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  1. here you must come up with 1000 facts, make sure to number them ^.^ 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000! 1. the energy in 215 big macs is the same amount of energy that can move a car up to 35 kilometres
  2. i do not know...but i have to go... bells going to ring soon!
  3. i do noottttttttt know... possibly no because you will not feel the bite...so your brain does not know it is there.....but it cant send signals to there saying anything about the blood either.....soooo
  4. hmmm... it would take paying attention but no...if you really catch on to it...then no
  5. :D :D yayz this is not a performance...but good enough!
  6. yay....because i know somebody that has accomplished that...
  7. well...here you can talk about any vocaloids!... or post videos and stuff.... i LUUUUUVVVV the vocaloids...fantastic oh...and a little extra!
  8. i know a 12 year old that has mastered algebra,geometry...and about halfway through trig.
  9. well here is how it goes... someone above you posts a riddle... you try to solve it... then you post a riddle for the person below you to solve! oh... and put the difficulty in parentheses [] and when you solve...try to explain how you came up with the answer [easy] if a tree falls with nothing around the sound vicinity to hear it... does it make sound
  10. [math]\pi = \frac{22}{7}[/math] is probably only true for a little bit.. i think..
  11. do you think it is reasonable for a 12 year old to learn calculus...and if so how would he/she learn it in a way that does not confuse him/her ?
  12. WOW i never thought travelling to the past was possible... but the first paragraph i knew...but thanks :)
  13. ...my friends at school are reading this and i just simplified it for them... when stuff falls in a black hole... it never reaches the bottom...eh... i didn't really do details..
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