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  1. Hi there, Im looking for webmasters or bloggers with an interest in science who may be interested in exchanging links in an effort to spread knowledge of scientific facts. In light of recent creationism/intelligent design mumbo jumbo wreaking havoc on the US i feel its all the more important to direct web surfers to stories based on facts! feel free to check out my blog & leave a comment if your interested DWB ------------------------------- http://disgruntledwogbeast.blogspot.com/
  2. Well it sounds extremely unlikely, no matter how cool it would be if it were true. DWB ------------------------------------------ DWB's Blog http://disgruntledwogbeast.blogspot.com/
  3. Hey nice post this really seems like something that should be spread around every forum!! DWB
  4. Hi there im DWB and i run a blog informing people of scientific and historical facts, aswell as the ocassional bit of trivia! this forum looks like a great place to find new material for my blog feel free to check it out DWB ------------------------------------------ http://disgruntledwogbeast.blogspot.com/
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