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  1. So I bought a voltmeter and I hooked it up to a electric motor. I want to see how much power the motor can produce in Watts. The voltmeter reads .5 in the 20V DC mode. How much power, in Watts, is this?
  2. I have a project in which i need a generator that can fit in an area of 6"x6"x6". Anyone know a place?
  3. I am looking for something that can fit in an area of about 6"x6"x6". any idea where I can find a generator that size?
  4. Sorry if this is a poorly worded question. I have something that can spin a rod and I need that rod to be connected to something that can produce power. 1. what can I use to produce the power? 2. where can I get what I need to produce the power? Thank you.
  5. Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I am new to the forum. My question is about magnets. I am looking at a few, pull force is about 40 lbs. What does this mean, and how does that relate to the repulsive force? Is there and equation to find out how much two magnets (40 lb pull force) will repel at different distances? Thank you.
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