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  1. Thanks.   

    Appears now like the different density restrictions are a clue... The top outlet side is free to air; the other side below has a wet spongy presenting a much denser on-water restriction.  While vibrating, suction works by the partial vacuum on a denser media (water) and no vacuum on the expulsion side into air, forming a flow valve.  Am I guessing near right ?

    When the diaphragm pushes down, has difficulty 'pumping' whatever is in its pores into dense water.  When the diaphragm bows up, encounters no resistance in expelling.  That differential creates the flow ? Yes, poor wording as always. :rolleyes:

    What am unsure in reasoning if expulsion of droplets happens when diaphragm bows down or when bows up, or during the transit upwards or downwards...

  2. Hi all.

    Bought several tiny nebulizers to humidify a germinating room.  Testing one for two weeks, ceased to produce the fog.  Do not know how to revive.  By cleaning sort of worked at half production for an hour.  Read about and found :

    ---> https://www.electroschematics.com/mist-maker/

    But the surprising specification says "5um"  "740 holes"



    So I projected a laser to the stainless piezodisc and yes, shined trough the supposed-to-be holes in metal (5 micrometres per above) invisible to eyes or magnifying lens.  Confirming it is a microperforated disc.  Never saw a piezoelement perforated.  How is the principle of operation of such nebulizer ?  I have other piezo nebulizers with solid discs.

  3. Thanks.  

    Surface mounting would take the U straps/brackets, then.  No 'pretty box' as in US at right image.  One in a hundred -or more- US dwellings has masonry walls.

    New masonry/european construction foresees piping in walls to use the one at left, and a drain hole.  Found no 'boxes' for additions on masonry.

    GRIFO LAVADORA ESFERA L-85 ARCOEFIELD Premium Washing Machine (Laundry) Outlet Box with Center Drain, 1/2 inch Sweat MIP x 3/4 inch MHT Connection, White...



  4. 14 hours ago, John Cuthber said:

    I understand that some plants will self pollenate, but leave it to the "last minute" They only do it if no other pollen is received.

    Thank you.  

    :o  That implies the flower stigma 'analyzes' if the pollen arrived by an insect is foreign in order to accept it * for fertilization; and check if there is 'a time-or-maturity window' left to decide if taking the self-pollen is a last minute resource. 

    *Of course, ignoring/rejecting other family/genus - which means another analysis of the pollen is not from a rose instead.

    So much to learn !

  5. Hello.

    If an apple orchard is populated with half a dozen varieties to favor cross-pollinization,  and an early bee lands on tree 'variety A'  and makes its pollen distribution among the flowers of such tree...

    An hour later, a second bee that had been playing with 'variety B' blossoms somewhere else arrives to the 'variety A' tree which was already visited as explained previously.  What good or effect will the second bee provide with its 'better/foreign/varied' pollen to the flowers that were already self-pollinated by the first bee ?

    Having proper tree varieties around to induce optimal fruiting does not mean success because some previous self pollinization by insects may already happened ?   

    An apple tree does not 'discard' a previous pollinization for a new/later arrival of better characteristics; is that correct ?.  After pollinized once, 'door' shuts off; deal is done ?

    If a branch with a dozen flowers, each gets a different bee carrying one of a dozen different variety pollens, will that produce a dozen different fruits in that same branch ?

  6. Hello.  I think I know the stars on the left flag represent the number of U.S. states.   What is the meaning for the apparent many more on the right side (presidential) flag ?  Or is an optical illusion being also 50 ?



    Wikipedia shows no count, there is 'small' stars too...  ---> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_the_president_of_the_United_States

    And what are the 'clouds' about ?

  7. Hello all.  In typical social sites conversations which I sometimes receive, saw a video/report of a mexican company recycling plastics into fuels; I think I saw it about a year ago and now again.  Being in spanish, may not be of use providing a link which I do not know how to obtain.  Title is "mexicanos convierten plastico en gasolina" At tiktok ;   if you have access to their content.

    Company name is Petgas.  Can be a dreamy future or not, your knowledge would be more entitled to analysis and opinions.   

    Edited: added.  found a simple version on youtube ---> 


  8. Hi all. 

    Television is bombarding advertisements for the sale of Viagra pills at $0.87 each.   If it is to be believed; how sales of something that was ~$40 each is now paying for expensive commercials and still making a profit in the era of inflation ?   

    If production of the chemical was $0.01 each pill, and the chain of sales takes the typical ten times every stage of handling it; how can be advertised at more intensity than the sales of automobiles with a $50k sticker each ?

  9. Hello all.   

    My back yard has dozens of unproductive young trees 2m to 3m tall that will be eradicated or cut them off at or below soil level to prepare and clear soil for proper gardening.

    Is there a season of the year when this is more convenient to do to prevent regrowth ?  

  10. Hello all.

    That vertical standing screen prevents sparking ambers (¿is that the word?) from burns reaching wood floors, carpets...  Is there a proven 'eye' size that works best ?  Does it work as a 'spark arrester' ?

    And for the heat part; can some screen 'eye' size impede the heat transmission, like a microwave oven does need to block the emission of microwaves ?  If it does impede the heat from passing trough, the screen would heat up more and release the heat into the room air, right ?

  11. Thanks. Linux only, where cannot save .odt as .pdf in the memory stick.  It is the printer ignoring .odt formats.

    Edited...  The printer manufacturer technical support finally showed up and told me on the phone there is no .odt support from memory stick, nor planning to fix it.  Am fried done. :wacko:

  12. 10 hours ago, KJW said:

    How are you printing the files?

    ( How am unable to print the .odt )   The file saved in a thumb drive and plugged to the printer USB jack.  Not recognized file :(  Other formats do print.

    10 hours ago, pzkpfw said:

    but only certain formats are supported.

    Correct.  That is the point, the printer decides what to accept, not the compfuser.  Also, cannot save the .odt as .pdf   No option shown to do it.

  13. 1 hour ago, sethoflagos said:

    Are you looking to operate another mechanism with it?

    What's the desired amplitude, cycle period and torque?

    How much space is avaiable?

    Can you be more specific about 'corrosive'?


    No, stands alone.  10 to 270 degrees;  10 degrees/second; 30 seconds, no load (no torque).   20cm x 20cm x 20cm.   No.

  14. 10 hours ago, pzkpfw said:

    Could you just use a servo?

    Thanks.  Yes, a servo does work but strongly prefer something electronically simpler as geared motor with no circuitry as will have to work in corrosive hard-to-reach enclosure and no stepper motion but analog smooth.

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