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  1. It is the partial pressure of oxygen dissolved in blood. You are correct. as a side note, above 80 mm Hg, any hemoglobin present is nearly saturated with oxygen.
  2. That's too bad, good luck with the degree!
  3. If we assume you finish in 30 months (and at these prices you should do your best to do so) and the tuition is due at the start of the year for the entire school year, then check my math...... Loans with 0% interest: year 1: $4500 * (1+0)^36 = $4500 year 2: $5500 * (1+0)^24 = $5500 year 3: $5500 * (1+0)^12 = $5500 Loans with 6.8% interest year 1: $5000 * (1+0.068/12)^36 = 6127.96 year 2: $5000 * (1+0.068/12)^24 = 5726.21 year 3: $2411 * (1+0.068/12)^12 = 2580.18 Loans with 15% interest year 1: $11,831.40 * (1+0.15/12)^36 = 18503.65 year 2: $07,671.40 * (1+0.15/12)^24 = 10336.07 year 3: $0 yay! Total is a whopping $58,774 in loan balance at the end of the grace period. It will be less if you can pay tuition by the quarter. ps, get the laptop used from ebay with the software you need it will be cheaper.
  4. Even at precisely 0 C, brownian motion and equilibrium between solid, liquid and vapor will engender the same result given enough time in continuous contact. the only practical prevention is to keep the system mixed. Think about Icee and daiquiri machines and the purpose of continuously stirring it.
  5. Yes, science is unable to demonstrate that conciseness and emotion is reducible to the physical. There is a great deal about the mind that befuddles a scientific explanation. Perhaps the greatest current challenge and a basic step for scientific explanation is to show how encoded knowledge, communication and/or information might be generated by physical laws and chemistry. Our uniform experience indicates these have just one source, namely an intelligent agent. The best current explanation is not chemistry and physical law, and it seems unlikely that it ever will be.
  6. This also looks like a homework question. Pyrite is Iron Sulfide, FeS2 which can be oxidized with oxygen and water to a sulfate. So the question is what impact does Sulfate or sulfuric acid have on these other minerals? Any ideas?
  7. Start with Wiki, it does a pretty good job with these fact based issues. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lead–acid_battery. Most of the answers are on that page. See how far you can get.
  8. Platinum of course is the catalytic chemical that participates in intermediate reactions breaking the hydrocarbon bonds at much lower energy levels than without the platinum intermediates. the platinum infused pads break down by two mechanisms. One is that a small percentage of incomplete and side reactions generate coke and coke byproducts that infuse into and also surface foul the platinum thus preventing the platinum from participating. In addition a small percentage of the platinum is continuously oxidized by other side reactions. The second reason is that the heat resistant fiber material that the platinum is infused onto breaks down over time further limiting surface area for exposure of the platinum to the hydrocarbon. The lighter fluid of course vaporizes and then reacts while passing through the catalytic pad. As far as how to make one? I don't have any information on that.
  9. Hmm, that looks like homework..... How about you try first and I'll help where you get stuck.
  10. Hmm, I wonder how someone might estimate the magnitude of that finite possibility. Do we just subjectively assign the value greater than one since the mission was and is incapable of determining that the probability of detecting life on Mars is zero or is the more to it than that?
  11. They had a crane on the surface with a line to support it but they misjudged angular torque and the pipe jammed the saw. Another unfortunate event in a much larger unfortunate episode.
  12. As another poster indicated, the cloud has water in vapor and liquid/solid form. The water and ice diffuses slowly compared to vapor. As an experiment consider the time it takes for a pan of water to evaporate verses a recirculating fountain or spray of water to get an idea of what is going on.
  13. Water adhering to the glass wall will slightly increase evaporation due to the increased surface area with high waves vs lower waves. However the walls also represent a discontinuity that will influence convective mass transfer by altering localized concentration gradients which also are a function of wave amplitude and wind speed. This influence will reduce evaporation. Hard to say how significant these two influences are without putting a sharp pencil to it.
  14. Actually, it is generally the other way around. Brittle implies hard and ductile implies soft. Think diamonds, very hard but also quite brittle, while lead is very soft but ductile as heck.
  15. One of the biggest difficulties of meteorite evidence is determination of the source of the biological and possible fossil evidence. Given that the evidence is made up of historical singularity events, it is nearly impossible to eliminate the explanation that the original source of this biological evidence is earthly. Likewise it is not currently possible to confirm that the presumed fossils are indeed fossils.
  16. Possible? sure, expensive? absolutely, efficient? no way. Skimmers and booms work relatively swiftly and efficiently but nothing is particularly effective. Best not to let it spill. BP opened up Pandora's Box and now we are all paying the price.
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