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  1. What happens to a photon after we see something?
  2. I'm not sure why there aren't any replies to this. Is it just to difficult or stupid? I thought I would pose this to a forum that usually has lots of viewpoints and generally answers as well, must have been mistaken! Even someone pointing me in the direction to answer would be helpful.
  3. Sorry if this sounds stupid, does the supposed Higgs field exist now, or could it have been present just after the big bang and imparted mass to those particles at that time? Also how does the Higgs particle get this mass just by interacting, what happens(or happened) to this field, what powers(?) this field?
  4. I still don't get if inflation, or whatever you call it, is roughly the speed of light, how gravity within local clusters can overcome the rate of expansion.
  5. Thanks for the replies dudes,or even dudettes. Why does the inflation, whatever is responsible for it, only work on Super cluster scale?
  6. If dark energy pervades the universe and is responsible for inflation, and that the space between galaxies is inflating, how do galaxies collide? Would inflation not keep them apart and why does dark energy only seem to work on galactic scales? Why, or is it, not working within our solar system?
  7. During the formation of a solar system do the planets manage to form before the star ignites? Would the bubbles blown from new stars and the solar wind not blow gas and dust away if planets hadn't already formed?
  8. thomma


    Although I love the science and reading about it, it just seems a huge amount of money to spend for something that is purely interesting.
  9. thomma


    Apart from understanding how the Universe works, are there any everyday practical ramifications to finding, or not, the Higgs Boson? What would finding it bring to our day to day existence?
  10. There may be an easy answer for this, but, if there is please forgive me. I have posted previously about the supposed graviton, thanks for those that replied. I understand that this graviton is the particle responsible for the effects of gravity. Is there a particle that is responsible for the effect of magnetism?
  11. Are neutrinos the same as gravitons? I'm don't think they are. My question really is if gravity from a black hole is that strong light can't escape does that not make whatever particles, if any, that make up gravity, travel faster than light as their effect is felt beyond the event horison?
  12. I have read a couple of previous posts about this, but have wondered if the supposed graviton, if responsible for gravity, could be actually faster than light. My reasoning for this is that if light can't escape a black hole but gravity can, does that not make gravity faster than light?
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