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  1. Sorry I'm behind in the times. What's an IUD? and how do they work?
  2. Here in Ohio, U.S. we were having a normal winter until new years hit. Since then it's been pretty mild. It's supposed to hit 70 degrees tomorrow then drop to 35 the next day. January averaged like 15 degrees above average here.We've had alot up and down with the temps this winter. Last year (04-05)we had the snowiest winter ever recorded but then we also had tornadoes in November/December. Last summer was one of the mildest I've ever seen; not as hot and there weren't any of the big thunderstorms that I like. I guess the biggest difference I've seen is the erractic behavior of the weather. Not really a whole season out of whack it's just a little jumbled together and from one extreme to the other anymore. Although, it might have something to do with living by a bunch of large freshwater lakes? I heard were like 1 out of 2 places in the world to have lake effect snow. I've seen the weather change drastically in an hour mostly because the wind started blowing over the lake.
  3. I feel as though it's the opposite. I'm not a neurologist or anything but I think boredom will lead to a bad memory; at least of the boring things. Does he have a good memory of things he enjoys? For me it's really hard to remember things that don't interest me. I can remember things from science class as far back as third grade (I can replay it in my head) but I can't remember anything from a history class in my life; not even the teachers. It sounds to me that his work doesn't intrique or stimulate him enough to let him memorize anything from there. Maybe the presence of seratonin or some other brain chemical brought on by stimulation helps you retain a better memory. Does anyone know if this is true? Stoned I don't think it has anything to do with the level of intelligence or needing more stimulation. I think it just has to be the right kind of stilmulation. And I think that brain stimulation can lead to a higher IQ. Anyone agree?
  4. Ok what if I could add something that would raise the freezing point. I think table salt does this but I'd like to stay away from that.
  5. Lol, well I guess that would help if I was serving the food to death row inmates!
  6. 1. 5614 2. Even though we have our disagreements "ecoli is one smart guy" 3.AzurePhoenix 4.Bascule 5.AzurePhoenix amuses me 6.Can't say. Not as faithful as I'd like to be Lol, should we have one for the person who asks the most questions? Or perhaps the most intriguing?
  7. Are there any edible substances (compounds?) that can be added to food to cause an endothermic reaction? Kind of like putting an ice cube in hot soup to cool it down but using a compound instead & getting more of an effect like an instant ice pack. I'm thinking it might depend on the food but I'm not sure. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!!!
  8. I'm the same way & my doctor also told me it's a sign of ADHD. Sometimes the reason I can't remeber things is because I don't pay attention when things are being told to me; not on purpose though. I just sorta fade off alot and think about 20 different things but then I can remember things as far back as when I was 3 and memorize numbers and codes very well. I've tried to improve my attetion span with out any luck I feel it's because it's so inadvertant I don't know when to concentrate harder. Eithert way I still hate walking into a room & forgetting why I went there. I even bought some ginko biloba pills to help but I can't remember to take them, lol. Something I read said the consumption of glutens will increase this affect. Does anyone know if this is true?
  9. Hey, I was just wondering what process of reactions is going on in an instant ice pack. I've included a link with all the ingredients. "Endothermic composition and cold pack Document: United States Patent 4081256 Abstract: A particulate composition producing an endothermic reaction when mixed with water, and a cold pack containing such a composition, and water isolated therefrom until the intended time of use. The composition consists essentially of, in parts by weight, about 65 to about 130 parts urea, about 35 to about 80 parts hydrated sodium acetate (Na C.sub.2 H.sub.3 O.sub.2 .multidot.3H.sub.2 O), about 18 to about 40 parts potassium chloride, potassium nitrate, or mixtures thereof, about 18 to about 30 parts ammonium chloride, and about 6 to about 10 parts quar gum. A cold pack comprises an outer sealed, flexible, impermeable enclosure containing the composition, and an inner sealed, flexible, impermeable, easily ruptured enclosure containing about 85 to about 140 parts by weight water. The pack reaches and maintains a temperature of about -7.degree. C for up to 30 minutes, and is moldable to conform to the surfaces being cooled." http://freepatentsonline.com/4081256.html
  10. "Ammonia powder is ammonium bicarbonate' date=' a leavening agent that is a precursor of today's baking powder and baking soda; it must be ground to a powder before using. It is also known as hartshorn, carbonate of ammonia or powdered baking ammonia." Sorry, should have googled it [u']first[/u]. My fault!
  11. Does anyone know another name for ammonium bicarbonate? I hear it's more popular in the UK than in the USA. I've never heard of it and I was looking to buy some but couldn't find it in the grocery store so I thought that possibly there's a more common name for it. I'm looking to use it as a low sodium replacement for baking soda. Thanks!
  12. Sorry, I know this is an old thread I was just wondering why does cancer go into remission and can slacking in a healthy diet cause it to start again? Also, from reading this thread it seems like the best "cure" is going to be prevention. Why don't we teach this (in depth) to kids in school? I'm sure teachers skim over it but it seems the best thing is to explain to kids why a healthy diet is so important; not just tell them it's good for them. This article alone scared me enough to make sure my family and I eat healthier (more b vitamins too). Also, just something I noticed. It seems that since americans diets are targeted more towards convenience than health maybe that's why cancer has been evolving much faster than we can keep up with. Why can't the government just enforce more foods (especially "convenience" foods) be vitamin-fortified? This seems to make the most sense for prevention to me. Obviously the public won't just switch their diets overnight so you would have to make vitamins almost inevitable in foods. Although, I think I read somewhere that just vitamins alone aren't what you need it's where you get them from and how you take them. Also, why can't we reverse the mutation or make the make the mutated cells mutate Again into something non-harmful? Just curious.
  13. Thank you. I thought there was something else to that.
  14. Nevermind. I copied it then pasted in Internet Explorer and it worked. That is pretty nice.
  15. It acts like it wants to load then redirects to this: can't find the web site 500 Unknown Host The site may no longer exist or it may have moved. Double-check for any misspellings, punctuation errors, or extra spaces. If these suggestions do not work, try restarting your computer. Error: Can't find web site mrl.nyu.edu.nyud.net
  16. This link won't work for me. It says web page can't be found. Any help?
  17. Ecoli: "And if the mother can't afford to keep the baby? It's not like it was her decision to have one... is it fair to bring a baby into the world that can't supported by it's own mother. Even adoption is not the prefect solution, preventing unwanted children from being born allieviates stress on the adoption clinics. Some children spend years being shifted from foster home to foster home, never finding a real place for themselves... often falling to cime... does that sound like the usual love and care?" Dude, The world isn't fair or perfect. If it was the lady wouldn't have been raped in the first place. It's less fair to make that decision for the baby and not give it a chance. The mother being poor or mentally unstable is by no means an excuse to end an unborn childs life. You would rather "allieviate" stress from the adoption clinics and crank up the business for the abortion clinics? That's just like saying we should stop arresting criminals because our jails are getting full. Some children who started out in a perfectly good homes end up in foster shelters and others who mothers can't or won't take care of them will be taken in by family members and lead a fulfilling and productive life. Seems like you need to take a look at it from a marolistic point of view than from a business perspective.
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