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  1. Any geologists here mind to explain me briefly about this theory? http://www.hollowearththeory.com/ I ran across it and don't know this theory is recognized and has scientific merit or not. The link says about "The Hollow Earth Theory" with the serious scientific evidence supporting the theory that planets are naturally hollow. I intended to post in geology forum, but couldn't find, plus I am afraid it's not a current known geological theory as I don't know about this field...so i decided to post under speculation and hopefully the mod would be kind to move to wherever it belongs to. Thanks
  2. Thank you for your response. It's such an interesting and mysterious subject to study. thanks
  3. If the admin doesn't tell you, it means you're not allowed to use the internet access. It then means that any others you'd come up would break the law. For my case, I don't have psp (couldn't afford it ) but I usually use my laptop equipped with my wireless card roaming in my library, which uses open authentication. There is no key needed. My card automatically detects the access point (AP) and can automatically establish the connection, or done or manually. I am not sure about psp, but for WLAN laptop, if they use WEP key, I am sure i can crack the key and gain the access within a day the longest.
  4. I am from Cambodia, in where Angkor wat is located. It looks awesome and looks like the Khmer Kings knew about the relationship between human and the galaxy. You can say it's a Big coincidence. Yes, but it seems no coincidence to me that Angkor correlate to the stars. Angkor wat is a world wonder, a wonderful thing in my country if you have seen and visited it. The Egyptian, Mayan, and Khmer (Cambodian) all built magnificent temples all relating to the constellation. According to the link, they talked about the precesession of the equinox, when the sun align with the center of the galaxy that happens once every 26,000 years. the ancient civilization knew about this upcoming period so they build temples. like the mayan, khmer kings knew about this event as well. when is the 26,000 years? according to the link its December 21, 2012. it seems to be no coincidence the Mayan calender stop at 2012. Interesting though it don't quite understand it well. Anyways, thanks for the link, PerpetualYnquisitive
  5. Cool site! one can use it as a color reference when they're designing the website. Move your mouse over the color and observe the bottom bar (<-forgot what it's called) on the left, the hex between the parenthesis as the parameter.
  6. Yes, they can. The MAC address header in the packets travelling through the air is typically unencrypted. It's readable and as some WLAN card firmwares nowaday provide the feature that you can clone your MAC address to whatever you want, I can clone mine to the legitimate MAC address on the network, and be on the network easily. For the enterprise network, there would be the use of mutual authentication (802.1x and Radius server) to counter this security breach.
  7. Yes, with a moderate equipment and high gain antenna. As for the WEP, it is very weak. Security measures: (NOT to use the AP by default setting out of the box) 1-Change SSID name and Disable the SSID broadcast (if it's applicable) 2-Enable MAC filter (not useful as i can eavesdrop the network traffic to get the legitimate MAC addresses and clone to be one of them, MAC address header is usually unencrypted, just as the address of sender and recipient of our mail). 3-If you router support WPA (TKIP), use it, way more secure than WEP. And it is more than enough for small office/home office(SOHO). If it supports only WEP, use it...better than no encryption keys at all. More would be probably suitable to discuss for enterprise network. As for home user, probably ur question, it is safe to say it is secure enough. No professional hacker is going to spend a day or two to break into your system for the purpose of transfering mp3
  8. Is this a coincedence or is there a purpose to this correlation? http://www.earthportals.com/Portal_Messenger/draco.html (mods, please move it to an appropriate forums if necessary)
  9. Yes' date=' I will, Mokele. Thank you May i ask, what was that? Be specific please... Thank you.
  10. Hi everyone, I am a new member. I ran across this website. I see a lot of invaluable scientific knowledge here, thus i decided to sign up right away. I'm an international student coming from Cambodia, a third country. Frankly speaking, I enjoy reading the posts from phi-for-all, mokele, martin, IMM, bascule, ecoli, servarian, and more...But i do need a guide. Anyone here mind you guide me through the forum?
  11. How about this one? Index to Creationist Claims http://www.talkorigins.org/indexcc/list.html From talk.origin
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