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  1. Not much is know about evolution of winged insects. I read some where that insects evovled directly from marine arthropods. Unlike birds , who evovled from land dwelling reptiles. Insects wings evovled from gill like structures on some arthropods used to float on freshwater lakes during early carboniferous period. does anybody has good resource on this subject?
  2. on christmas eve a child asks santa for gift. Child: Santa , santa i want brother. Santa: Oh boy , oh boy bring your mother!
  3. hi everyone. i am in real trouble these days. i feel shame to tell it to anyone. i think my phobia of flying insects in getting out of control. its more like madness then phobia. i have severe anexity, pain in chest , dizziness , and cant control my self when i see cockroch , moth , butterfly , dragon fly or anything except mosquitos and housefly. daily life has become hellish. i cant even bath peacefully. sometimes i had to run out of half bath. this is not joke anymore. can any of u suggest me something? there are no pshycologist near by so forget that. can u suggest something which i alone can do?
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