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  1. & yet he speaks with a Scottish accent & is called Scotty. The Scotts get quite upset when mistaken for Irish.
  2. Eddy, they are all "only theories"
  3. Hi Zarkov, first time I've spoken to you on this forum. How's the Tassie chill? Again & again people on these forums will say: "The onus is on the author of the new theory to provide proof" otherwise we'd have to accept Radical Edward's Smelly repulsion theory until we could mount a "REAL" moon mission to prove him wrong.
  4. A lenghty but related cut & paste. I believe Carl Sagan was the author:
  5. The exact role (if any) of aluminum in Alzheimer’s disease is still being researched and debated. However, most researchers believe that not enough evidence exists to consider aluminum a risk factor for Alzheimer’s or a cause of dementia. Alzheimer's Support Web Site
  6. The big factor here is stars (hence galaxies) generate lots of light. Any planet beyond the orbit of Pluto would only reflect light, & not much out there to reflect. As a metaphor: It's easier to find someone at night if they're holding a torch!
  7. I've just been reading a thread about quantum "teleportation," & it got me thinking: People seem to assume that, as past achievements had been considered "impossible" but then achieved, the same must be true for what is currently impossible. Past "Impossibles:" If man was meant to fly, god would've given him wings. It is "impossible" to fly faster than sound. Humans will never travel in space. Some conclude that: We will learn how to travel faster than light. We will learn how to teleport matter. We can master the art of becoming invisible. We will discover how to travel through time. The general idea is of you can write a Sci-Fi book about it, then it must be possible. Anyone else got any thoughts on the matter? Are there some things that truley cannot be done?
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