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  1. Is it true that scientists now are examining a new thing in DNA's Theory although it is believed to be getting closed and finished?


    Would any one advise? I don't have to do with Biology and Medicine? But, I did have deep courses and read books about many branches in biology and the family are specialized.

  2. Geometry can be analyzed to fundamentals. It can be proven to be based only on Pythagoras (some may debate to say on the circle property as well). Even the PI can be deduced from "Differential Pythagoras".


    And, thanks to 2 sincere girls, they derived it first to be analyzable to 4-funds: the above 2 in addition to plane-property and solid angle, which is true but in basics of properties (drawing) not basics of origin.


    Thanks and Admire to Mapy and Mavy.


  3. Suppose the verdict is - there's no trace of Higgs. Would that mean the end of the Higgs concept. Or just that the LHC is inadequate to detect such a radical particle.


    A great but destructive approach / question.


    "A concept that satisfies all facts with nothing contradicting it [including unjustification delimas], is a satisfier, but not mainly THE solution" ...... A good rule (if correct to you) in the science of "Modelling".


    I mean: Is there something that says that Higgs is the only satisfying concept - i.e. the solution? If yes then GET SURE that it is the correct one and that it will never end up.


    But, we must make checks to discriminate the situation, i.e. to confirm exactly the known model. I am just commenting.

  4. The Higgs is one way of giving mass to all massive particles, not just the W's and Z. That is the Higgs-Kibble mechanism could be responsible for the mass for all leptons. So, in this respect the Higgs interacts with all four forces.


    Then do it is the origin ..... or a like .......... ajb. Can you make a research in this, to cut it out? GO ahead buddy.


    But, is it a mechanism also for electrons-positrons interaction for example? I am just trying to open a way or even a door.

  5. Well: Adaptation/Environment (Local Society) and Nature of Body/Soul (Evolution).


    A may-be-good question: Would a herbivore eat meat in any case, was about to die for example?


    ''''''''I just wanted to say animals have spirit and they do Feel'''''''


    So, feel their pain and relief. And, their love and hatred, their like and dislike, their interest and boring.


    I just wondered that Rabbits are very tasty, that's why I hoped if we can increase their number all over the world! :)


    Just a last question: is there a mix between herbivores and carnivores? An example would be very helpy.

  6. Is it always like this: type of organization (not type of specialization of members) is different from that of the concerned point of the target (not the target itself)?


    Is it always: the type of the first of the first is that of the second of the second and the type of the second of the first is that of the second of the first?


    Good notation Athena .... Realitycheck.


    And this is a good point, no one do have everything in this life. And so, you must make use of others and share with them (if you are bad) and/or contribute with others and support a common target (if you were good). Give the bread to its beaker ..... can be mentioned here as an important factor.


    Thanks fellows I have got a perfect Wisdom's definitions with the conclusion that a have a portion of intelligence with another of wisdom which are enough for me to continue to know why I am satisfied not to be wise nor genius. Null is so bad, but, excessiveness is burny: destructive. I've got the answer: the previous.


    Whatever wisdom was so nice and so interesting, it will not be like beauty (goodness of a shape [feature?]) ...... Conclusion: Try to make your mind a Beautiful Mind ...... Buy the movie ...... and make your life tragedic :D

  7. It is enough for me that I can solve problems..... I can think.


    Once, I crashed into a problem saying: Why Wise men are so descent and have (a very) good looking, while Genius ones are not? I looked into the mirror, and till now I am asking myself why I am neither of them.


    Perhaps because I am neither specialized in 'Art' nor in 'Science'? False. Perhaps because I like girls ..... or because I don't want anything in life from origin. I didn't know at that time. But, I've got the answer now: that I have already answered the question (or the problem to be more precise) although I didn't know at that time. I forgot (about) it...... and it was an answer, not a question. [:D:):D:):D:):D:)]


    Wisdom is a matter of self description while Genius is a matter of mind interaction.


    And, since I am not wise ..... just reconsider all what I said as just an extrapolation.


    I just wanted to share.


    But, if I weren't wise to any degree, then it is not me, it is another one..... and consider it done.

  8. Very Clearly: Why herbivores like to eat plants and herbs?


    I think it is not a matter of self-satisfaction and humble in luxury. But, perhaps they feel disgusted and unrelieved and that they find their souls repelled from the shape, taste, smell, and/or effects of meat. [:D]


    Is it something like when one gets non-liker to lady's fingers?


    It is gonna be a perfect movie? A person's history: used to eat lady's fingers but he now doesn't? Wow. Is there any director?


    Don't care about that, I am kidding. The question is: Very Clearly: Why herbivores like to eat plants and herbs? [:D :D :D :D]

  9. If we determined the area of research, Sir. No absorption, or low effect if absorbed.


    And, there are many cases for non-absorbability:

    1. Low time of remaining in Dig./Cir. System and to reach an organ if selected.

    2. Mixed to reach certain stage.

    3. Additive substances to prevent absorption.

    4. To remove effect when absorbed by cells.


    A wider window is non-harmfulness: may be a great difference: feature of microbic cells and human cells. Cell walls are the same if I am not wrong and this may be what you meant CharonY.


    From my deep understanding of Laser/ Electromagnetics [:)], I can advise with Ketones and Aldehydes, they are like Pyrosols.


    Hint: Don't forget t write my name, or just mention it as a reference, they will not notice the difference. Haha! Any other advice!


    Go On!

  10. Why won't anyone want to know the hormones or other chemicals that stimulate muscle growth. Probably you are saying this because you are afraid that people will abuse it. They will use it to over grow their muscles in short amount of time and hence they will face many serious side-effects. You are right in your thinking but knowing the substances has many beneficial positive uses as well. It would be particularly useful for patients of diseases in which muscle mass is reduced. It would certainly be a big relief for them.


    I think Ahsan that one fatal is more than enough to close the door, a personal point of view. Life is a way, so, we mustn't get out of the way [i swear I am a poet :D].


    I would also like to talk about the effect of nerves. A few days back, when I was reading a neuroanatomy text, I was amazed to find that nerves have significant effects on muscles. It is the type of nerve fibers that determine the type of the muscle. For instance, the alpha motor neurons innervate the type ii muscle fibers and the gamma motor neurons innervate the type i muscle fibers. If for any reason, the innervation of type I muscle fibers changes from gamma to alpha motor neurons then the type i fibers will eventually change to the type ii fibers. This is very significant especially in crush injuries and clearly indicates the effect of neurons of the anatomy of muscles.


    I can understand that we are talking about growth in particular. And so, I think nerves, hormones, chemicals all help and contribute. But, can't it be a feature of muscles tissues/cells?

  11. I don't think that it is a force, ajb ..... a fifth (fourth) force? Or, do you mean that it is the mediator of Electro-Weak? Can't be. Then, consequently it is a particle and even if virtual, its effect is sensed which is an intermediate stage in Nuclear Weak Force in particular, or NSF in addition.


    Anyway Higgs effect is recorded, like quarks' one. And, I do stress on this, from my side. But, it is not a must for electromagnetism ... what do you think?

  12. [Latex]Pull Force =~ \frac{HPF * Pole} {R^{3}}[/Latex]


    Where HPF is the Head Pull Force

    and Pole is peculiar to each substance (magnet or magnetic) and depends upon magnetization and permeability volume, density and shape.


    This is on the axis of the magnet, and deviates much more away from the axis.

  13. Nano is evolving. Get prepared.


    Memory is proportional to the "square" of the SURFACE DENSITY OF TRANSISTORS. The relation between the rise with time, is because the rise is linked to the capacity itself, i.e. proportional to it.


    Memory Capacity is supposed to be proportional to Surface Density, but since surface density refers to number per um, as one dimension is considered to be undiminishible, due to implementation consideration, then proportionality is in a square sense.


    Applying previous, with the technology minimum possible length being considered, which is 'max' in below, with beta being inverse sqrt of proportionality constant between C and squared density ; we can get:



    [latex]\frac{dC}{dt}=\frac{C}{alpha} (max-beta C^{0.5})[/latex]


    From which we can get:


    [latex]C=\frac{1}{(K e^{\frac{-max}{alpha} t} + \frac{max}{beta})^{2}}[/latex]


    Which matches Moore's to a great extent.

  14. Philosophically:


    If they will return to life after death, then there is nothing called spirits [concept of spirits doesn't permit their return to the body], and there were no real death from the origin. So, no fear, they just returned metabolically.


    Otherwise, there will be no return, because it is spiritual.


    So, no spirit-return.


    Can it be genies-like interaction? Wow? Don't fear man. Just go forward and kill the thought. Kill it.

  15. I think that self-control is the main factor that guides the effectiveness of identity in one's response to others, i.e. it is the door.


    I do also know that identity-influence in response depends upon the situation/stimulus. Sudden, tensioned, ..........


    If 'identity' means 'self' than I can confidently reply, response is an identity of a self/spirit. But, if it means 'identification/extinction' then it is totally different it amplifies factors and suppresses others, and is excluded form the first statement, although not totally.


    I, my self, like to be as normal as possible, after applying ethics, and not to lead/show, unless it is an apparent right and/or a great need [to the situation, not to me].


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