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  1. Nuclear power, is a furthy, its nuclear heating for steam, just like Coal but more dangerous. The day of steam has been replaced by Carbon. Its emense energy for so little heat, plus it provides its own cooling by creation of Dry-Ice.
  2. Replace the diesel injector with steam injector. Or for greater efficiency reset the cam so exhaust valve closes just before steam injection. Peter
  3. DaS Energy began development of the sealed in Co2 turbine/generator eight years ago, its earlier work is posted in Open Technology and there now seem to be many trading on the name das turbine however their work does not come within a country mile, but that is not why I write, I cannot find any information on the wattage need per second to raise contained Co2 from +30* Celsius to +100* Celisus in one second. Currently our one litre size Co2 turbine/generator outputs 720,000 watts. Its curious to know if such wattage is sufficeint to bring a heating element into play and thereby ruin the knowledge that energy out cannot be equal or greater than the energy in. Thank you, Peter
  4. Hello Jon 13, A question, is what your looking for electric powered or air powered. Jon13
  5. Todays planet still functions on Steam engine technolgy now over three Centuraies old. We have been encouraged to find new alternate fuels and have done so. However the development of new technology best suited to new energy has been discouraged every step of the way. This is to be expected given so many obtain their wealth from the Piston Engine, Steam and Gas turbines. To counter the resistance to change new development is available Open technology free to copy. Many many gasses have higher pressure the heat than Steam and the piston engine has so many moving parts its efficiency is deplorable. The internal combustion engine only needs be one moving part a recycling hydro turbine. The DaS Valve allows any gas heated then cooled to drive a hydro turbine. The DaS Valve replaces all the internal parts of a piston engine. The two attachments are firstly the Das valve the heart of all further development. The other an internal combustion engine, which also may be used as a hot air engine with design changes. DaS Enegy is on a mission to leave this Earth a better place for our children, not one undergoing radical climate change so that some may enjoy a wealthy lifestyle today at the harmfull cost to our children , and that cannot be best acheived by seeking monies in return to bringing the technolgy to the the people. Please left click on attachments to enlarge.
  6. Hello 'CaptainPanic' So right you are grabbed the wrong picture and the new on is not much better. To help out the tree verticals are water pipe. The inverted V are one way valve. The heat source can be any. Cooling is ambient. How it works. Looking at the picture see one vertical pipe is shorter than the other two. An air pocket in top of the short pipe expands pushing water before it. The pushed water goes through a hydro turbine into a catchment known as a saddle tank as it sits astride the turbine, or can be side tank as shown (easier to draw) The water filling the saddle tank compresses the air inside it into the pressure reseviour. When the air pocket reaches the end of the short pipe it crosses into the pipe next to it the tall pipe. The air rising up the tall pipe dislocates some water leaving the float nothing to float on and drops away from blocking the exhaust hole. The air now having escape point chooses to do so and in so doing allows the water to flow back from the saddle tank and fill both pipes full of water, plus vaccums fresh air into the saddle tank. When both pipes are again full of water the float is blocking the exhaust hole. Now the air pressure inside the pressure reserviour trickles into the short pipe and rises the surface where it is heat expanded beginning the process again. If Co2 is used in place of air cooling is done the -40*C Dry-Ice formed by the gas pressure is used to cool the exhausting Co2 into the saddle tank. As for the drawing some people get some people dont, cant be helped thats life.
  7. Hello aeroguy, just when I thought I had cracked being a unique individual, I had to join this forum and whalla I am not alone. I am old you are young, its never too late to change. they tried that one on me but I fought all the way and now I sleep with the chooks, drink with the cows, walk along with horse, and let the dog lick my face. Some things money just cant buy.
  8. Hello 'Dune', In answer to your question this may be of help. It is a hot air rngine using a hydro turbine. Also far greater work forces are produced if air is replaced with Co2.[ CO2 scale.pdf
  9. Hello Drew, Sorry, I am not much help living in Australia. However I have converted internal combustion engines to run on Steam. In fact a petrol engine is better than diesel as the rings dont fit so tightly. You will have to reset your valve cam so that intake opens on down stroke and exhaust opens on the up stroke. Also the cylinder will need a ceramic sleeve as no oil lubricant is used. Being steam cleaned if it did. I have posted my work on simple Steam turbine technology. All made from Steam pipe only. Good luck with things.
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