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  1. Maxwell's are: dpt[muon*H>]=-curl[E>]; dpt[epsilon*D>]=curl[H>]-J>; div[epsilon*E>]=VD & div[muon*H>]=0. Further Inspection is being done upon the "exact-validity" of the equations that has been invented [collected and modified] by MAXWELL .... A program has been set by by my personell - as a consultant in Communications and Electronics and Owner of Nobel Prize [PQED] - to investigate the exact formula-set, especially after the announce of the explore of the 7th Quark and the connection done between Electromagnetics and Gravitics. Isn't there a factorial div[J>] in the equation of the curl [stroke] of the magnetic field flux density? A good question to begin with. Amr Morsi .. CRWA [\David ].
  2. In a specular, read in a newspaper, written was about an explorer of a new element that confirms Mandaleef Table more and more .. 2 months ago. He added it's half-life time reveals properties from the past. I wonder; "Are they still trying to acquire positions and minds like that?". Thanks not to answer. Welcome for any side notations Amr Morsi.
  3. Reminder:

    7th Quark explored.

  4. Charges are charges .. created like this man. Are you trying to ask about them in the EYES of GOD, His Almighty? They are basics to us, at least in what is proven to us. Friendly, force carrier particles are not stead to my mind at all. Really!! Scientifically, they are bad solutions and may be wrong properties of halucinations But, they should be quicker than the deliverred itself.a And, it can be proven - with mathematics - in the known domain of properties of forces known to us; A Causality-Property. Why don't you try to elect the main idea you want to reach and then Go and Vote. I don't remember what is first, or they are the same .. but; on any adverb , I think force (or operation) is a thing and the particle (the operator ) is rather a very apart thing but linked. Put, the link and you will repel every bad wrong idea. I am going to swimming , chears.
  5. Missed you Andrew. How is your wife? She is better than you no wander, just obvious as she can look into your deep eyes.

    Don't kill ladies with innocence, but with the reason of innocence. I killed a cat before. :)~~~~~

    Just kidding man. She gonna be okay, after God's Will.

    You seem gettng higher in field, professor. Keep on and leave if IT REALLY GOT PR...

  6. I really don't know the word "fractal". What I do know is that it is physical. But, I can serve in a thing: "It is an issue of weighted states. It, as far as I can explain, solves QM in high speeds and high curvatures, in general, in the domain of: High Transitions and Nears to Charges".
  7. It is a weight of Variation End and Vanish (attenuation) End: It INDICATES here to that Tunnel, on both side - or the central well [of another case] - does have approximately, or exactly, a barabolic signature. As far as I can reveal. It is a wonderful Question by the way. And, I don't think that it is a coincidence.
  8. I am just not a DOCTOR AT ALL .. if there is.
  9. A Trial of Cure: A tablet aspirine, in the middle of a multi vitamines/solids solvable, cures from cold [of Influenza] - but deteriorated than Early-Manipulated Antibiotic - and gets rid of lazizing chemicals from the body, gives activity and also kills blood microbes - especially bacteria. It seemed to me that it is not just a seperate medicines treat / effect .. but also a chemical interaction of a portion of the tablet and the solvable. It really worked. And, it satisfied all the above conditions. Is there any agreement?
  10. You have approached the point Ajb. Don't worry I am all right .. really. But, many strange phenomena are being sensed every day .. latency in computers and increased consistency of electrical sganls ..... etc. Moreover, planets got recorder to hav some deviations in paths especially in Last Months. Consumption of Energy Ranked 'High'. I do mean in my question; there will be gravity and SR .. Find the equations?! Will they be the normal relativistic (Lorentzian) gravity equation [which are very near to Maxwell Equations - and I am not pointing back again to unification nor recalling the deduction of MagnetoGravity]? May be, this was the question?
  11. What I can understand from any Quantum Portfolio that an equation is put upon a classical view [equation]. What is this classical view? Or, it is quantitative?
  12. What happens if GR's Effects got removed, especially that it has been being sensed to be changing through time - age? Away from the cosmological constant, Einstein's Equation are proven to be multiplied by a factor on one hand side. Refer to NASA's if the reader would like. There will only be SR's Effects. How would GR get structured? Or, there will not be GR from the Origin?!
  13. I am just asking what are the main property/style of the Strong Force? Can anyone advise?
  14. Mention A.4:

    In all, it was totally expected by Unity Theory and specially by its pearl "P.Q.E.D." or "Sensed Epsilon - Complementary Muon".

    Just a mention here as it may serve.


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