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  1. I remember that there was some theory a guy made which stated that computer memory doubled every *blank* years. I'm not even sure if what i have is correct but if you know of what im talking about or even something similar please reply.
  2. It has hydrogen which is flammable, and oxegen, yet it is actually used to put out fires. Why is this?
  3. What is the programming term for when you delay an action in a line of code? I'm just starting to learn programming and I was going to look up how to do it.
  4. That's too bad, and I have to agree with you that I don't like it. Oh well.
  5. By random I just mean that it truly could have gone a different way if you hypothetically went back in time. I just asked this question to help my understanding of the whole "other dimensions" thing. In my opinion it doesn't seem to be possible. With all the compiled laws and even the ones we haven't thought of only a set thing should happen, thus events in another dimension would have to be identical. For a different outcome to emerge the beginning would have to be different. I was just wondering if my hypothesis is logical. All of this is pretty much a guess for I do not have a degree in anything really, if I'm wrong I just want to know.
  6. I wasn't quite sure where to put this so I decided to put it in "Other Sciences". Are there truly completely random evnts? In my opinion all things happen for a reason. There can only be one possible outcome due to the various laws of the universe. Do truly random events actually happen? If there is a better place to put this please tell me.
  7. Well I thought since this topic is about neodymium magnets I might as well ask, what is the best place to buy neodymium magnets?
  8. My son was wondering if there was any way around the rule that you have to be 15 for at least a drivers permit. I thought I would post it on here to see if I got any answers better than mine ( It was no.)
  9. I heard somewhere that you actually dream in short repeated intervals. So you dream for a little then stop, and then start dreaming again.
  10. I have just been informed that while I'm sleeping and there is a slight disturbance my eyes will suddenly become wide open. I do not remember this at all and I am pretty sure I never was actually wide awake at this time. How is this possible? Is this common?
  11. Heron's Fountain has the closest resemblance to what I saw, now I'll be able to sleep at night, thanks! Is it hero's or heron's fountain, on wikipedia it said heron but you can't always trust it.
  12. I was watching some show a few years back that featured a roman water device. This device used the pressure of the water to push up some other water in a continuous cycle. They used it as a sort of fountain. Does anyone know what it is called or seen a diagram of it online?
  13. I've been looking around on the internet searching for research being done on eternal life. Unfortunately all that came up was some magnetic ring and toe braces. Is there any real research being done?
  14. The reason I ask is when of the moon missions landed it hit the moon fairly hard and made an echo noise. Now I find the prospect that the moon could be hollow is quite interesting. I just asked in case it was true.
  15. Is the moon really hollow?
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