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  1. The right side of the brain is more spatial, while the left side of the brain is logical or rational. The spatial part of the brain stores 3-D memory, while the left side of the brain is more 2-D (cause and effect) and stores 2-D memory. The subconscious uses the faster and more dense 3-D memory grid and will periodically output to ego consciousness. Usually the signal is unconscious because it is too dense for the ego to translate and will often appear as an intuition, i.e, complex feeling tone loaded fast memory. If the ego can translate it to 2-D, the ego can give some rational meaning to the 3-D output. Using a geometric analogy, the 3-D memory is a ball, while 2-D memory is a plane. The 2-D ouptut from the 3-D memory is usually one or more planes that intersect the ball. The more rational planes the closer one can get to expressing a 3-D memory. For example the integrated concept of God, is not very easy to put into words, this 3-D memory would require volumes of writing to begin to express its full meaning. The sum of all these rational planes begin to express the volume of the 3-D ball. The subconscious is only unconscious because culture wants it to be. There is a language called symbolism which allows one to have a better shot a translating the 3-D memory. Symbolism is somewhere between 2-D and 3-D and provides a step down link for rational translation. This link suggests if the ego studied all points of view about a subject, the subconscious would stored the same memory into 3-D. This would be a natural integration of the data. The next step is to translate the 3-D back to 2-D to give it rational meaning.
  2. I agree that the nuclear forces are much stronger than the EM forces. The nuclear forces contains the protons of the nucleus within a small box. But even in this small box, the protons will still have charge and magnetism due to motion. The optimization of the nuclear EM forces should create something simlar to electron orbitals. . Proton orbitals probably contain a similar degree of freedom but within the confined of certains positions within space. The observation that protons never fuse without neutrons and vice versa implies that maybe the electrons fused to the neutrons move around the nucleus and may be responsible for the strong nuclear force. These are not normal electrons but electrons with no negative charge loosely bonded to protons also without positive charge.
  3. That is not entirely true. Time potential is the natural pull to the future as you define it. Going from matter to energy uses up time potential. The attractive forces of nature process time potential through matter to create energy. This processing makes time move forward toward lower time potential. The contemporary idea of time is philosophical and not science. This blending of philosophy with science is causing problem for physics theory. That is probably one of the many reasons there are more than one set of laws of physics. This blend of subjectivity and the lack of its phsyical incorporation makes even fantasy reality seem possible.
  4. Fusion is highly exothermic, which means it wants to go forward. The H-bombs ran out of fuel is the reason they stop. Add more fuel nearby and the chain reaction will proceed. Within a star there is plenty of fuel neaby. It seems logical that an exothermic reaction of this magnitude should be self sustaining especially if heat output is segregated from material imput. The magnetic field direction of the sun, north and south is probably where solar heat output is maximized into space. The equatorial plane, when the planet were hotter at one time, would have created a lower thermal gradient along the equator of this making this a better zone of fuel input. The idea of self sustaining nuclear fusion an dsolar eddies is new and may go against the grain of existing theory, but it does not go against the grain of logic and common sense. We don't have fusion right now because their approach is wrong. The only fusion demonstrated thus far on earth started with a chemical solid state of lithium deuteride onto which gamma rays are focused. The plasma approach has yet to demonstrate anything more than a possible means of containment. The plasma approach uses high entropy particles whereas the fusion that works everytime uses low entropy deuterium that is contained in a chemical state.
  5. You are both correct in the sense that the DNA does not physically change its base sequence during a consciously induced hunger reaction. However, the fixed DNA is still alterred with respect to its steady state genetic expression. Figure it out, there are genes connected to instincts, therefore if one can consciously manipulate the instinct out of a natural cycle one is also manipulating those genes. Causing mutations is a different matter unless the nervous potential also has an impact on gamete cell formation, which is very likely since nervous tissue is nearby.
  6. I am going to introduce a new theory for rapid star formation from seed stars. Nuclear fusion is an highly exothermic reaction. Although gravity may be required to induce the original primal fusion, the question becomes, is gravity still needed to help sustain this highly exothermic reaction that wants to proceed forward? It is sort of like needing a match to start a fire, but once the fire is lit because it is highly exothermic the fire becomes self perpetuating if fuel is nearby. The fire will pull in the air that it needs to keep going. Here is the theory, after gravity induced fusion in the earliest seed stars, the strong self sustaining exothermic potential called fusion got hotter and hotter as it pulled more and more fuel into the fusion fire. This heat will puff out the star lowering the effects of gravity. Eventually, the fuel input geometry became a deterent to forfilling the needs of the ever increasing exothermic potential. The result were fusion eddies spinning out of the core. Fusion eddies formed because they increased the surface area for the strong self sustaining increasing nuclear potential called fusion. Same spin fusion eddies will repel causing the stable creation of a new centers of fusion. The separation of the fusion eddies will lower the competition for food or hydrogen fuel, allowing more fuel flux perimeter surface area for further eddies to form, etc.. Eventually, the amount of attracted hydrogen fuel will cause the gravity to increase until graviy begins to slowly dominate fusion potential. The result will be eddies forming within the fusion core but unable to break free from the star or maybe even the core. This periodic appearance/disappearance of eddies will result in the hotter and cooler variations at the perimeter of steady state stars, i.e, solar flares and sun spots.
  7. All the planets have the same spin direction. If one looks at weather systems, high pressure systems have clockwise spin due to the rotation of the earth and low pressure systems have counterclockwise spin due to the condensation of water. The high and low pressure systems attract each because their opposite spins are additive. The parallel spin of all the planets makes them subtractive or repulsive to each other. This would have repelled them early in their formation. Any additive spinning planets would have added or become attracted to other planets to form larger planets.
  8. I developed a very simple physics model that can explain this but it is quite different from existing theory. But here goes. The model I developed simplies everything in physics and chemistry down to just three variables, mass, distance and time potential. If one looks at special relativity these are the only three variables that change with reference, all the rest (laws of physics/chemistry) are the same in all references. All the rest of the laws of nature are nevertheless influenced by changes in these three basic variables, implying these three are the most fundamental data set, which can be differentiated further. And electron and proton will both contain different ratios of mass, distance and time potential. The proton has more mass potential because it is more massive, the electron has more distance potential because it exists within larger space, while both last as long as the universe implying both have high time potential, that is greater than particle accelerator produced matter. When an orbital transition occurs, the energy output reflects changes in distance and time potential occurring between the electron and proton. This distance and time potential is quantified in the wavelength and frequency of the energy that is emitted. The electron lowers its distance potential when it falls into a lower orbital. The change of time potential is observed as heat. With mass conserved during EM force there is no change of mass potential. The nuclear forces are more connected to changes within the mass potential of protons and neutrons with only small change of distance potential, but higher changes of time potential as reflected by the high heat output.
  9. Having time be a substance or quanta actually simplifies the analysis. Time potential quanta are used up by force. This causes a change of state. The object goes from one time potential state into another lower time potential state. The difference is energy. If we looked into the future or at a possible future state of an object, than so much time potential needs to be processed to reach this final state. No object is entirely isolated from the environment, such that interactions can happen along the way that shift the time potential processing distribuiton, thereby resulting in some variability within the predicted final state.
  10. The rapid formation of galaxies close to t=0 creates a paradox for physics. Since the astronomy data is direct data using know technology that works, I trust this data. This data suggests that either the doppler shift is wrong or the primal physics is wrong. They both can not be right. The doppler shift is well understood and has direct experiental data to back it up. The primal physics is a little less certain. One way to keep both theories is to simply change one primal assumption. In particular, if the BB expansion was due to entropy instead of force then primal physics could be more consistent with this data. Picture this. If we separated the primordial atom into two chunks and separated them a distance d, it would contain less entropy than a continuum shell of smaller particles a diameter d. Both will contain the same mass times distance, but the two big chunks would contain less entropy since the breakup into a continuum of particles will define more entropy due to its higher number of particle. As such, for the same entropy potential, acting for the same distance, the two big chunks will have more free energy left over for other things. The big chunks with more free energy left over will give them the extra potential to make the galaxies form rapidly. The big bomb atomizes while an entropy expansion will more than likely quantum chunk due to mass and finite velocity not being fully able to express the entropy potential.
  11. The second half of the uracil and thymine question is connected to cell cycles and the production of DNA. As the cell advances toward the replication of the DNA, the accummulation of proteins needed to define two daughter cells with increase the aqueous hydrogen bonding potential within the cytoplasm. This will shift equilibirum monomer production away from the lower hydrogen bonding potential RNA monomers, containing the lower surface tension uracil, into the higher surface tension thymine and hydrogen potential potential DNA monomers. This new flux into the nuclear membrane will increase the hydrogen bonding potential within the nuclear membrane volume causing a new equilbirium for the DNA, which leads to the equilibrium production of the higher hydrogen bonding potential duplicated DNA.
  12. Years back at college I did some research growing plants with electric fields. This was based on 1905 research. It actually works and increases yields and sugar production. A EE friend of mine built me a 1500V DC (2watts) device that I used to set up two aluminum foil plates above and below the potted plants. I taped the upper plate to the ceiling by a string because it was very light. One night, the tape unstuck and the upper plate fell on the plants and electrocuted most of them. What appeared to happen was that the capulary action within the water flow of the plants became disrupted (maybe bubbles). The plants keeled over. With the experiment mostly ruined I took the electrodes and started to look at the effects of a direct zap on the remaining plants. The disruption process was very fast, almost immediately with no chance of recovery. One may use one of those TASAR devices for further experiments. One should be able to target distinct weeds without hurting things around it.
  13. When one thinks of it, the poor countries would have an advantage if there was a global catastrope. These people an dtheir bodies are used to living in a very rarified world. They would have the best chance of survival thereby being one of the primary gene pools for the future of humanity. People in the richer countries are like beautiful flowers than require very specific cultural conditions to thrive. This brings up an interesting point in that culture is sort of a prosthesis device that allows higher human expression, which may help evolve human genetics beyond the natural environment. Most of us exist within a higher state of life due to culture providing everything in the background. In a case of a global catastrope, the cultural prosthesis is removed. Most people would have a hard time maintaining their new car, never mind the production of their own food. Money allows one to hire someone else to be an extension of onself. Without that extension, walking upright with one's head held high in a wild environment is no longer that easy. We may need to look for an American Indian to help us earn to live off the harsh land.
  14. The DNA double helix is held together via hydrogen bonding between base pairs. If one was to separate the double helix it will want to reform the double helix to minimize hydrogen bonding potential within the background hydrogen bonding potential of the water. A triple helix would contain too much residual hydrogen bonding potential. This would cause nonequilbrium for all the enzymes used for genetic expression. These enzymes would not want to approach and bind to the DNA. Instead the DNA would attract protein materials needed to help lower its hydrogen bonding potential. Theoretically, one could modify the unpacking and transcription enzymes so that they are in equilibrium with this higher hydrogen bonding potential state of the DNA. But this would alter the hydrogen bonding gradient to the cellular membrane and cause the cellular gradient (positioning of materials) to shift, requiring new proteins to maintain the gradient. This new protein train may not be able to provide for the cellular diversity needed to express life.
  15. Genetics are the templates of life but a cell is more than just DNA and a multicellular animal is more than just the sum of its cells. Humans can make their bodies do things it was not intended to do. If we pertubate the DNA within one set of cells, the whole body needs to integrate the change. This may result in slack somewhere else. What is needed is a new approach that can better take into consideration multicellular integration. The brain of an animal appears to be the highest expression of the entire organism. The blood supply appears to be the base potential. It is not cooincidendal that nervous and circulatory tissue is everywhere within the body. These should create an hydrogen bonding potential gradient for all the cells of the body. The brain output is variable, while the blood potential is much less so. Picture these as the poles of a integrated circuit. Everything in the middle will help connect the potential. The brain and consciousness can manipulate the DNA. For example, if one thinks of food they can make themselves hungry. This hunger feeling, if extended beyond natural, can be traced back to certain genes becoming more active, increasing the production of the specific mRNA and then the specific proteins needed to generate the enhanced chemical output rate required to feel more than naturally hungry.
  16. I believe that everything on the earth is part of the earth and it would stop all at the same time. If things not bolted down are assumed to go flying, the oceans would tidal wave and the mountain ranges would lifting and fall. Every fault line would be under strains that would fail.
  17. Excellent points, I am convinced of your arguments with respect to virus and bacteria. Your analysis is simple, which is closer to the truth, and hard to refute. Larger organism like animals are a different story. The selfish gene theory may explain the survival of a species but not its evolution into a higher state of another rank of animals. It is also strange that the most advanced cultures restrain the number of childern. The selfish gene theory would suggests being poor and destitude countries are at a higher level of genetic expression.
  18. The link for the data is at http://www.scienceforums.com/science-news/astronomy-news/4056-nasa-finds-big-baby-galaxies-newborn.html. I was being nice at 1billions years, the calculation is 800million.
  19. If the earth was only slowly rotating on its axis such that one side always was light and hot this would shift the thermal gradients of the earth and cause the weather convection to go from the hot side to the cool side. If the cold side was cold enough then eventually all the water in the hot zone would become snow and ice on the cold side. The hot side would become desert. There should be a circle between the hot and cold zone where a balance between hot-cold and light darkness would form where moderate conditions would allow plants to grow.
  20. That is correct. But that implies if electrons are available for the hydrogen to share the proton is not going anywhere but will try to fill in the volume due to the concentration gradient. The H3O+ does not sink to the bottom over time, but is a loose molecular configuration that will form and reform so that it can appears everywhere within the liquid volume. Hydrogen entering the mantle will want to diffuse in the direction of less hydrogen instead of more hydrogen; this should induce it inward.
  21. I like the idea of baiting them. Give them what they want (there was alot of good suggestions) so what they want is where you chose. A large box 3/4 closed box with a no-pest-strip in the box near the feast will dwindle their numbers quickly.
  22. That may be true but they are nevetheless heading in the direction of negative consequences instead of equally in the direction of beneficial and negative consequences.
  23. The answer has to do with hydrogen bonding potential. The thymine has the extra methyl group and uracil has H in place (everything else stays the same). The methyl group on thymine will create more surface tension in water which implies that the hydrogen bonding potential of the DNA is masw higher than RNA. The lower surface tension and hydrogen bonding potential of RNA is beneficial to protein translation, since most proteins contain residual hydrogen bonding potential, and as they grow in size that number increases. The lower H-bonding potential of the RNA allows larger proteins to form than if mDNA was used.
  24. I am not sure if I can go alone with this random error analysis. For example, viruses and bacteria, are always in a state of change that goes faster than 1 in a million lpng shot. These smart little bugs are improving as fast as we can create medicines for them. This would appear to imply something else creating the potential for change. I view the whole environment setting the needed potential. The bubonic plague in Europe centuries ago resulted from a chain of events stemming from the overcrowded and unsanitary conditions. It was not just a mutate strain randomly appearing that randonly cooincided with the overcrowded and unsanitary conditions.
  25. If one extrapolates the expension of the universe backwards it does seem to meet at the BB. There is a problem with BB in its existing guise. Data has appeared that inidicates that some galaxies formed less than 1 billions years after the BB. The existing continuum expansion model just cannot accommodate such rapid galaxy. formation. What would need to happen is a discontinuous expansion, where the BB breaks into chunks. Although this is a logical conclusion that fits the data, existing physics theory can not accommodate what is needed.
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