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  1. A function of 10 variables in addition to that of time, have a gradient of F(x1, x11,t)! Determine the gradient properties. Away from the constrictions on this. I think that integrating F on any path is independent upon the velocity-properties. Can any one advise!
  2. Why are P.D.E.s are solved without excitation and then applied on the solution with BC's? Is this general? What if the distribution was total-domain-space-functional? Just for analysis.
  3. Which terms exactly are related to Symmetry breaking?! ajb?!
  4. What is the Wave Function of Photons, in Q.E.D.? Has it been derived before in any problem?
  5. The question is: Why do photons move with the maximum possible velocity permitted in nature? Because it is their nature. Then, there may be a relation between Relativity and Electromagnetism. This is what Einstein were trying to do, if I am not wrong.
  6. When the Symmetry gets broken, how the Lagrangian gets affected in the Electroweak Force?
  7. Try to solve a quantum state transition in hydrogen atom, away from Q.E.D. ...... assume having E1 with radius r2 ..... a wonderful example ..... my kisses, you will see transitions by your eyes on a real-time 3D environment .... 4D. Hint: Mixed states will be used. Then try to apply quantum field theory, by finding the electromagnetic field emitted on the transition. Can you specify the trace of one photon ...... if it is defined.
  8. Equivalence principle: is it exact? If yes, then why A. Einstein put more than one mathematical model for the GR in the beginning and waited for the proof? And, what about the negative sign that seems to have reversed the meaning of the Equivalence principle, as asked by many scientists?
  9. The whole relativity depends upon the speed of light which is totally electromagnetic. And, photons only do move with the speed of light at a certain space-time position. Is this strange somewhat? Or, photons do move with the upper limit of relativity, speed of light and why?
  10. Determine features available and different, and determine your needs and those fit to you; bounded with the highest cashing...... Don't get confused, you will build a project.... and if you are perfect you will make a difference. Look to future needs, and don't bother to hards, unless they are blocks. Looking smart, aren't you?
  11. Memory is proportional to the "square" of the SURFACE DENSITY OF TRANSISTORS. The relation between the rise with time, is because the rise is linked to the capacity itself, i.e. proportional to it. There are many Computer Theories. I think that what you are talking about is that related in general to the advances in Computer Systems. By the way, memory capacities and speeds are now saturating in the already known technologies. New ones need get discovered if present; which is a good question. Do any one have any idea?
  12. dr.nishanth, Project design. It is the begin. The problem is not in the remote control. It is available in market. Just get the output signal in the receiver and control with it motors of the chopper. Plane's design is madness. Don't forget..... it will fall....... Solve this problem first. You can do it.
  13. We choose to think when there is a need to think and it is suitable for this. But, some people sometimes think with no problem in hand while being in very hard situation. If the second sentence is correct, can we believe that "those people are not choosers"? Will you think?
  14. In QED, it is well known that the electromagnetic field is also quantized (related to quantized electromagnetic sources) and that the quantum field is that of the wave function of photons. But, I am just wondering if photons are deterministic, as confirmed by absorption and collision (Compton's effect). And, if not.... is the wave function of photons can be determined? Is there something mysterious in QED? Can any specialized expert comment?
  15. I think that the metric tensor is dimensionless and that the unit of the Ricci tensor is L^(-2). By the way, the unit of the stress-energy tensor is the unit of energy per volume.
  16. kensaize..... Do you have any additional information?
  17. Then the difference in energy has been emitted, not stored. Electromagnetic Field exhibits force upon electric charges only, not masses. For sure, approximate singularities do follow the laws of physics. See how delta dirac function work in General Relativity.
  18. I think, John, if we have the Magnetic Force Formula, the problem will be solved. Or, do you mean shape of the magnet, susceptibility, .......etc?
  19. Since the question is about "farthest distance", then it is considering gravity. So, equate the force of the magnet to the weight of the coin and find "d".
  20. I think that changing the definition of "Classical Phyics", which is now: "Vector forces, gravity, acceleration, and other facets of mechanics.", to include EM. The name is "Classical Physics" not "Classical Mechanics". May be these definitions are to be written in the first page. "Physics" Section also contains general threads. So, the classification is good and involves all types of physics.
  21. O.K. let's consider this fact, for large number of elements, is correct "for now". How would you construct the 2 sets?
  22. Do you mean to find MIN for all possible arrangements of the main array? But, this is not the definition for MIN(n). In addition, you are exchanging elements between the two sets. Are you going to compare MINs to find the two sets?
  23. Is the purpose to calculate MIN(i)? Or, is it to get S1 and S2? Can you explain more?
  24. This is included in the "else" statement. And, with respect to logic: It doesn't differ in that case which element will go to which set.
  25. It is included in "if(x>y)". This compares the MIN Term for each of the 2 new elements, that are under consideration. In other words, it puts element A in S1 and element B in S2 and calculates the MIN Term (int x=MIN(2L)), then make the opposite and recalculate the MIN Term again (y=MIN(2L+1)). The correct classification is the one that gives the least MIN Term. Note: xs is S1 and ys is S2. Is it clear?
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