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  1. herpguy How a worm hole works (metaphor): Think about taking a sheet of paper (9x11, in this exacmple). Now, if you want to get from the top middle part, as shown here: ||||n|||| ||||||||| ||||||||| ||||||||| ||||||||| ||||||||| ||||||||| ||||||||| ||||||||| ||||||||| (each n represents one point of interest) ||||n|||| It would take you -exactly- 9 spaces between the two, lets say meters, to get there. So, you would have to walk 9 meters to get to the other side. But now, lets think about this as the word 'wormhole' means it to be implied; as if you had to go 9 million miles. If you had to travel, at any speed achievable today, that far, how long would it take? Years. So a -theory- has arrived, many years ago, not sure by who, though; it says that a wormhole is the folding of the material making up the universe, and therefore you can get from point N1 to point N2 (N1 is initial point, N2 final) in a fraction of the time. Specifically, the time it takes to actually warp the cosmos and -walk- through it. Steve
  2. No, the so called 'random' number is to the user of a program, but is actually an algorithm (there are millions of algorithms) that is given some input, and then obviously it gets an output. I guess, though, that you could say that it's random to the user, but the programmer/coder has inserted some code, or written a formula to give the end-user the output of this 'random number'. Steve
  3. That is correct, and is the only problem we have achieving it. It is impossible to achieve / and know that we have, for just the reason you have stated!
  4. Well, as said before, though, a substance such as mercury, which has a very low vapor pressure at room temperature, is used. It is impossibly to have a complete vacuum in the conditions provided, becuase any of the amount of liquid evaporated will cause the vacuum to seize to exist. As well as the fact that in a vacuum, it is empty space, and if you have a liquid coming in contact with it that changes pressure and volume of the vacuum, it would therefore be impossible to have a complete vacuum, so in the end it's not really even a vaccume. Also, looking here, the picture on the right as you open the page shows how a barometer is constructed. You must have something to compress at the 'top' of the glass. So, also, as I'm seeing there isn't a complete vacuum much at all in the first place, because of the contact with the mercury and the evaporation, there is some evaporation which would make it impossible to get an exact measurement. If I'm wrong (I'd happen to think that I am) please correct me.
  5. Well, first of all as OatJay says, who even knows if black holes exist, it's been taken for granted and therefore it's merely some excuse for something we don't know. And if that is the case, than firstly, this statement has no arguement. If black wholes do exist, the whole theory is that close to nothing can escape, and if only 'anti-matter' escapes, how would be be able to prove this, or even think of a way of describing it, since it's anti of what we know to be true? I believe this is a decent hypothesis, but it's coming out of no where, and it's impossible to find any way to prove/disprove it, so in the end it doesn't amount to anything.
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