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  1. I always new I would be audited someday...
  2. Bored, ydoa? Hahahahahahhahahhahahhahahhahahhaha...very funny, Capn!
  3. Long time no text. how ya been lately?

  4. Feel free to drop by the irc channel once in a while.

  5. "Second Amendment remedies." <--------- Is not a metaphor and is not rhetoric.
  6. Hi. Just droppin by. Nice pic.

  7. divagreen

    God Game

    Show off. I closed the window out before I had a chance to copy and paste the one hit I took. I am quite embarrassed that I stepped into such an erroneous and illogical misstep! I think I must have read the question wrong? *blushes*
  8. I died in a dream once, too. Not only did I die in my dream (I was murdered), but I came back to haunt my assailant as a ghost. So that myth was debunked at twenty-three for me.
  9. This is just an alternate view. It is lengthy, though.
  10. The burden of proof lies with you, since you are making the claim. Here, try this.
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