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  1. "And here is where i input a set of Logical Paradox: If you one day you could travel into the future then later you could travel to the past." Stephen Hawking said you couldn't travel into the past because of the paradox
  2. Hi All, I am new to this forum. I watched s Stephen Hawking episode on Nat Geo last night 04/24/2010. It was about time travel. He said "my simple translation here" that if one could travel in space close to the speed of light that one could travel into the future. For example, If you were able to travel close to the speed of light in a space ship around the Earth for lets say 1 week, then 100 years could pass on Earth from the time when you left. My question is: If this could happen some day wouldn't the space traveler who comes back to Earth be of no real use to Earth's work force since He/She would know nothing about all the new technology from the time He/She left the Planet? You would be like a real young kid who doesn't know much about the real world. I can think of 1 good reason to want to do this. If you were sick with Cancer and a cure may have been found on Earth in the 100 Earth years you were gone. Other than that all you family and friends will be dead and you may kick your illness. I don't know what do you think? Please advise. Thanks
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