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  1. In the Fourth World, all got dead. No one is leaving there now. :D


    What is the percentage factor Loka? And, why it is far from '1'? Is it body and sanity {easily infected and unresisted}? Or, environment and medical care?


    I am totally unspecialized. But, I can understand the word, or statement; "Ask a trier and ask a physician". And ..... I am neither a physician nor a trier [although I tried to be a physicist or a mathematician, but I have come out to be an engineer]. I am a virus ...... close your computers. :D


    Kidding ..... I just wanted to contribute. Thanks.

  2. There has to be something which tells the muscle cells "Ok, now you need to grow more". There has been evidence that within hours after extra work-load on muscles (like during gym workout), new blood vessels start to sprout in the muscle substance. This indicates that something is influencing the muscles, and rather quickly.


    So there has to be something, but unfortunately I haven't ever read anything about this.


    From a personal point of view, if there are hormones (or especially if other chemicals) that stimulate muscles, then it is better for us not to know them. Could it be nerves?


    By the way, I didn't hear before that hormones have been isolated or even having its compound analyzed. Is this true?


    I can add a thing, as I was athletic (I mean sportive), force enlarge muscles and effort on muscles strengthen it. My brother who is an Orthopedics Lecturer, said this is in agreement with many medical facts.


    But, I want to grow up bones! Calcium?! :D [Enlarge or renforce! :D].

  3. The following may be true: "If Higgs has color charge, then it will consequently have electric charge and will be used to unify (and most probably: alone) the Standard Model".


    But, a question: "Does the symmetry ALWAYS get broken in Electro-Weak Interaction?".

  4. As per n4t3:

    The 3 real-valued dimensions of space are replaced with 3 complex-valued dimensions, allowing for a total of 6 spatial dimensions. The dimension of "time" is removed and the theory proposes that "time" itself is a periodic rate of change of spatial arrangements.


    Perfect. States/modes in dimensions of space. Then, you would have mixed states/modes. But, away from field-concept and motion-concept, definitely there must be 2 additional properties that link extra 2 dimensions, as far as I can understand.


    4. Unification: Can the spacetime identified by general relativity be “upgraded” with fractal geometry and chaos theory to naturally support quantum mechanics? Is the Mandelbrot set the key ingredient to unification? Will Nottale’s work prove fundamental to the unification of general relativity and quantum mechanics? Can string theory and M-theory be simplified with fractal geometry? Are string theory and Kaluza Klein theory two sides of the same coin?


    A great trial of understanding the whole work in the scientific medium. Will quantum mechanics support GR or the opposite? And, does 'support' mean 'be a feature of' or 'be the origin of' or 'be adaptive with'?

  5. A question: Do Higgs bosons mediate interactions in Color (strong) Force, taking into account that Leptons don't experience this type of force?


    But, I am sure of something, which is: As long as Color Charge has its own unique type away from the Electric Charge, then Higgs Bosons can't be involved in the strong force, unless leptons can be proven to consist of certain quark-composition that makes its interaction in Color Force is null, or do have small color charge, because at that instance the Higgs boson will have a color charge, no doubt. And, since this suppose is BELIEVED to be wrong, then Higgs Boson can't contribute in Strong Force. A philosophical discussion.


    A good point: mediators are mostly believed to interact, themselves, by the force they mediate, I don't know how. So, do Higgs bosons are believed to interact with any force, especially the weak force (and so they do have an electric charge and interacting with electromagnetic force {Electro-Weak})?


    Do Higgs Boson have Electric Charge? Note that they breaks the symmetry in/of a charge medium.

  6. Points pointed to in the thread:


    1. Higgs: matter, a special mediator, both or something else / neither ....... or something else.

    2. Has it checked experimentally that electrons and positrons annihilate to pure energy?

    3. Are they real or virtual? AND, if real, has it been discovered experimentally or not?



    A good question, perhaps it was in ajb's head, or a similar :) If real, why not be considered as a particle?


    Thanks to add any.

  7. At the electric wire radio wave emitting condition is different from visible wave emitting condition.

    We can make visible light by using tungsten filament.

    The temperature condition is very high. Visible light generating procedure is like this.

    The electron current through the filament makes a high temperature, and at the hight temperature light is naturally emitted by electron orbital movement in the atom.

    Then, How the radio wave is emitted on the surface of the copper wire?


    Waves and spreads of electromagnetic field begins from every point of the wire inside the shielding. Some reflects back and other penetrate it to the air. All being governed and described by Maxwell's Equations and by other field theories fro more exactness.

  8. It is either this either air-layers. But, viscosity is known to contain higher orders of velocity, rather than linear and square. Are there 2 reasons for viscosity? To solids and to layers of fluids. Or this is for liquids and this for gases?

  9. What was the reason of the "plenty"? Was it because he played "a big role" or was it "other factor"? It is the judge. :D


    If the organ can reform "theoretically" then there is no barrier to find a "Recover".

  10. The edge:


    1. Can't remove them immediately (if you have the tool)

    2. Can't make surrounding ones divide/the organ to reform

    3. They multiplicate if slope of removal is small

    4. They must totally get removed to end the tumor

    5. Reason for the disease must be removed


    Why not to maximize the growth of undiseased cells/tissues and to kill the diseased ones on the same rate (provided that they will not reproduce at a certain intermediate interval)?


    I think I must go to fix wheels better. Come with me!!!!! :D

  11. Then, like metals (mostly), get attracted to any magnet. That's how they infect living organisms and manipulate nutrition? If this was the nature, isn't it better for us to learn MICROBONGFU? This means that they are growing in certain environment exponentially! :D

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