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  1. Then it is a matter of ABILITY of replacing dead/killed malignant cells? Liability, reachability, rates and replacement. Is non-surgical removal available in all/any cases?

  2. I mean for an aircraft. The surface of earth is much away, from the aircraft. I think it is still there, but this contradicts known laws of viscosity.

  3. Oh! Thanks Cailyn! I felt fresh and live now :)


    I have forgotten everything before about glands. Liver can be considered a gland, isn't it? What about spleen?


    How many hormones are their in our bodies? And, are some unknown till now? Or, proven to be summed up?


    A QUESTION: Is there some chemicals that deteriorate the work of hormones or their secretions? And, why sports are believed to be activating hormonal metabolism/processes in general and in specific?

  4. Power is a feature of any machine. What are the limitizers to the power of any machine? Is it only Energy per element, together with the rate? Or, also friction, design, load, .......? Conceptually, is there another or just one?

  5. But, you will have to apply LAP on the Lagrangian which is very complicated, especially when the Lagrangian is long and unabbreviatable. Are there sufficient approximations and neglectance in Electroweak?

    Or, there is simpler manipulation.


    [Latex] H_{w+}=1/2W^{ij}_{t}W^{k}_{ij} epsi^{t}[/Latex]

    Could you confirm, AJB?

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