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  1. I just had the strangest image of a random guy painlessly killing a cow and a swarm of vegtarians run up to it and start to take little pieces of it away with them:-p sorry if I offended any vegetarians Anyway I am vegetarian and it is because I do not wish to eat anything I am not willing to kill. For example, I will quite happily pull a carrot out of the ground to eat but I will not kill a cow in order to eat it (in theory or in practise). However I do not feel angry when I see people eating meat just as long as they know that the meat came from a living thing.
  2. In chess I have got into a bad hbit of being left with a King and only a King and then slowly taking my opponants pieces and overall suviving an intolerable amount of time. This has taught me that if a King on its own is normally weakest on the edges of a board, but only sometimes it depends also on the opponants pieces as well but bear that in mind computerages
  3. My hand writing is alright, that is it's legible and I'm reasonably intelligent but there is a girl in my school who is VERY intelligent and her handwriting is pretty neat. It might be a gender thing though. Most of the girls I know have neat writing and the boys atrocious writing.
  4. I have had to wear uniform in every school I've been to. In primary school (UK) it was a black jumper with school/town insignia, black trousers and an awful bright yellow polo shirt. In high school its the same but a white polo shirt instead. It's also far more relaxed, I see people wearing all sorts of t-shirts under school shirts. The teachers don't seem to mind unless you turn up in jeans. I have no problem with school uniform as it takes pressure off you of what to wear. I don't mean trends because I rarely bother keeping up with them. We do have one day a year when you don't wear uniform but you give a pound (£)to charity to do so and then EVERYBODY wears jeans
  5. Ok, I'm not quite sure if I've got this but here goes: Tom Brow Bill Breyeson Christopher Bowelini Rober C O'Brain Harper Knee -these are all authors Gallileo Hands Anderson Victoria BeckHand Matt Browning Cathod Zeta Jones and so desperately wanted Phillip Pullman
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