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  1. Okay, that's fine. I see that this is not the type of place. I would delete this thread myself to keep your board from clutter, but there does not seem to be options allowing me to do it. So if any mods would be so kind...
  2. I want to become a cognitive scientist. I know, it is a broad field. I am currently going to a community college (a pretty good one, when you consider the others), but there is no cognitive science program here. So, what I am thinking is; get an associates degree here, then go to UofM to major in cognitive science (I'm sure I'll be more specific than that in the future). The problem I want to ask you guys is: what associates program would I benefit from the most, before going into cognitive science? If this question doesn't have an answer, tell me why. I'm trying to feel out my goals right now, and need any type of feedback from knowledgeable people. Here is a list of the program descriptions at the community college that I am going to: http://www.macomb.edu/ProgramDescriptions/ProgramNameList.asp <<-- Click here. what would you pick if you were in my shoes? I will check back in often for replies.
  3. Hello and namaste, SFN members. I am Scarygeorge. I am currently twenty-two years of age. As for my intentions, let me just say that they are positive. And I hope to learn the way things work around here so that I may get up to speed. I will most likely be doing more learning than teaching. But with time, this table might turn, and I may actually contribute. Thank you, and I hope your stay with me is enjoyable.
  4. Also, Frostbite, you could dish out 500 bucks for this program. Heard of it via Slashdot. It seems legit as far as I'm concerned. Only it costs a wopping 500 smackaroos.
  5. So, where does consciousness fit into all this?
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