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  1. evolutionists are all unmarried old men. most of them gay. in other words atheists who are immoral who only want to believe in evolution to try and justify there being no God. sorry God is real. we will all be judged. its not too late to turn away from your sins. you can become a good person still.

  2. how old are you 90 why have u not woken up in all the time u have been alive? just get it in your head evolution is not scientific. you have never observed it. your going to your grave believing in a lie.. your be in hell is that what u really want? its not too late for you too acept the truth.

  3. atheism is false evolution is a fairytale

  4. this is serious i have just called the police i am not happy with the internet bullying on here. people attacking me becuase i do not believe in evolution.

  5. can you please close my account

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