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  1. Do you guys ever say anything meaningful, you'all are good at the chat, put downs, and slander, have you ever done anything original, put your arse on the line. A mark of a TRUE scientist is search, try and suck it and see. You guys are piss poor !!! When I see some actual brain power there , may be I will regain some respect, but at the moment all I see is yapping little dogs < (:
  2. I made an error on the satellite figure it should have been the square root of that, which yields 437 kms/sec, a big difference. The surface gravity is 271 m / sec^2
  3. There is a problem with the program on your server. If we need to talk of gravity it should be in the spin gravity thread. The values of g for the planets past Mars, are low by between 5 - 17 %. This could explain the mysterious acceleration towards the Sun that deep proble are experiencing. This is a third try
  4. This one worked... Totally theoretical, but the interesting point is that the g values for the planets past mars are all low 5-17%, this could explain the mystery accereration towards the Sun that all deep probe craft are experiencing.
  5. Fafalone, I have worked out the surface "gravity" g, value for the Sun, has this ever been published? Also a surface skimming satellite of the Sun would have to travel at 63% of the speed of light to remain a satellite. There is still a problem with posting, I got an error message and had to hit refresh to move onto this post page.
  6. Rad E, I expect the doors were closed from the outside, when the outer layers of blocks were added, once the insides were finished. What were they used for then Rad E ??
  7. How on earth could anyone 211 feet up a 9 inch square shaft, open or close a stone door?? One on each side, what is the reason, unless it was to air the insides when construction was in progress, then they were shut so that the water process could be efficient. ???
  8. That's my choice. If the planets were stable or "attracted" to the sun how did they get in a power array ? If "attraction" is OK, then why is it not possible to correctly simulate the solar system on computer, why is a more than 2 body program not solved ? Why then do we see in the solar system an asteroid belt, or rings ? Where does a suspended magnet get it's energy from to defy "gravity" (hold itself up) for eons if correctly set up ? As long as yo'all know the answers, why should you ask questions ! I don't know all the answers, the only statement I know to be true is "everything must change" and I am keen to observe these changes.
  9. What is gravity, Fafalone, I do not think anything can pull! This is the debate.......and the answer is...
  10. CAIRO, Egypt (AP) -CNN- Scientists using a robot have discovered yet another door deep inside the Great Pyramid, Egypt's head archaeologist said. The discovery followed the September 17 revelation on live television of a chamber behind a similar stone door in an 8-inch square shaft in the pyramid Pharaoh Khufu built more than 4,000 years ago. "This find in the northern shaft, coupled with last week's discovery ... in the southern shaft, represents the first major new information about the Great Pyramid in more than a century," said Zahi Hawass, director of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, on Monday. The 452-foot-high pyramid is the largest of three that form a group with the Sphinx in the desert outside Cairo. A camera thrust through the south shaft's door last week revealed what appeared to be another door on the other side of a 9-inch-square chamber, for a total of three so far in the pyramid. Hawass said the south shaft's first door and the door just discovered in the north shaft were each 211 feet from the large central chamber.
  11. Call it "Coffee Table Science", and when it gains sufficient weight it can be moved to a more appropriate category.
  12. If that is the case Fafalone, and I doubt it, then the whole solar system has a perfect symetry, with an assortment of masses,... I would have liked to have talked to someone about this, but I am just a crackpot.....it is hard to discuss anything.....and this is on ANY forum!
  13. Thats correct Fafalone, the planets must be spiralling out under some force, maybe solar wind, or the initial radial ejection force. I will post it here, but I have to enter into an agreement with Nature, that I give them the copyright! and I can only reproduce it with their permission, which they usually give. The insist of publishing first, then when it's old news I am basically free to do with it as I will, but only with their permission. I don't like this , but if they publish they have a wide readership. It is the way of the world nowdays. :)
  14. Edited reply :- Hello Macmillan Magazines Limited, Nature - Electronic Submissions with Site ID: 1337501 Administrator, A WAM!NET® Internet Gateway package is being delivered to: Macmillan Magazines Limited, Nature Esubmission (SITEID: 2403601) Tracking ID: 1337501-21555 Job ID: Caley Client ID: Caley Job Ticket: Original Submission to Nature Number Of Files: 1 Size: 17.1KB ----------- What follows is the information from the Original Submission to Nature Job Ticket Submission*: Category = Astronomy IntendedFormat = Article TitleOfSubmission = The Angular momentum of the Solar System is closed. Angular Velocity of Planetary Orbits Obey a Power Law. FirstParagraph = The total angular momentum of the Universe is conserved. This is beautifully demonstrated in our own Solar System. The Angular Momentum of an orbiting body is equal to the Centripetal force = m r w^2 .................(1) so m r w^2 = K .................(2) and therefore r w^2 = K / m .................(3) = Guniversal (Newton's Gravitational Constant ) .................(4) so for any system with the same central mass rw^2 = Gcentral mass .................(5) Covering Letter: CoverLetter = This article demonstrates that the planets are in a 2^n order with respect to angular velocity. Newtons Universal Gravitational Constant is shown to be equivalent to angular momentum. Thank You, WAM!NET® Internet Gateway Notification Agent **** Please Do Not Respond To This Message **** For Technical assistance, please e-mail support@wamnet.com or visit http://support.wamnet.com $BANNER_AD
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