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    I was born, watched Discovery Networks when I was a kid, and now I'm a geek.

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  1. For my previous science fair, I performed an experiment testing the plausibility of the iron-sulfur world theory. I added ammonia, acetic acid, water, and salt to one container, and heated CaCO3 and zinc in another to create carbon monoxide, which flowed into the first container. The result was lipids and a drop in pH, but I can't seem to get down the cause of this pH drop. Can someone help me? Full details of the experiment here:https://sites.google.com/site/lifefromthedeep/home
  2. I'm going to be making a weather balloon over the summer. Remember, you must have some heating device inside the payload, or the batteries will drop below minimum operating temperature. Lithium (not lithium-ion) batteries are strongly advised. Check out this website: 1337arts.com
  3. Yes, this is an excellent discovery, and I think that it was mentioned on Through the Wormhole once. It's almost certain that we will find other life in the solar system.
  4. Also, atheists aren't immoral. They make up about 10-15% of the US population, but only a mere .25% of the prison population. You have no evidence to prove that God is real, and until then, I have no reason to believe. Ciao.

  5. Lol, you're funny. Evolution has been observed in the fossil record, we can observe the genomes of organisms and create a phylogenetic tree from it, and there are numerous documented cases of it, which were presented to you, and you blatantly ignored them. Learn something before you embarrass yourself.

  6. "Brainless bacteria" didn't figure out how to do that. Evolution isn't about organisms choosing what new traits they want. It happens by variation, caused by things such as mutations, and then natural selection acting upon them. The bacteria that predated cyanobacteria used a much simpler code than DNA, and slowly evolved the machinery to fix nitrogen and then develop a more complex code.
  7. evolutionists are all unmarried old men. most of them gay. in other words atheists who are immoral who only want to believe in evolution to try and justify there being no God. sorry God is real. we will all be judged. its not too late to turn away from your sins. you can become a good person still.

  8. how old are you 90 why have u not woken up in all the time u have been alive? just get it in your head evolution is not scientific. you have never observed it. your going to your grave believing in a lie.. your be in hell is that what u really want? its not too late for you too acept the truth.

  9. Just look at the fossil record, phylogenetic tree, and numerous documented cases!
  10. Yes, because that is an extremely abrupt change. Obviously, the sun isn't going to go out, and if the plant can't survive in a new environment, then that's natural selection. That's why when mega-disasters happen, we observe mass extinctions in the fossil record. Go learn more about evolution before you just dismiss it out of hand. Then why should we believe that video is real and this is fake? Because of your opinion?
  11. Great, he has a negative opinion on pre-evolution by natural selection ideas. What does this prove?
  12. How could they express how Darwin's ideas were impossible if they were dead before he published his works? And we don't just accept evolution at face value. We see all the evidence, the fossil record, phylogenetic tree, and numerous observed cases, and then accept it.
  13. Cabin, you link to websites that support your claims, but when other people do it, to an actual scientific site, it proves nothing to you. Evolution is a long process, you can't just walk outside and see it. It can happen quicker with bacteria, but you can't see them with the naked eye. You can observe evolution in the fossil record, and in numerous experiments that people here have shown you, but you blatantly disregarded.
  14. ID has been disproven numerous times, and it never will be considered science. Why? Because the conclusions don't match the evidence.
  15. Nice one. But really cabin, you have clearly ignored all the evidence laid before you and then assert that evolution is faith and you are correct.
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