fattyjwoods


    this might help http://www.biology-online.org/dictionary/Torsion http://www.thefreedictionary.com/torsion http://www.medterms.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=5822
  10. doesnt it start with a praticle expirement, observation and then a inference. i dont know really
  11. shot, thanks i think i get it now
  12. stuff that explodes are cool like Ammonium chlorate, Methyl nitrate, Nitrogen triiodide and Lead styphnate. i can go on forever.
  13. check on google ithink hitler tested one and made a couple more. its some kind of atomic bomb that is small. german scientists successfully made a couple suring the last days of the war thinking he could blow up london and change the tide. the germans had an atomic reactor in berlin. the Germans had as a "hybrid tactical nuclear weapon" much smaller than those dropped on Hiroshima or Nagasaki. check out these sites http://www.google.co.nz/search?hl=en&q=hybrid+tactical+nuclear+weapon&meta=
  14. what agentchange said will be helpful. You can try to practice ignoring it or control yourself not to freak out when you see a bug. small steps will help. it helped me lose my phobia for heights. I did a bungy jump.
  15. for 8 could be carbon or hydrogen. they arent metallic. neither is halogen
  16. what do you mean by 7. ? if its any you gan just do barium or aluminium
  17. is it moist air with water, i think>
  18. i was doing my physics homework (again) and i was wondering (again) if warm air rises shouldn't the sky be warm? say for example, you're flying in a plane and as it gets higher it gets colder and harder to breathe. is there like some kind of wall that stops warm air from rising higher into the atmosphere. I found out that cool air falls-shouldnt that make the ground like freezing? > > >
  19. theres the classic baking soda and vinegar one when it explodes and makes a quick volcanoe http://chemistry.about.com/cs/howtos/ht/buildavolcano.htm
  20. i was just revising my homework and I was wondering what will happen if you heat gas so much to a point it is supposed to vaporize. does it vaporize? i mean like when you heat a solid it turns into a liquid and when you heat liquid it turns into a gas. what happens when you heat the gas even more! shot thanks>
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