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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gusXL_p9wxc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xa4P4ugIjrE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8q15b1SLRzk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25eLbJs4jq8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tziqNzFxarU http://home.earthlink.net/~drestinblack/generator.htm http://www.teslasociety.com/warden.htm http://users.tm.net/lapointe/HowItWorks.htm these are all videos and articles explaining it Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedHe figured out how to draw large amounts of energy from the Ionosphere with a tower without using a lot of energy in the process and once this is done could provide "wireless energy" to the world using a few more towers. i believe the tower was a very large tesla coil modified. Tesla coils can use a certain small amounts of energy and emit many times more. (small compared to the amount emitted).
  2. Tesla believed he could supply the world with "Free" energy and he proved it but because he could businessmen wouldn't fund him anymore since they wouldn't be able to make a profit. In one of his experiments in Colorado using a very big Tesla coil created lightning and through pumping electricity in through the earth lit a light bulb placed in the ground 25 miles away.
  3. in this article i was reading about how a Tesla coil works the article says "An inductor converts an electrical current (symbol I, measured in Amperes) into a magnetic field (symbol B, measured in Tesla [yes, named in honor of Nikola Tesla]), or a magnetic field into a current. Inductors are formed from electrical conductors wound into coils." http://users.tm.net/lapointe/HowItWorks.htm how is it possible to to convert an electrical current into a magnetic field and vice versa ? and by doing this is does the area effected by the magnetic field have electricity in the "air", and is that house Tesla was able with without wires or anything make light bulbs glow by just him holding them in this field?
  4. In an a document by him called "On Light and Other High Frequency Phenomena" i need help understanding this "If i am not precisley conscious of the motion, it is, because the images are vague or indistinct, being blurred by the superimposition of many. But when i perform the motion, does the impulse which prompts me to the action come from within or from without?" a few sentences later after describing the ideas of some people he explains what he thinks the answer is. This is where i got confused "I am convinced that the motive impulse must come from the outside. For, consider the lowest organism we know-and there probably many lower ones-an aggregation of a few cells only. If it is capable of voluntary motion it can perform an infinite number of motions, all definite and precise. But now a mechanism consisting of a finite number of parts and few at that, cannot perform are infinite number of definite motions, hence the impulses which govern its movements must come from the environment." thats his answer the ways he writes its got me confused and this is the rest of this paragraph of what he says rite after that "So, the atom, the ulterior element of the Universe's structure, is tossed about in space eternally, a play to external influences, like a boat in a troubled sea. Were it to stop its motion it would die: hatter at rest, if such a thin; could exist, would be matter dead. Death of matter! Never has a sentence of deeper philosophical meaning been uttered. This is the way in which Prof. Dewar forcibly expresses it in the description of his admirable experiments, in which liquid oxygen is handled as one handles water, and air at ordinary pressure is made to condense and even to solidify by the intense cold: experiments, which serve to illustrate, in his language, the last feeble manifestations of life, the last quiverings of matter about to die. But human eyes shall not witness this death. There is no death of matter, throughout the infinite universe, all has to move, to vibrate, that is to live." http://www.free-energy.ws/pdf/1893onlight.pdf thanx : ) Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedall that i posted can be found near the end of page 5 - beginning of page 6
  5. I hope now you are all right with that. im cool wit it an thanx for the links definitely gone read up on it Professor Martin i'll let u know wen i finish the work assigned lol
  6. thnx alot i understand wat u guys are saying i just cant cope with there being "nothingness" because that small dense state that made matter and space cant come from no where but its stil only wat ppl think so yea i understand wat u guys are saying gracias senors : )
  7. thanx alot i kno i asked alot and i appreciate u actually answered im going to keep learning on about it im hooked to learnin this stuff lol GR = General Rel. and SR = Special rel. i didnt relize that till i read this lol thats wat had me Real confused i was wonderin wat every1 meant by those thnx man ~1~
  8. wen the big bang occurred as i understand it the universe was at one extremely small point i think they called it the Primordial Atom but then it blew it was small (compared to now) and grew well if the universe was a bubble expanding with all matter inside it what kept all the matter from going outside this "bubble" of a universe ??? its kind of hard for me to explain the question but i think i asked good enough to get good answers
  9. i kno im responding late lol but im goin to What is GR exactly i have ideas but i wanna know for sure What is SR? how does Quantum Gravity work?
  10. Money

    What is Fire

    if its burning O2 that causes the flame why every time someone uses a lighter or makes a fire the whole atmosphere goes aflame
  11. Money

    What is Fire

    i kno its ounds stupid but wat is fire really is it pure energy? a gas? wat is it
  12. Money


    but i dnt know wat all of them are thats why i would liek you guys to tell me the name of sum astronomy, physics, space, related like the theory of relativity, or laws of thermodynamics wat are the names of other laws and theories that are important to the topics i named
  13. Money


    im askin wat theories and laws should i read up on
  14. Money


    what theorys and laws should i read up on or that have a lot to do with astronomy, phyics, jus science in general for example/ the theory of relativity, laws of thermodynamics what other ones should i read up on help appreciated
  15. thanx for ya answers just 1 moer question why do scientist believe that a supermassive blackhole is at the center of every galaxy, do they have telescopes or instruments so powerful they can see that distance and even so they could probably only see the next galaxy over. so even if that galaxy had a blackhoel at the center how does that mean EVERY galaxy has one at the center answers appreciated : )
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