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  1. This I give to you gift, All knowledge can be have learned in it! if you mind willing to open! Think why does both lines have 7 letters and fit in same space? weird huh? and the numbers prove it, i use physics math language english and astronomy. supreme knowledge is in it, scientists now have forgotten that drawing connect the dot pictures with the stars harnesses all knowledge of ever.
  2. Guys, you don't understand the system. It doesn't actually say anything so when a "scientist" looks at it they see exactly whatever they want it to say, therefore holding all the information ever ever including fake information that makes you seem like a retarded crackpot
  3. a fence requires constant upkeep, and unlike Cattle in the americas kangaroos will go under and over fences. if it truly takes one kangaroo to cripple a train than all it would take is one kangaroo digging under the fence to render the entire system defeated. You would have to in case it in a giant inverted halfpipe type dome and after that was completed you would have to afford some way for people/animals to get over the tracks, you can't just put up a berlin wall in the outback...
  4. theres alot of metals with interesting properties but not too many of them are stamped into bars and stacked in a giant fortress to keep people from touching them (making excellent use of their conductivity.) Not saying you are wrong, but the luster of gold seems to have driven its price up to make it's other features hard to access, ie i haven't cut open many wires to find gold inside.
  5. because a very long time it was rare and shiny and therefore a symbol of power and its value got translated into money and even when we switched over to fiat money its still valuable out of the sheer fact that it is valuable.
  6. hard to reverse engineer things made out of self healing super metal
  7. hah, you fully understand what I am saying. The dimples are a massive additive factor for many people and drastically increase the sexual appeal of someones lower back.
  8. maybe we should be more debating the actual repercussions of the "rogue"'s impact with the sun, what kind of effects would really happen if a giant ball of plasma were actually to be struck by a jupiter sized ball? i mean the sun is vastly larger than jupiter and being comprised out of a material that would be relatively absorbent to impacts that added to the fact that the radiation would really only be majorly dispersed upon impact in the direction at which it was impacted (i believe it wouldn't go through and make a solar exit wound) so the fact earth would likely only be dealing with possib
  9. Before i begin my story, this thread is dedicated to bringing up and hopefully solving the issue of so many odd things that seem to serve absolutely no purpose but seem to have been evolutionarily selected to be widespread. Story Time! I was sitting on IRC talking to total strangers in a karaoke channel I decided to stumble into and someone was talking about how amazingly hot their (more than likely fictitious) girlfriend is. Said person then went on in some detail about how sexy said phantom girl's back dimples are. Back dimples in case you don't know just means you have (for lack of a b
  10. fake science*(disaster porn + bible reference) = decent use of 2 hours
  11. I don't believe i'm following exactly what you are saying, but you can't see a laser unless its bouncing off of something (dust particles) in the air and travels at the speed of light so you might have better eyes than my own but I can't really watch things as they move at the speed of light
  12. something large enough to put a large enough hurt on our sun to make us want to get out of dodge is bound to be a gravitational slingshot waiting to happen. assuming: -its coming past earth -it doesn't have any life extinguishing debris as it flies absurdly close by (on a spacial level) -is positioned perfectly to launch us at (once again spacial level) a snail pace through the universe at a habitable zone surprisingly still better than turning the polar ice caps into rocket fuel in my humble opinion. (this entire post assumed your last post was sarcasm)
  13. its not as bad as it is outstandingly vague, you compressed a very touchy physical property like a vacuum into a leap of scientific faith by having it all in one short sentence. So it's not so much that it isn't a valid thought, it very well might be it is just that you haven't really extrapolated your idea to the point where other people may interject their opinions or questions. I mean hell I really have no idea what you are talking about and if I addressed it I would be stabbing in the dark at what I think you mean.
  14. jokes on us, they have an antimatter black hole in their factory.
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