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  1. will riddles count? the ones where in you will apply the basic concepts from physics down to mathematics, biology etc. i'll try to browse my textbooks.. hehe!!
  2. did you read the upper and lower miniscus? ehhe.. i don't really know what is the answer to your question that but i just gave it a shot. perhaps its because of the temperature. did you take note of the temperature? cause it really affects the readings. STP.
  3. thanks guys.. hehe!! i still can't find it.. i do have some riddles.. but is it ok to post it on this thread? cause you know, the moderators might kill me!! hehe!!
  4. thanks guys!! well as of now..i'm having fun with the brain teaser and optical illusions! hehe!! i'll try to post some if i can find them in my "cyber portfolio"! ehehe!! thanks a lot!!
  5. is it vitamin E in almonds? that's what i read as i ran through the pages..
  6. almonds? why? if there are no almonds.. are there any substitutes? i tried searching in wikipedia.org about almonds but i could not find what's in it that will help neural activity. all it said was something about almond oil being a nice emollient.
  7. ahh.. i see.. so there would be no significant event that would happen.. how bout you blow up something that was still standing in your present time (and when you travelled back it was still being constructed), a building maybe.. so, like what you said, when you travel back to your own time it's as if nothing happend, is that what you mean?
  8. hey guys.. i was just wondering are there any methods, ways etc. to increase one's analysis and memory.. cause i can see that i am interllectually deteriorating..
  9. i guess we're going to nowhere with this respond here-respond there. so may i ask you, what would you like to do with your time machine.. and like ryan said, we know its kinda impossible but what if..
  10. so how do we explain the transcedents? i think what they mean here is the blossom of life then evolution.. that's how i understand it.
  11. well, no offense but i do believe that evolution has something to do with the beginning of the universe.. evolution won't take place if there was n't any start or spark of life.. but then again.. no one knows..yet.
  12. hmm.. time machine? well, i'd go back millions of years ago and study dinosaurs (if i survive with all the icthyosaurus and tyranosaurus!!). how the earth started to bloom with its natural inhabitants, flaura and fauna. and how we as humans came to be. that would be great. we would finally understand our past. and then we will move to the present and then to the FUTURE!!! wahahaha!! sori for the exaggeration.. i guess i got overdosed with my medicine..
  13. vitamin D? really? whoah!! i didn't know that! thanks!! um.. just one question.. how will you know that you are having a slight or your quite deficient in Vitamin D? hehe... sori 'bout the silly question.. hehe!! i already forgot my health lessons!! wakeke!!
  14. well.. i'm not xur wid my answer too.. its quite immoral for a doctor to do that.. but lets face it, there may be actual experimentations like this happening out there. the use of human guinea pigs for experiments that concern human health because i think the doctor is going straight to the point; its not rats that are likely to be hit with the virus thing but its going to be us humans. sacrifices are always made (i just hope not always!). its for the betterment of mankind. but then again, prior to that the doctor should have run a test on laboratory specimens (rats, hamsters etc.). as for the friend or close one, i think its best that if you want to save her/him let him/her undergo the "immoral treatment", and then you should just keep the fact that she/he has undergone that "immoral treatment."
  15. yes.. your right.. hey rakuenso, i think its a natural tendency of the body to react that way. it gets irritated by the foreign body (pepper). and since it is a spice, it has a strong effect on the on our senses. i tried searching over the net and found something (i just don't know if its the right one). pepper has an alkaloid called piperine which is responsible for its use as a spice. maybe this causes the irritation. but still i'm quite certain about the reaction thing.. i believe this is the same with reverse peristalsis. i hope i helped.. i'm not really certain about my answers but atleast i tried. if you guys found some misinterpretations please tell me so as i won't make the same mistake again. thanks!!
  16. so basing on the articles posted.. i guess when it comes to that time where in we can program a black hole, it will become the ultimate weapon. a weapon more powerful than that of a nuclear explosion. but some scientist say that we can generate a black hole. i just don't know if its true but after an explosion, the vast expansion of energy (based on e=mc2), there is a counter-effect. its the contraction of the expanded energy. so there's a sudden gulp of material towards the "eye" of the blast. i just don't know if its true -i guess it falls under metaphysics. nevertheless, this is a nice topic to make research on. thanks for posting it. this is a very nice website for a student like me. hehe!! i'm just so glad someone shared it with me. more power to you guys!!
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