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  1. Svetoslav Pavlov

    Theories in IS Research Wiki

    A good site, it's in my Favorites already
  2. Svetoslav Pavlov

    Present computer language, satisfied?

    You are right. I hope it will come soon...
  3. Svetoslav Pavlov

    what's a good programming language to learn?

    I think Perl or Algol is good for you.
  4. Svetoslav Pavlov

    Why our DNA use 4 bit operation?

    BIT is Unit with possible conditions of 0 and 1. We are not talking about bits here or binary system
  5. Svetoslav Pavlov

    The Official "Quick Question" Thread

    So, what is the weight of Earth ?
  6. Svetoslav Pavlov

    Light & Sound Science Fair Project

    Use motion detector and/or alarm system
  7. Svetoslav Pavlov

    Visualizing the Fourth Dimension

    Try the hypersphere as Triangle ! More at
  8. Svetoslav Pavlov

    Does religion affect Happiness

    Thrust make you feel better !
  9. Svetoslav Pavlov

    Schollarsip applications

    Hello ! I look forward to free online master's degree ! Do you know some ?
  10. Svetoslav Pavlov

    Computer Theory

    It's a good law. Think it's true !
  11. Svetoslav Pavlov

    what's a good programming language to learn?

    C++ with MFC is a good choice !
  12. Svetoslav Pavlov

    Big Bang

    The time began from movement. The movement began from chemical-gravity reaction - BIG ONE
  13. Svetoslav Pavlov

    The Official "Introduce Yourself" Thread

    Hello ! I'm Svetoslav from Bulgaria. I'm interested in the science news and topics
  14. I read part of your theory. I find it intriguing. Check my posts for linearilizing