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  1. Great!!!! Then some aromatic compounds are non planar so that they gain enough enforced structure. Is this correct? And, if yes, has a tri-atomic molecule been able to get analyzed totally before? i.e. angles, bond-lengths ..... etc.?
  2. Why are some aromatic compounds' molecules aren't loose enough, although their structure make them very liable to breaking?
  3. As per your regard, Sir, the discussion is not logical, from my point of viewing, if you would excuse me. The thread is open, if you want to add. I am not to contribute in what I am not convinced of nor what is not ordered 'in my point of view'. Sorry Man, if I was rude. Indeed, I didn't intend to hurt anyone. Best Regards.
  4. coa(h/i grad epsi_spinor - q.Av) + mocob.epsi_spinor + phi.epsi_spinor = -h/i partia_d(epsi)/partial_dt What are the exact meaning of the elements of the spinor?
  5. I hope that my understanding of what I have of science is correct. I hope.

  6. Perfect Doctor. Thanks. I am not in need for any book, Sir.
  7. But, it is dynamic and also conservativity is only for 3 dimensions not for 11 [Do you have a curl definition for more than 3 dimensions?].
  8. By the way,what substances are the bones made of, in addition to calcium of course?
  9. Thanks ajb for the advice. I already have the equation. I was just searching for further information. I do know the equivalent unification. Best Thanks.
  10. Shelli .... it is great. You can also, go ahead, electro-mechanically. Try a body tightened by 3 axial springs and 3 angular ones. And get the signal from potentiometers and analyze them on the PC and graph by MATLAB. It is challenging Can you do it?
  11. The funds are the 12 and the antiparticles.
  12. Any fundamental particle does have mass and electric charge, except for neutrinos which are proven to have neither (or approximately neither, so not to be debated now). And, so electric and gravitational currents are exactly restricted to each others. Then, very easily, even if the two forces are not the same, then they can obey certain one law, simply as the electroweak force.
  13. I was just asking about muscles growth. Is this get done through enlargement of fibres or formation of new ones? If both, then dependent upon what?
  14. I am saying elementry, not fundamental.
  15. By the way, if you examined GR Equations, you will find that free falling local frame of reference is not as an inertial frame, even if you applied it on an external basis. This is not the point. The point is Exactness (I am not saying the correctness) of GR and the interpretation of the EP. The negative sign put reverses (or may) the meaning, and this was mentioned (If I am not wrong) in Einstein's Papers.
  16. It is well known that feelings and mental status are dependent upon Chemical Substances found in blood and/or mind, if I am not wrong. What about neuronal (neural) role? What about internal interferences? And, why the feelings are being sensed in chest? Can any one advise.
  17. I was just wondering, if there is fundamental feelings to which any general feeling state/action can be analyzed to? And, is there a drug to every state of feeling? Or, what is going there?!!!!
  18. More than 99.9% of the elementry particles are unstable of less than 10^-6 s life time. Is there any scientific theoretical justification?
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