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  1. LOL xD I can't get past the first part, because the way they provide the info is confusing to me
  2. mine tailings contain many other minerals, such as Al(OH3) PbCO3, CoCO3 and ZnCO3 will the oxidation of pyrite affect any of these metals? why/why not?
  3. woudln't it be considered nano tech almost? but hmm thanks for the links hopefully there's enough stuff on the web..
  4. first of you would be aware that scientist were able to cloak a single gold atom.. would this be considered chemistry? but anyways could someone explain to me the basics? how things work how they relate to each other? the concept seems hard to put together.. never heard of metacrysis before.. light bending all over the place.. wave lengths.. ugh please help explain this more in depth for me ( but simplistic/easy to understand) thanks thanks
  5. hey just got some redox related questions lead acid storage battery consists of plates of spongy metallic lead and plates of spongy lead dioxide immersed in a solution of sulfuric acid. As the battery discharges the metallic lead and lead dioxide are converted to lead sulfate. write the balance equation for each half reaction in battery: oxidation : Reduction: write balanced chem equation for overall redox reaction equation: balance this reaction in acid solution or base? how many electrons were transferred in the reaction? analyze a lead acid storage battery /identify the anode : cathode: salt bridge: calculate the voltage of the cell? explain why testing the density of the fluid in a car battery indicates if the battery needs to be recharged? if a lead acid battery is completely discharged, the sulfuric acid solution in hte cell is very dilute. could the battery be rejuvenated simply by removing the dilute sulfuric acid and replacing it with more concentrated sulfuric acid? why? suppose that you attempted to make a battery out of spongy metallic lead and spongy lead sulfate.. would it work? why/why not? how about if you attempted with spongy lead dioxide and spongy lead sulfate? thanks greatly appreciate it
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