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  1. Why is bullying illegal in Massachusetts if people are supposed to have freedom of speech. You have a right to insult other people if your statements are generic and not clearly lies. Just because someone committed suicide doesn't make bullying a crime.
  2. A death penalty for someone who pleaded guilty is crazy. Crappy lawyer. Plead insanity.
  3. Why is it that children don't have the right to drive, the right to free speech, the right to work, the right to watch pornography (Essentially suppressing free speech), and anything else. Isn't this a violation of equal protection. If black people generally have a lower IQ, could we restrict them from driving cars? If a kid manages by some miracle to pass a driving test, shouldn't that child be able to drive? There are many stupid adults out there. Isn't it discrimination that a person is judged on an ASSUMPTION that they aren't as or more intelligent?
  4. Duelix

    Free Speech

    If you are not deliberately spreading misinformation that can cause damage (Physical, not mental), then it can be suppressed. That could be inciting violence (IE: We must blow up the world trade centers). However, something like "Condoms are Evil" is an opinionated point and should be protected by free speech. I think that lying about someone is OK as long as you aren't causing physical harm in the process.
  5. Would you consider online schooling better or worse than traditional schooling? I have no idea on the issue. I want to hear arguments.
  6. Once again quantity of posts exceeds quality
  7. I think you are trying to produce energy from latent things- IE, radio waves, or static electricity. Light is latent energy, and it is sufficiently concentrated. There could be some huge source we don't know about, but I doubt it.
  8. Try to buy a pure methane gas tank. When you burn it, it will produce CO2 and H2O. No potential toxins.
  9. Fusion power has always been deemed impossible, or at least difficult, because it is very hard to keep the reaction self sustaining. However, I have figured out a way which I THINK might work. Inside of a fusion reactor, have a uranium pellet with fusion fuel inside. As fission occurs, the pressure and temperature inside of the core will be enormous. This will result in fusion, releasing a neutron to further bolster the fission reaction. This will raise the temperature of the entire core with less fuel, thus becoming a more efficient method of power generation. What do you think?
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