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  1. The Hyperbolic Hyper-Massive Black-Hole Universe Hawking did not buy his own pronouncements regarding the disappearance of information into black holes. Instead, he and some others invented a whole new theory of black-hole thermodynamics. So in a sense, the black-hole event horizon is a real surface. It is sometimes called a "quasi-surface". The center of a black-hole is a physically real singularity. It is constrained only by the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. There is no such thing as quantum gravity (QG). How many papers are published in ArXiv on unicorns? By their
  2. Hi Forrest, Let's keep to the thread! So the ability to formulate a Null Hypothesis is the key to crafting a theory according to the rigor of the scientific method. Not all of our thoughts require this rigor. Only the ones that we intend to publish so that others can figure out what we mean and duplicate our actions and thoughts in order to come to the same conclusions (to within some tolerance, I guess). Much that passes for science today fails when we can find no evidence that a proper Null was ever cobbled together. When it is suggested that the scientific method should be suspended i
  3. Suppose you were imprisoned on Penitentiary Earth. You slipped out of the fortified walls somehow and you began to walk due West. When you encountered water, you found a boat or ship and continued on your journey being careful to compensate for seasonal changes in the position of the sun. Eventually you would wind up back at the 'Ol Pen, having traced a latitudinal great circle around the pole. The surface of a sphere has no end. To get out of, or off of, this surface, one needs to move in directions that are not properly "in" the surface. Try reading Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott. Analysis
  4. Dr R is such a wonderful delightful skeptic, I do hesitate to proffer this idea. http://www.fotothing.com/Gak/ image 96 Hyperbolic P.E. vs. Inverse Square P.E. <--- This web address points to an image of a graph of (1.) y = ln(x) compared to an equally scaled graph of (2.) the hyperbola y = -1/x + 1. These are supposed to represent the potential energies (P.E.) of the gravitational fields associated with (2.) the inverse square F = GMm/r2 and (1.) F = GMm/kr, k = the unit vector of r for dimensional integrity, where F is the hyperbolic ultra-massive black hole "inflaton" super-excited "
  5. Let us talk about the scientific method and why it is so important. This is really a philosophical discussion pertaining to the philosophy of science. There is already a philosophy forum. So, we can avoid going off the reservation by sticking to nuts and bolts. The key to my essay is the point made about the Null Hypothesis. Most scientific results are expressed statistically and the Null Hypothesis is supposed to be an expression of how apparently positive statistical tests could have been fooled by random noise or just plain chance. Then if a major source of noise is found or if chan
  6. Thanks AJB. I was starting to think I was beginning to see double from the mushroom sauce I just ate with my breakfast steak. Maybe I need a rest. I am starting to hallucinate from my intellectual diet of cosmology. Nah! I am not hooked. I can quit anytime!
  7. The Z boson is the last particle needed to fill out the Standard Model. So, where does the Higgs boson come from if not from an ad hoc addendum to the Standard Model the purpose of which is to explain the phenomenon of "mass". That a version of supersymmetry can be invoked to "predict" the Higgs is not surprising. But, that this "mass" is not actually explained by the existence of the Higgs, but only certain "kinds" of mass, is suspect. The success of Alan Guth's Inflation Theory should be instructive. An excited state of an inflaton field gave rise to an inflaton "virtual" particle by means o
  8. Why do particle physicists and cosmologists seem to be so very bent on totally ignoring John Wheeler and Hugh Everett? How can they embrace Alan Guth's Inflaton field and particle and at the same time dismiss the ramifications of a fully quantum universe? We are trying to meld quantum mechanics/dynamics and relativity into a GUT or TOE, spending hundreds of millions per year to support scientists, professors and graduate students. But, the consequences of a quantum universe seem to be just swatted away like an angry mosquito. If the universe was once a quantum entity, then it still is. And, if
  9. I have constructed a model of inflationary big bang expansion of the universe from simple assumptions similar to Alan Guth's model. But, he does't provide a model that stretches all the way from the first plausible and treatable instant to the present and beyond as my model does. And, by means of a single adjustable parameter, I can mimic acceleration, steady expansion or deceleration. In the case of acceleration, my model naturally passes through a short pause of perhaps about 100 - 200 minutes or maybe more, not exactly as your calculation suggests, but the duration of this period is sub
  10. Dark Matter is an unnecessary ad hoc fix to fill in the blanks in the Friedmann model under the FLRW metric. Galactic supermassive black-holes exist as true physical singularities according to the Kretschmann invariant and Schwartzchild's analysis. Therefore, as point masses, they must possess a hyperbolic (1/kr) gravitational field, NOT a field that falls off as 1/r2. Now, k = constant = 1m, S.I., for dimensional integrity. It is not true that GR cannot tolerate hyperbolic spacetime geometries. "The universe is hyperbolic." said Albert Einstein in his classic paper of 1916. An hyperbolic fiel
  11. Very many people do not believe that science is actually practiced this way. Many believe that Science is not only ideological, it is Myth. The problem is with scientists themselves. Too often, they forget that all math, all science, is metaphor. All language is ultimately just metaphor. It is impossible to fully capture reality with any kind of human language. This is what many people mean when they claim that scientists are insufferably arrogant and naive. These critics go too far though, when they claim science is Myth. They create the Myth. We should endeavor not to do so ourselves.
  12. Now, if that other big unfalsifiable massive particle we call the Higgs Boson is the particle that imbues all other particles with their mass, what imbues the Higgs Boson with its mass? Higgs theorists are pulling their "pud". The Higgs is an ad hoc addendum that is a poor band-aid for the kink it was supposed to fix. Just what was that, anyway? Oh yeah, no explanation of "mass" in the standard model. Higgs is not really part of the standard model (yet). If the Higgs is not found, they will simply add in another ad hoc splint. The standard model will not collapse. Eventually, they'll get it ri
  13. The case r = 0 is different, however. If one asks that the solution be valid for all r one runs into a true physical singularity, or gravitational singularity, at the origin. To see that this is a true singularity one must look at quantities that are independent of the choice of coordinates. One such important quantity is the Kretschmann invariant which says at r = 0 the curvature blows up (becomes infinite) indicating the presence of a singularity. At this point the metric, and space-time itself, is no longer well-defined, but not undefined. For a long time it was thought that such a solution
  14. You do not believe in Science? (Upper case "S") Science has always been embroiled with religion. Not so long ago, they were hardly distinguishable. Isaac Newton justified doing his kind of work by appealing to Scripture. But this misses the whole point of my post which is to outline some initial version of the scientific method. Please, may we not address this? This post is written for a discussion forum. It is written in a conversational style deliberately. It is not intended for an English rhetoric professor to grade. Please address the actual content of this post, not
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