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  1. Hey, I was wondering if anyone here knows were to get organic powdered dye for use in colored smoke bombs, I have searched a while now but cannot find a place that sells dye for smoke bombs, the only dye I find is that for clothing which won't work for smoke bombs. Your help is appreciated.
  2. Definitaly H2 its why we have life and is the basic of chemical creations.
  3. I am an amature at pyrotechnics and I would love it if people with alot of experience with pyrotechnics could tell me ways to make good (high grade) smoke bombs that are semi-safe to breath (breathing in smoke isin't good for you no matter what id assume) like for paint-ball, and also ones to display like a factory smoke stack . I am willing to follow all safety procautions and will listen to the experts advice. thank you Spencer
  4. Well it looks like this thread hasen't had a post in a while but this topic realy dose interest me, If I were to do this which I woulden't because im an amature and I dont want molten sodium on my face but anyways; What is the point of making mettalic sodium when sodium in compounds is so much more usefull? How is it made in the industry and why would anyone buy mettalic sodium for anything else than throwing it in water and watching it go boom, if you want to do that get an acid and replace the hydrogen with a reactive metal and light a match, you will probably get acid all over you. With so many other "safe" explosives that are more spectacular than sodium why make it or even use it?
  5. Hey, my name is Spencer and I love chemistry and Ive finally found a place to disscus my ideas. (thank you, whoever founded this forum!)
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