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    Look, Parasites NEED the host alive for there own benefit for a period of time, predators kill and ask questions later. It is just that simple
  2. Actualy, non-matter DOES use space, but has no mass, at least to my knowlege. A radio frequency has no mass, but its electro-magnetic waves do occupy space, cause even in a vacum they exist without affecting any matter.
  3. Euclid

    Random Numbers

    Try this on for size Write down on a sheet of paper a set of random numbers from the top of your head. Are these numbers trully random, or is our brain using its own algorithims subconciously? Also, even if you have a 6 sided dice, and make 50 throws for 50 numbers, its still possible to crack the series, even though it would take extrordinary tools and the many variables affecting the roll, such as the angle of the throw.
  4. Are you trying to say what would happen if you could create a 2 dimentional object and then shift/turn it on edge in 3 dimentional space?
  5. I think that if you were directly in the center of a massive hollow sphere, which was symetrical in mass and area, that you would feel no gravity, but if you were off-center, you would slowly be pulled to the area of sphere you were closer to.
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