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  1. the light from one laser is not strong enough to cause the material to start emitting light, but two combined are. It made more sense in my head.
  2. Start with the origin http://pinktentacle.com/2006/02/aist-develops-3d-image-projector/ The link pretty much explains how it works. The problem with their way is that it requires light so intense that you ned strong sunglasses, and only allows for one colour and no brightness control. But what if you could use a controlled medium that emitted light at lower power, and did not need glasses? and what if that medium could produce different colours, depending on the colour of the laser? that's where this comes in: the box is filled with a transparent material that emits light where two lasers overlap the red boxes contain the lasers, that can emit different colours of light depending on what's needed the green lines are example scanlines (like a CRT screen, but in 3d). at the time it made sense, but a more efficient algorithm could just draw 3d lines where needed (like a 3d printer, but hollow) aaand I had some more thought for this idea, but I seem to have lost it. thoughts?
  3. I did not know that. It's not very good for methane, though Can I stick a thin carbon filter over top it? or put on some sort of coating?
  4. Yeah that's what I was thinking, but I don't know where would be the best place to install one. We hardly ever use A/C anyways.
  5. basically every day my mom has to drive half an hour through an area that has a lot of feedlots (concentrated cows). and needless to say, it smells. Is there some way to install a filter of some sort into her ventilation system to try to remove at least a good portion of the odours wafting into the cabin? thanks. It's a 2010 Hyunda Elantra.
  6. well, look on the bright side. We have no idea of what form aliens would exist as, let alone proof that the organic structures we know and love are the only means for life. so they could possibly be beings inside a star, or spawned from seas of diamond, or otherwise in a form that would find Earth's environment to be hazardous.
  7. Sorry, I don't remember the name of that time theory either.
  8. probably one that takes the characters after the last period in the name (there can be more than one, but only the last one is important - except for exceptions such as .tar.gz), then goes to a site in inputs it as a search, then reformats the page by removing excess info (not the best idea if the website constantly redesigns itself...)
  9. If we could, but could we?
  10. Icefire


    A lot of kittens will die today
  11. Icefire


  12. To me in order to find the reason we just have to look at ourselves. Let's say an alien lands in the Netherlands or whatever, says "Hallo," then files for citizenship. You can't honestly expect the entire world to just accept this and move on. In fact, there will always be at least ONE group that will consider the existence of aliens to be counter to their core beliefs, and will attempt to eliminate them. Following this, we have three types of aliens: 1: the ones that know this, but still introduce themselves despite the threat. That means that they are confident that it will not be a problem, most likely because they plan on taking over our planet. 2. the ones that know this, and so avoid us. This is the best solution, because we will never know their existence. 3. the ones that know this, but have no choice but to arrive. chances are that this is just a guise of group 1, but otherwise they might be able to co-exsist with another species, but more likely one of us will end up destroying the other. 4. the ones that do not know this fact. Either due to politics or lack of analyzation they do not know what will happen when the arrive. this means that when they arrive with peace in their minds and are met with criticism, they could be shocked and believe that all of us are like that. then they may try to destroy us, worst case scenario.
  13. I guess I never did really explain myself. Mostly I'm looking for a way to program so that when you compile on any platform it will be pretty much identical to a native application, in the sense that there are no user interface flaws that are correct on one OS but horribly wrong on another.
  14. is there a material that is as transparent as glass but is conductive or at least can shield it's components from microwaves and other stuff that makes a computer go wonky?
  15. A guy walks into a bar. Rubbing his head, he decided to watch where he was going.
  16. Story goes that when Princess Margriet of the Netherlands was born in Canada, the hospital she was born in was temporary declared part of the Netherlands to comply with royalty customs. EDIT: Wikipedia says it was just declared international territory.
  17. normal. durability is compromised for cheapness, easy to recycle, yet soft.
  18. It'd probably be easier to have a hose that injects oil directly into the intake... Also allows you to experiment with different types to see which ones burn the darkest.
  19. The general assumption is that a Photon has zero mass, tho more likely it's mass is difficult to detect.
  20. I believe so. If what Michael Moore (and quite a few others actually) say is correct, there is a lot of emphasis on sensationalism and news stories about bad things that are happening.
  21. Starting my truck when it's cold
  22. Tories is also the nickname of the Canadian Conservative party, but I don't know of that book. It rings a bell, but just the "saving the park" part.
  23. It's possible, but I give it a 50-50 chance of being significantly noticeable.
  24. Well, there's Territorial Collectivity of St. Pierre and Miquelon, a group of islands just off the coast of Newfoundland which are technically colonies of France (the British seemed to have missed them).
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