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  1. Chemistry has many examples of the exothermic formation of dipoles. For example if metallic iron is reacted with molecular oxygen the reaction is exothermic and create three dipoles. The iron becomes a cation indicating more protons than electrons, the oxygen becomes an anion indicating more electrons than protons and the two neutral starting materials become an ionic dipole of iron oxide.
  2. Without proof does one stay still or move forward. But if one moves forward one may be creating a house of cards. It concensus opinion begins to call the house of cards, a real house, than one will begin to forget that it was never built on a solid foundation. Its percarious perch combined with concensus opinion could turn it into a dogma of science, which prevents questioning its assumptions.
  3. The way we measure time is based on quantum increments like seconds or light years. Our perception of time is referenced between changes of state which are also incremental. Packets of energy is the wrong term. Packet of time potential is better since they contain neither distance or mass. These packets tag along with matter and energy. The forces of nature reflect the matter changing distance and mass to change the time potential of mass into energy. This orientation unifies force since all forces process time potential. If we look at a BB expansion, the early universe was too hot for the four forces to process time potential, instead there was only unified force. This was direct conversion from matter to energy and energy to mass, where both were cooling or moving toward lower time potential states. When the temp or equilibrium time potential reached a certain potential other forms of processing came into play.
  4. The idea of parallel universes or extra dimensions is a mathematical artifact and should be taken literally with a grain of salt. Mathematics draws a picture on the plane of reason, i..e, cause and effect. Just like in art, one can create 3-D images on a flat piece of paper. If one looks at the artwork just the way the artist intends, it can look 3-D. If one looks at it from another angle one will notice is it actually 2-D. It may still be a good logical theory but does not reflect a 3-D integration of the universe. To create 3-D from 2-D one needs a large number of rational planes each intersecting at different angles but with a common origin or common line. The line is better because it implies all good theories need to be to explain all the known data points instead of just one common data point. All these different planes reasoning will create a 3-D volume. They all together are helping us express an integrated understanding of the universe but none alone seem to be able to do whole thing. A 3-D theory would need to blend them all into one model.
  5. All the cells in the human body have the very same DNA. Each cellular differentiation will pack away all the unused/uneeded genes and only use a narrowed distribution of the entire DNA. The stems cells have not yet differntiated and are nice and loose. They and can go in any direction to potentially form any other cell. The left over stem cells within the mouse embryo are part of an organization or grouping of stem cells, which have a polarization as a whole. The polarization is not disrupted, maintaining the potential needed to drive the remainder in the direction of the final multicellular lifeform. The hole is filled in to complete the circuit.
  6. ADD is an example of supply driving demand. A supply of new drugs can not create a large market share without also creating demand. Everytime a new drug is created it is promoted for sale. I found the best way to remove symptoms of ADD is to find something that interests one. If one is bore stiff it is hard to concentrate. But if one is given something to do that they like, the ADD goes away. Maybe a good test for ADD is to allow one to do something that they really like, If they still can't concentrate maybe there is ADD.
  7. Instead of looking at time as a continuous stream, another way is to look at time is as a quantified entity. In other words, time is a potential like a little packet of energy, but without distance or mass. The time potential of the universe will last its life time. After it is used up, it is gone. The universal time packet was distributed into common matter, i.e., lasts as long as the universe. It is then slowly used up or is expressed by everything that has time in its equation, i.e., energy, velocity, force, etc. Relativity is not a problem with this orientation. Time dilation due to velocity is simply because velocity (ft/sec) contains time potential which is added to the existing time potential. If we decelerate from a relativistic reference the potential energy stored needs to go somewhere. The time potential is probably released as heat.
  8. Projection may be an over extension of the data, but the data does indicate some preprogramming, expressed via the imagination, that helps train the kittne alone the lines of the future needs of a cat.
  9. About a year ago I had an operation and the surgeon gave me oxycontin for pain. It worked great for the pain but gave me nausia. A friend gave me a little marijuana and a few hits got rid of the nausia. I don't smoke and hadn't smoked in a decade. I was feeling good after that. I can see how it might make cancer patient's life a little more comfortable especially with the radioactive hazardous legal stuff they pump them up with. The way I look at it is that we, as a culture, we would benefit from an objective scale of drug hazard. If marijuana is the illegal zero point, that is fine, but everything that has more net negative effect and/or creates more deaths, etc., than this zero point, should also be illegal. There are a lot of legal drugs that have mortality rates and which can cause negative side effects, liver damage, etc.. If these drugs, instead are chosen for the legal zero point, than anything less hazardous should also be legal. That seems fair and objective science. I am being naive on purpose, because the rules will never be based on objectivity.
  10. How about the ancient art of resistive heating. Just kidding. Resistive heating can be dangerous. An induction coil might work. A coil of copper tubing with water flowing inside and electricity at both ends of the copper. Place the sword in the coil when you need rapid heating. Power down when it gets white hot. The coil stays cool, only what is inside the coil gets hot. This could be also be dangerous. Stick to field tested low tech, it does the job with stuff you can improvise around the house. I believe the coke or charcoal adds carbon to the steel. Air helps to control the ratio.
  11. Nitrous hurts the engine due to the production of nitric acid. It is much safer than trying to use pure oxygen unless you could create a catalytic production of oxygen, i..e, solid or liquid that makes O2. It would still be easier to line the cylinders with stainless steel or even ceramic. These are more resistant to nitric acid. A stainless exhaust might also be in order.
  12. The data coming from the edge of the universe, which appears to be accelerating is actually data from 13 billions years ago. It is not what is happening today. Today's data from the edge of the universe will take 13-14 billions years to reach us. What we do know for sure is that the further back into time one goes (oldest transmitted data), the more the universe was accelerating. This makes sense since the original expansion from 13 billion years ago accelerated rapidly. Data that is closer to real time, i.e., from a billion years ago, shows very little red shift, indicting the modern universe has decellerated. The imaginary fifth force should be directed to help explain the potential beyond the original expansion. The fifth force is entropy. Entropy acts, tastes, and smells like a repulsive force but is not a force in the technical sense.
  13. This is an observation that anyone who has had or will have a kitten can observe. Even though the kitten was removed from its mother quite early, and may have only lived with its siblings in cage, once it gets home and comfortable, it is very common for them to play imaginary chase games. It is almost like internal brain software is projecting practice data through their eyes, into the environment, helping them to practice stalking, hunting and tracking skills. When they go into the environment they are already trained and prepared. Does basic collective human propensity also work via ingrained personality software and maybe projection?
  14. It appears that memory is built in layers. If one goes hiking in the woods within a new state, there are many trees that may be different than ones one might be used to seeing. Once someone adds a name to this basic tree association, it is now a tree that is also called the swamp oak. The swamp oak is now the outer layer. Maybe there are collective human base layers of memory association. Culture tops it off for a unique expression. Carnivores and Vegatarian animals seem to know which base layer to head for. The specific labelling of the sublayer might be taught.
  15. A few summers ago, while staying at the beach in NE, the moon came up from the ocean horizon and appeared blood red, but of the same size. it did this severals days in a row many others saw it. On the last day someone took a picture with a digital camera and moon appeared less than white but not red.
  16. This might make me unpopular but the reason things are getting so complicated is due to the assumption that mathematics always reflects reality. Don't get me wrong, math is very important, however, it can also create correlations, that work so well, they are assumed to reflect reality. Let me give an example, if I was to propose the stupid theory that gravity was due to the repulsion of matter by space, someone with good math skillls could take the existing equations from everywhere and turn them into a recripcal of sorts. These new equations would correlate the data as well as the existing theory. I would now have mathematical proof for an illusion of science. Because these equations correlate so well, other may build upon this illusion as though it is true, using good science and math. The result will always be an illusion that correlates even more data. Hypothetically speaking, what would happen if the strings of string theory are found not exist. Oops, never mind! That correlation might still be excellent, but taken literally, it would be a illusionary understanding of reality. It should be called the String Correlation until its fundamental premise is proven. The same should be done for a wide variety of other mathematical correlations that are called theories. This simple change of nnomenclature would place them in the right place in our minds, i..e, still very useful for many practical applications, but maybe or maybe not a hindrance to our full understanding reality. This orientation keeps the options open rather than restricted down a couple of correlation trails.
  17. Diamond in a hexagonal packing is no longer diamond so one would be comparing apples and oranges.
  18. Sensory illusions like smell illusions can occur from within. This is not uncommon within dreams. If one looks at the circuitry of the brain, data is inputted into the sensory systems and then stored with similar data. This allows us to smell something and know what it is, due to the association. It seems reasonable that the composite data is stored in the brain. If a dream or unconscious potential activates the composite memory one will both think they smell the stimulus and know its association. It not uncommon for a song from the past ot bring one back or activate a extended memory train, that may include smells and tastes.
  19. The problem I have with genetic theories of evolution is that although genes are the templates of life, how does the template alter the template? For example, the template of all molecules is connected to atomic orbitals and atoms. From our knowledge of these simple orbital templates one can create nearly endless molecules. The molecules with the best ability to replicate are the ones that are found most commonly in nature. This distribution is dependant on the physical environment. The orbital templates go not change, but if we increase the temp or change the atomic distribution within the environment a whole new distribution of molecules will form. The template is fundamental, the molecular distribution is the result, while the environment is the cause. The fundamental template of life are the base pairs. These remain the same in all environments and in all genes. The genetic material is variable with the environmental potential just like molecules (they are polymer molecules). The changing potentials within the evolving earth environment drove the background potentials by which molecules would form from the orbitial templates, and the DNA distribution evolved from its base pair template. Quantum jumps or genetic mutations may be an conceptual artifact of quantum data collection. Although, the earth has been known to go through abrupt geological changes which coodinate well with abrupt changes within the genetic distribution. The new environmental push on the four base template of life can cause quantum genetic changes. The bridge between the orbitals, the chemical environment, the base pairs and the genetic distribution is hydrogen bonding. One can get more fundamental. The template of orbitals are the electrons, protons, EM force and the nuclear forces. The hydrogen proton is unique. When it is fused with other protons it can create the atoms of life (C, N, O, P, Na, K, S, etc., with the release of a lot of energy. This implies that the hydrogen proton exists at a higher potential than all these nuclear protons. Hydrogen bonding is more than just a slight chemical bonding potential that adds a new twist to the orbital template, it is also the father of C,N,O. It contains a nuclear potential with respect to C,N,O, i.e., could release tremendous energy if it could nuclear fuse. I am not saying that the goal of life is fusion, although its highest expression on earth has learned to fuse hydrogen. What I am saying is that a natural potential exists within the H. Without hydrogen bonding life would still be the primal soup sludge.
  20. I would like to propose a fun conceptual model that can readily explain all the observational universe. Picture is we created a house of mirrors. We position the mirrors at various long distances so that the light reflected between all the mirrors takes various amounts of time to return to us. The time delay and the reflections of time delay would allow one to see the step by step history of their visit in the house of mirrors reflected back to them at the same time real time events are being reflected. If we also allow our house of mirrors to expand with a uniforn velocty from center, each reflection will be red shifted and the more times the light is reflected back and forth will result in the most additive red shift. This will create an illusion that the events from the beginning of our visit are accelerating away from us at the highest velocity. If we go into our house of mirrors with a group of friends and then scatter, each person would view themselves as the center, while the history of our and everyone else's visits would create a diversity of real time, historical and red shifted data.
  21. When water freezes to form ice, it expands. This anomoly is due to the hydrogen bonding optimizing or minimizing potential. Irregardless, this expansion makes ice less hard than if it was a normal contracting solid. At cold enough temps, all solid materials will contract. Both water and diamond start as tetrahedral atomic arrangements. Theoretically, maximum density packing would be better served by changing to a hexagonal style packing arrangment. This is where water may have the advantage; hexagonal carbon is no longer diamond.
  22. Light or energy is unique in that it express both the speed of light and finite reference at the same time. The equivilency of mass and energy seems to indicate that its mass associated (m=0) aspect travels at the speed of light. While its distance and time components, expressed as wavelength and frequency, define a non speed of light reference. When light is doppler shifted, the speed of light or its m=0 component remains constant while its distance and time aspects will display the affects of changing between two relativistic references. It is this finite aspect of light that defines inertial reference since what we see is what we know. When we convert energy to mass, the speed of light component or the m=0 aspect of energy becomes finite in mass and velocity. The size or distance aspect of energy will become very small unless one considers the gravitational force an infinite extension of the mass. The time component will become either very transient (laboratory created particles) or will becomes very long in time duration (common matter).
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