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  1. But the definition was not sufficiently correct..
  2. Chemical Reaction which we choose to accept as life.There are other forms of chemical reaction as well with short life span. I feel the behavioural semantics should be the only criteria for defining life as scientists are trying to achieve the same in other fields of knowledge .. for example robots with sufficient complexity can tomorrow be called alive.. Nano technology allows self replication. But we do not want our definitions to change as we somehow still believe that something should be missing in it to call it alive. What is it ? Thats my question.
  3. Life denotes all entities which have descended from the progenotes, the common ancestors of everything which is presently alive. dkv:Well sir the defintion carries the question ... In a grander scheme of things, life denotes any naturally occuring mechanisms which garner extropy through gradual yet progressive incremental process of self-replication. Replicators which don't evolve (e.g. fire) aren't alive rep:so the speed of replication is a criteria..some physical states other than fire also replicate for example Pearl stones on the sea shore which look alike. the process is very different.But they gradually come into existence and they indeed evolve from one material into other. Any comments,
  4. How many new states of matter are possible?
  5. What is alive according to the Neuro Science students? Regards, DKV
  6. You have only one Universe for the practical purposes of realizing it. However if you look closely multiple Universes are already existencing as reference frame can not be translated to every particle Big or small without loosing information.Universe is nothing but information space consisting of closed laws. The law is fuzzy with respect to outside Observer.
  7. Psychiatry is fixing something which it doesnt understand completely thats all I am saying..and there is lot of scope of improvement . It should include a good chapter on Consciousness and Supreme Consciousness...Faith and Fact.
  8. CPUs are of two types RISC and CISC.Both the processors are essentially based on same fundamental laws of Boolean Algebra. If you have studied Boolean Algebra then it should be easy for you to understand that Processors and everything Binary gets and can be implemented using Electronic gadgets like transitors , capacitors and resistors.You can very well replace them with Mechanical equivalents. Now the role of CPU in a modern computer is to hold the Computer Syncronized in its activities...its a small computing machine with the grand responsibility of syncronizing all to make it happen in a way which makes the computer useful to us. Basically you get Registers and some binary operations along with a clock.
  9. The purpose of psychiatry is not to enforce "normalcy." It's to help people with problems they themselves believe they have, or problems that make them incapable of functioning in society and thus make them a danger to themselves or others. REP:A danger to themselves and to others? Now choose the list of your choice and you will find who's who indulging in it.. so you are probably talking about micro-malfunctioning. Not only does the Normal behaviour changes from time to time but also from place to places. Snail:All Human Behaviour under freedom of expression can be quite long therefore we need a list which resonates with time and place.
  10. We live in a society where for good or ill, forced normalisation is necessary for the maintenance of "good order" (and the regular collection of taxes.) REP: Honestly you have hit the right Answer.Forced Normalization is what every power aims to achieve. But we stand for freedom dont we? ======================================= If the majority had the opinions of your example, it would be you and i subject to this forced conformity. REP: Free Expression should be allowed if it is not hitting anyone Physically. Thoughts should be fought at that level .. dont you thnk so?
  11. Normal human is the person that follows what others follow or the person that continues to execute age-old routines that were followed by his/her ancestors. It all starts with identifying his parents, going to school, achieving his grads., working for company or owning a company, serving his family, taking care of his loved ones, fulfiling all his due duties and so on......it goes. All humans are considered to be normal unless they become worries for their near and dear ones. REP: So the Psychiatry has no Absolute Existence.It changes its definition from time to time. I mean what is Normal today might not have been Normal in the past.Is that correct?
  12. dkv

    Beyond Elements

    HI , Kind of new to this forum. We know Elements make the Compounds and in some cases we have strange structures which make Solids. Can someone please explain to me the precise Structure in Metals? How can an electron have freedom(delocalized) and yet hold on to the mettallic structure by behaving like a localized entity? Thanks.
  13. NO personal insults. I respect the knowledge collected so far. But my questions are simple. HOw many observers will it take to create Maths? Why should the Application of Maths make the Truth oscillate between Maths and Segreggated Reality? THink and give me a genuine answer. It will help the community more than me.
  14. dkv


    Is there a maximum distance that gravity could be detected? REP: Yes it can be detected.... and is always detected. But yes there is nothing called as Gravity and what exists is Gravitation. A Gravitational theory may produce short distance repulsive forces. BUt only after we include Anti-Gravitational Field.It comes with Einstein's theory. Long Distance Repulsion is also not ruled out. =============================================== Assuming any instruments could be used? (invented or not) And would there be a minimum force that gravity could cause? or is there no minimum Any help would be great. REP: Yes there is always a minimum. No Field theory can not be comunicated.
  15. Thanks for all your support ... We are approaching the Truth at a speed never known before.
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