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  1. WITCH!! BURN IN HELL!!!! also, if we assume psychic ability is largely due to mental ability and control of Psi, humans are the only capable animals. that's just a given considering we're the only animals capable of understanding and controlling complex systems. biases are anti-productive and fallacious in science. however, as long as you only say "there's no supporting evidence currently available to me" and " i suspect you", there's nothing wrong. that's pretty cool, although i'm not inclined to believe the floating paper. have you observed him doing this? i didn't even realize paper could easily be lifted like that with static charge. this actually makes me believe that it's real. i can prove to you that electricity can be controlled and generated by humans, most easily through hands. i've observed and participated in the required experiment numerous times. whenever someone who can sense and control chi focuses it inbetween his/her hands, and someone who cannot sense chi puts his/her hand in the middle of the chi user's hands, the person who cannot sense chi always reports tingly electrical feelings. i'll perform some experiments and report back in 10 days when i have access to a voltometer and an electromagnetic field sersor. the moving can can also be explained with electricity creating a magnetic force inbetween the hands (in the center). however, there's also another explanation for the rolling can. that is, chi exists largely as pressure waves within and without the body. these pressure waves can be controlled to create greater pressure at a desired location, such as inbetween the hands. theoretically, the air could be manipulated with pressure waves to provide a lower pressure for the can to be pushed into by the higher pressure on the other side. although, i have no recording equipment that could sense minute variations in pressure like that, so i can't perform any experiments relating to that specifically. oo! please tell me how. would you mind giving a list of your planned experiments so far? also, a list of your psychokinetic accomplishments so far would be useful. i've never tried to do anything psychokinetic, although i have done a bit with something i've started calling psychic compasing. i fan out my fingers, and wait until i feel a psychic pull on my fingers. the direction of the pull is the direction of the thing i'm looking for. although i haven't done any heavy experiments with this yet. the biggest thing i did was feel which elevator would stop on my floor in my direction 10 times out of 10 (at a convention during heavy elevator traffic times). if you have any experiments or accomplishments i can try to replicate/duplicate, i can get my friend to help me (he's much better at sensing and controlling chi than i am, although he also hasn't tried anything on the psychic level yet). also, i recently heard that by willing a die to land on a certain number, the side with that number becomes heavier, and will be more likely to point downwhen it stops rolling. i have yet to experiment with this though. but the implication is that if you have access to a precice scale, you might be able to make something heavier as well. at the same time, i suggest you look into chi and taoism. taoists believe there are 8 chi bodies. the 5th is the psychic. the 1st is the physical. by meditating and learning how to sense and control the lower bodies, you are better able to feel and control the upper bodies. HAhahahahhaha! that's awesome! why would an outside scientist watch? they, like you, wouldn't give it a second thought. no, well documented experiments, video taped and broadcast on youtube, and published on a blog to gain publicity, are the first step. only then will a scientist be willing to stand there and watch. hence why repeat experiments are important. if the experiment is repeated enough times, with controls placed nearby, things like background radiation can be ruled out. however, to demonstrate that the result happens the moment the practitioner uses psi, a video is practically necessary. after reading through all of the posts, i really want to start self-teaching all of the psychokinesis stuff now. i'm getting excited > expect good evidence from me in a year (i'm just setting a deadline). afterwards, i will try to get as many scientists as i can to observe. but, i'm a long way away from all of that right now.
  2. i find that i procrastinate for the same reasons, although i imagine the application of those reasons is different. for example: the reason i dropped out of (US)college (a year ago) is because i found that i disagreed with many things about how the education system works. at the time, i didn't consciously recognize my disagreements for what they were; they were subconscious resistances coupled with an intuitive understanding that a much better method exists. my personality is such that i can never accept anything as necessary. as such, i subconsciously desired a better solution, and resisted going through school "the same old way" because i knew that it wouldn't ever end up changing. since then i've been progresively becoming less depressed. consequently, i believe procrastination is a natural instinct that should be listened to, and is very close, psychologically, to fear. procrastination is perhaps even just an extention of fear. both seem to keep the person out of potentially harmful situations. as another example, i always hated taking showers. i still do. i often only take a shower once a week (i can do this because i don't excercise regularly, and rarely sweat). however, there was one time that i visited a friend who had a shower filter. when i took a shower at his apartment, i felt really good. the water felt really good, and i immediately wanted to take showers more often. unfortunately, i was told about the shower filter before i took a shower, so i can't be entirely sure if the results were instead caused by my thoughts. but, i'm fairly sure what i was feeling was real. after all, chlorine and other tap water additives can easily be absorbed through, or heavily irritate, the skin. additionally, i always procrastinated about washing my hair and brushing my teeth. that is, until i found a healthfood shampoo that didn't leave an aftertaste in my mouth, and a healthfood toothpaste with very few chemicals and no fluoride. of course, this doesn't say anything about the type of procrastination that's pure laziness. except in circumstances where laziness is caused by depressing conditions, and procrastination takes the person away from those depressing conditions.
  3. the original example (or at least, an example that's easier to understand) is: you have a super computer that predicts the weather, by computing every single movement on earth. the creators of the super computer forgot about one butterfly somewhere in Japan. over the course of a few years, the computer would predict the weather perfectly. but over time, because of the accumulation of additional movement caused by the butterfly, and the butterfly's interractions with other butterflies and creatures, the weather predictions would slowly become slightly off. after a couple decades, that lightning storm might start a few hours later, and that hurricane might hit a couple miles south. over the course of a century, the butterfly's existance has changed the movement of all animals in a very large area, to a large extent. the changes will escalate to the point when the super computer will eventually be completely wrong.
  4. What's Wrong with Blasphemy? a great video on youtube, of some TV special, that covers this subect quite well. i'm sorry, but the only advice i can give is in the form of life lessons, such as: never judge others; and always strive for compassion towards everyone.
  5. sorry. you're right, i should have said i was being sarcastic with that specific comment. although i do have a reference: the majority of students and teachers. the point, however, is that textbooks contain a lot of information, but it's often hard to extract that information from them. and more than that, the information often contained in textbooks isn't very helpful for learning, beause they are often designed for a specific curriculum. using the textbook to extend from the curriculum is often really hard. of course there are textbooks that are good. and of course there are cases where textbooks are useful. and of course students are free to read all of the textbooks they want. but this thread is about the teachers, and teachers should stay away from textbooks in general.
  6. i always thought that was what pseuoscience is: an inability to perform normal scientific methods, due to the nature of the subject. and should thus always be treated as speculative, or a hypothesis waiting for evidence to appear. if it is the case that the difference between pseudoscience and science is in the performer - whether the person is speculative or biased-ly assertive - then we can not rightly label certain subjects as pseudoscience, as there is a way to make anything speculative, and there is a way to make anything biased.
  7. drama is really annoying. all of what you said centers around disrespect and dehumanization: seeing other people as human beings capable of their own thoughts and actions, capable of learning, and capable of having good reasons for everything they do and think. i was recently involved in some drama on LiveJournal, in which i got in two debates with a friend's friends on an emotional topic (for them). the topic was: the effectiveness of Prozac, and potential problems; and the effectiveness of western medicine and psychology practices on depression. in the first debate, i realized that my bias against Prozac affected my ability to see the truth of the situation. whether i was right or wrong, my bias posed the problem of influencing my interpretation of evidence. i admitted that, and ended the dabate because i didn't have enough knowledge of the subject. in the second debate, my oponent did not adress my arguments in any way, and continued to support his own argument through opinions, rather than reasoning. in the end of the debate, i realized we were arguing about two slighly different things. thus the majority of the debate (if it can be called that) was based on misunderstandings. the result is that the majority of my friend's friends became biased against me, and so did my friend. one person became so biased that he said nothing towards me except very pitiful bully tactics. when one person (anonymously, and emotionally) said he/she disapproved of how everyone has reacted, the people who became biased against me jumped to conclusions as to who the anonymous poster was, and started blaming eachother. it was kind of frightening; the knowledge that i now had the power to completely destroy everyone's friendship at that moment. if i had said "thank you, [name of my chosing], for supporting me", the friendship they had would have fallen apart. it was disappointing and depressing to see such a fragile situation. it's as if none of them had any integrity or compassion. it's truly amazing to see lifelong friendships fall apart in an instant because of a bias. so my answer is 2 things: never be afraid of anything. never dehumanize anyone.
  8. 1) stay as far away from the textbook as humanly possible. it's a known fact that textbook are hard to extract useful information from. also, most students hate textbooks. for a reason. 2) always connect what you are currently teaching with what you previously taught, even if it's a stretch. this allows the students to actually remember what they previously learned. 3) only give out homework if the homework does not have a monotone feeling. meaning: no repeating problems unless they are optional, and no forced structure. 4) never teach something without telling the students what you expect them to learn. 5) never assign anything without giving the students a valid reason. "because it will help you learn" is not a valid reason. "because you need the grade" is not a valid reason. "because it will help you remember" is not a valid reason. "because it goes along with what we've been learning" is not a valid reason. a true valid reason will allow the students to complete the assignment in the desired way, and to learn from the assignment what was meant to be learned. 6) students have to experiment, make mistakes, and fail, in order to learn anything. if students are not allowed to try a new structure. nay, if students are not encouraged to try a new structure at their will; and if students are not encouraged to fail, learning will not take place. what takes place instead is known as "memorization" and "brainwashing". 7) always. always trust and respect your students. they are your equals. never think of your students as objects, and never lump them into the category of "students" or "children". let it be known. i dropped out of college. the reason: because i haven't found any teachers who do the above. and because after talking to a lot of people who go to different schools at differet grades, i found out that teachers who do any of the above are extremely rare, and discouraged by the curriculum. so above all, the thing that makes a great teacher: 8) don't be afraid of anything. especially don't be afraid of losing your job or reputation. especially don't be afraid of going against what your superiors tell you to do. a great teacher will have students wanting to learn from him/her, even if and long after that teacher gets fired. a great teacher will realize that school is not just a place to gain knowledge, but also a place to gain experience, have fun, and make connections. a great teacher will realize that students should be able to leave anytime they want. and a great teacher will realize that students should also be afraid of nothing. not even failing. not even getting kicked out of school. and lastly, a great teacher will realize that 'respect' does not mean 'worship' or 'obey'; and respect does not come with a title.
  9. i'm sorry, by "prove it to be impossible", i meant to imply that they are not doing any cross-checking or looking for evidence toward the contrary, but instead look for mistakes to show that it's inherently wrong. i meant "prove it to be impossible" as opposed to "supply evidence to show how possible/impossible it potentially is." i totally agree. too bad there's not very much of that happening. there's actually more common sense and proper scientific investigative behavior found on the side agreeing with the aliens. or i guess, to put it more accurately, everyone who has any bit of bias in this instance, for the most part, has shown to be completely incapable of proper scientific investigative behavior. this includes the vast majority of scientists, and a large portion of antient astronaut theory believers. this tends to not include a good portion of science or philosophy hobbyists. i would say David Icke is doing the most proper scientific investigative behavior, compared to everyone else. and unfortunately about satelite images... the idea that this supposed planet is capable of penetrating the inner solar system in a 3600 year orbit means that it's not moving enough side-to-side to be able to notice it in setelite images, especially right now when it's heading in pretty much a straight line toward the inner solar system. i totally agree. i don't actually know much at all about Sitchin though, so i tend to have some bias against him. i should do more research on him. but Icke i totally respect. because he has traveled the world searching for and gathering information on the beliefs of hundreds of ancient cultures. quite amazing scholarly work.
  10. nope, lol. well, unless you count big similarities in ancient cultures' beliefs. yeah. and unfortunately, that means the evidence for it comes in the form of alien abductions and ancient cultures. and the evidence against it comes in the form of trying to find ways to prove it to be impossible. if only that were possible, lol. for many people, yeah. and looking at many believers' websites, they support alien interference for some of the same flawed reasons christians support creation. reasons such as, "if humans evolved from apes, why are there still apes around??" it's interresting actually. the ancient astronaut theory is like the level above the New World Order conspiracy theory. meaning that the reptilian aliens are controlling everything. so, if it were the case that this is true, then WMDs would certainly play - and have already played - a major role. after watching the video interview, i actually recommend everyone try to watch it (or at least the first 3 hours of it). if nothing else, because the interviewee is one of the few people left who has knowledge of the original beliefs of the Zulu people. and as he said (paraphrasing) "there is no african culture which does not believe in gods that came from the sky in large crafts" and also, "the Zulu people were actually the first to know something that Einstein descovered, and that is that space and time are the same." he also gives a very good insight on alien abductions. he quite realistically (assuming they're all real in the first place, of course) connects the "Greys" to the reptilian aliens, and connects most other differences in alien abduction stories. if nothing else, it's a very interresting, deep, and detailed... history. i can't think of a better word, because it's not just a story, and it's not just a cultural belief. it's like... an alternate version of our known world, like reading a very well thought out trilogy.
  11. yeah, i'm aware that you were joking. and as such, i pointed out the obvious difference between your nonsense conjecture and the Kerry & Bush conspiracy theory, while pointing out that everything is technically possible. i mean sure, many conspiracy theories are just plain nuts. but if you use that as an argument, you're stereotyping and letting your bias completely influence you. and as such, i have absolutely no reason to think you know what you're talking about. so far, you have failed to even adress the conspiracy theory i mentioned, and yet you still support that it's wrong. why is that? i have provided a bit of evidence, and i would appreciate it if you either refuted that evidence or provided some evidence toward the contrary. so far, you have only used 2 fallacious arguments to support your side. please tell me how "the conspiracy theory that Kerry intentionally tanked the election is chock full of nuts."
  12. not unless you don't consider sociopaths to be humans beings. and even then, you'd have to not even consider them as logic-using machines to want them out of democracy. how is it physically tested for anyway? i was under the impression that it was mainly mental.
  13. there is another theory(/hypothesis/conjecture) that deals with this. it's about the Anunnaki: ancient sumerian gods, and is called the ancient astronaut theory their planet is "the 12th planet" (and the sun and moon are considered "planets" in this, apparently). supposedly this "12th planet", called Nibiru has a very weird orbit: it comes within the inner solar system once every "3,600 years", once during it's orbit. and supposedly, the Anunnaki use that time to observe and influence Earth. some believe that Eris (the "10th planet from the sun", now officially considered a drawf planet) is Nibiru. but while Eris's orbit roughly fits the description of the shape (comes within [or very close to] Pluto's orbit once during it's strange orbit), it orbits vastly quicker (557 year orbit), and doesn't reach the inner solar system. also, some people claim that the last time "the 12th planet" came closest to earth was the time of "the great flood" in the Bible, and the next time will bring the apocolypse. Zecharia Sitchin, the founder of the alien astronaut theory, "has recently put forth his own date for the next passage of Nibiru in the year 2085, but the date most talked about is 2012 which marks the end of the Maya calendar." all of this seems really...... improbable. *edit* also, most believe that the Anunnaki aliens are reptilian in appearance and nature. This is a good video on the whole reptilian alien thing. the video includes an interview with Zulu shaman: Credo Mutwa, who has been passed on knowledge of history by a group of his people, and mentions reptilian aliens without influence from the ancient asronaut theory. David Icke is the interviewer.
  14. it's possible. but he's not a member of the Skull and Bones society. also, if Dean was winning the primaries, and his intent was to let GW win, he could have done so during the presidential election, and his Dean Scream wouldn't matter at all. it's equally possible that the "Deaen Scream" was purposefully caused by anyone who had some control of the technical details of the situation that made Dean's voice seem like a pointless scream (specifically: whether the microphone was noise-filtering or not), or that it was sabotaged in that way.
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