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  1. your ignorant. plain and simple. if you weren't such a newbie at life. you are really just very jealous of something he created that you can't. so your going to bash it and bring it down.. flamer.:lame:
  2. theres no reasons to beat around the bush.. i mean.. who still laughs at the word.. VAGINA :haha:
  3. cloning serves no real purpose. none at all. all it does is cause trouble. sure i believe in god. and i believe in aliens. but im gonna take a non religious look at this. what use would a human clone do: work: well why should we put a human through slavery. i know it exisits in many countrys, but why should we force someone to do something we know is wrong. live forever: well you wouldnt be living forever. you would still die, and there would be the other person. not you, the other person. more people: this world is over populated, we need to start killing off people. not creating them i know theres prolly more, but i can not think of any. clonings stupid. theres no reason to create another person. now, i can see infertile couples cloning something for a kid. or a women who can not bare children, have a cloned one. those.. maybe are ok. but cloning to clone is stupid.
  4. yes. its like any other std. if you blow ur load in her throat, its gonna contain hiv. then if her body doesn't kill it off, shell get it :/. btw, vaginal is less likly to spread it because the vagina kills off alot of stuff down there. the butthole doesnt, so therefore its more probable to get it anally then vaginally. (dont know if you already said it)
  5. well.. im taking wood shop and gym :lame:
  6. well thats cause england is run by a bunch of pansy's. you guys dont have the balls to stop terrorism and we do. well hunt down the terrorists while you brits eat your tea and crumpets. playing cricket and not visiting dentists. thats what america is about...
  7. you can't control the global market. you can have influence in it. but you can't control it. they sell american fighter jets on the arabian black market. who cares. we may re-arm them, but at least now that they have american equipment, we know how to use it against them. considering we made it. doesnt sound so dumb anymore.. does it?
  8. well, for the ammount of people that HIV effects, its kind of hard to believe that no cases were reported in the 1500's or something. (thats what i meant by 1900 years or whatever) i was trying to say there were like no reported cases until the 70's. and if it just started poping up in the 70's. and it was a natural virus (non man made (duh)) what would make other virus's that layed dormant for so many years from just popping up. i mean they know syphalius has been around for hundreds of years, so why not HIV?
  9. im sry. getting older sucks once u passed the 21 mark, until then thats all u pray for.
  10. i think faf is right. i dunno bout the matrix. although tuesday i was thinking i was in the matrix. waiting for the sports bus after football practice i saw a bus pull in and i blink and it was gone. the same bus did it 3 times. i was going crazy, no one else saw it but me.. time to lock me up
  11. hmm, its kind of hard to think of it not people human made. if a virus like this had stayed dormant for so many years (apprently the first reported case was in the 70's, so thats like 1900 years) what stops other, more powerful virus from popping up when ever they want to in the future?
  12. actually.... i have heard of this theory quite on accident. I didn't even think about it until i was taking a test, and i heard a teacher start teaching that in class. when i heard it, i wondered. then i decided to ask someone who would prolly know before anyone on sf would know. this person pretty much told me that that rumor, was true. but it wasn't just aimed at blacks. it was aimed at, what at the time, seemed to set 'negative tones' to society. They were blacks, homeless people, gays, and latin americans. I wasn't told how it was first introduced in society. the reason that they thought this plan wouldnt backfire, was because at the time (i think) was because groups were predomantly staying together. So i dont know how the first HIV virus was broken out, if it was in a drug, food, or what ever. the fact that people think that some dude was bit by a monkey, and had sex to cause this massive world wide epidemic we had on our hands, is insane. how could 1 person, help spread this virus to millions of people world wide, in a short time?
  13. ahem. im sorry i left for so long.. but... im returning <3333 sry everyone, my bad. mage is back. aim: cky irc: irc.darcfx.com , #idlewhores visit me sometime.
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